Performix Iridium SSTi Review – Bloated Prop Blend…With Rosemary?! |

The new release of the Performix Iridium SSTi is finally here, and it’s a prop blend with rosemary. It was designed to help people get back into shape starting from day one with their first workout….

Performix Iridium SSTi Review - Bloated Prop Blend...With Rosemary?! |

SSTi Iridium



  • Blend of overstretched props
  • It has obvious fillers.
  • Rosemary? SERIOUSLY?!



Performix is now one of the most popular sports supplement products on the market. Most major supplement stores carry their products, and they also have their own web store. They manufacture everything from whey protein powders and pre-workouts to cognitive enhancers and multivitamins, and they have a huge product line.

Their items also feature some of the most perplexing names available. It’s difficult to tell what each product accomplishes just by glancing at its name. SSTi, IONi, and other Iridium products are among their offerings. While this may impress some, we’d like things to be more plain!

So what is SSTi Iridium all about?

What exactly does it do?

For whom is it intended?




If you look at the box, you’ll see that using this fat burner will provide you with three major benefits:

  • Body ballistic energy
  • Fat metabolism is accelerated.
  • stimulating the mind

A growing number of fat burners have a cognitive-enhancing component. This makes sense since dieting impairs your capacity to concentrate and think effectively. This applies both inside and outside the gym. You don’t want to be distracted during a crucial meeting or lose count of your workout sets because you’re weary and hungry.

Increased energy levels and Fat metabolism is accelerated. are two absolute must-haves for any fat burner nowadays.

So this seems to be an excellent fat burner… That is, assuming all of this is true.

Does Performix SSTi Iridium really do all of this stuff?

Is it secure? Will it have any negative consequences? What about the long-term dangers?

How does it stack up against our current top fat burners? Is it a wise investment?

Find out by reading our detailed Performix SSTi Iridium review below. We work our way through all of these questions, giving you as much useful information as possible. If you have any more questions at the end of the review, then let us know in the comments.


SSTi Iridium Formula

Check out the Performix SSTi Iridium ingredients list, as it appears on the label:




We don’t think that’s a very enticing product!

We only have one unique mix, and it’s a large, bloated one. On the label, Performix separated it into three halves, although that doesn’t imply anything. We have no clue how majority of these chemicals are dosed since they are all in the same pill.

All we know is that there are 1,151mg in each meal. We’re given the caffeine serving size, but that’s all.

This is a serious issue. This fat burner has over a dozen additional substances.

There are some fantastic components, as well as some apparent ‘filler’ options.

In general, this is a poor fat-burning vitamin. We believe it offers poor value for money and poses considerable risks of adverse effects. 


The main issue is the proprietary blend.

Exclusive mixtures irritate us greatly.

They can never be justified.

Any producer has no motive to disguise its formula specifications behind a prop mix. They often argue that they must do so in order to prevent others from stealing their formula.

However, in our experience, this NEVER occurs. 

There are several supplements on the market that include the serving amount of each component on the label. Those formulae are not stolen. Millions of dollars are made by the manufacturers each year.

The finest supplements, on the other hand, make their component dosages a big selling feature — they can’t stop talking about it!





If they can do it, so can everyone else.

Why do individuals utilize proprietary mixes in the first place?

We believe there are only two possibilities.

One argument is that they are gullible and fearful. Of course, none of this matters to us. It is not our responsibility as customers to feel sorry for producers and make exceptions. It is not our responsibility to speculate on why they are unable to compete. We’re not going to purchase their product if they can’t provide the openness that other supplements provide. Simple.

Another theory is that they’re attempting to conceal the fact that their mix contains a lot of inexpensive ‘bulking’ or ‘filler’ substances. When it comes to proprietary mixes, we believe this is most typically the case. Most producers are aware that their recipe will not be stolen. They know the substances they’re employing are all well-known and extensively utilized, so there’s no need to steal anything exceptional. They just do not want us to realize that all of the greatest elements are under-dosed.

This is why you should avoid any proprietary mixes. Other supplements are glad to provide us with the specific dosages of each constituent. Why would we choose any other option?!


Blend Over-Stretched is a major issue.

The Performix SSTi Iridium proprietary blend has some really specific problems.

The fact that the blend is severely over-stretched is a huge issue.

The total weight of the combination is 1,151mg.

It has a total of 15 components.

This gives us a serving size of 76mg on average.

We do know, however, that the caffeine amount is 200mg.

This offers us 951mg, divided over 14 items, for an average serving size of 67mg. 

This does not imply that all ingredients are dosed at 67mg.

It indicates that any chemical dosed over 67mg must be accompanied with a dose below 67mg.

Do you think that’s an appropriate dosage?

Do you believe 67 milligrams of Ashwagandha will help when the normal dosage is above 300 milligrams?

Do you believe 67mg of Citicoline will make a difference when it’s usually eaten in doses of over 200mg?

Either some of these substances account for 70% of the composition or they aren’t present at all.


Major Problem — Overt ‘Fillers’

The usage of inexpensive substances that don’t do what they say on the label is a huge red flag for us when looking at a prop mix. Almost usually, they are used as ‘fillers,’ bulking out the mix so the maker may save money on the more interesting (and costly) components.

We see a prime candidate in Performix SSTi Iridium: Rosemary.




We have no reason to believe rosemary aids fat reduction.

We’ve never seen a research that demonstrated rosemary had a discernible, relevant impact on lipolysis, muscle retention, hunger, or anything else.

The Performix rosemary extract label reveals all of the great ingredients it has. However, we don’t understand why these ingredients should be included in a fat-burning product.

We believe rosemary was just included to thicken up the recipe. This would enable the company to reduce the use of more costly ingredients. It doesn’t add anything to the stack, and it won’t help you meet the objectives on the bottle. What else could it be doing here?!


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SSTi Iridium Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Performix is a well-known corporation. They care about their brand, thus it’s obvious that they won’t risk seriously harming their consumers for a quick cash. 

This product, however, raises some severe concerns about negative effects. 

The main risk factor, in our opinion, is the caffeine content. Each serving of SSTi Iridium contains 200mg of caffeine anhydrous. This is about the equivalent of 2 large, fresh brewed black coffees. For some users, this will be fine so long as you aren’t already consuming a lot of caffeine throughout the day anyway. For others, it will cause side effects.

Caffeine has a variety of adverse effects, including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Irritability
  • Jitters
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Crash of energy
  • Insomnia

Before using 200mg of caffeine pills, consider how much caffeine you currently consume. 

This is not medical advise, and we are not physicians. Before proceeding, you must do your own research and get medical advice. These vitamins are NOT an obesity cure. They’re designed for dedicated athletes who want to get the most out of their cut.


Performix SSTi Iridium Review Conclusion – Is It Worth A Try?

Not much, in our view. 

To us, any product that hides the recipe behind a proprietary mix screams “scam.”

The most successful supplement companies display their whole recipe on their labels. They aren’t getting ripped off all over the place. The most effective supplements promote their formulae. Everyone can accomplish it if they can do it.

We’re usually wary of those who don’t provide their specific component serving quantities. 

The Performix SSTi Iridium proprietary blend has serious problems of its own, but the huge, Blend of overstretched props is enough to put us off.

You’re better off choosing a more transparent fat burner if you want some real bang for your money, not to mention solid, predictable outcomes. 




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