Thermofight X review

Thermofight X Review: Dangers, Before & Afters, and Ingredients Reviewed!

Reviewer: Pavel Sadovnik
Our Rating: ★★★
Product Name: Thermofight X
💰 Average Price: $67.00
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 Thermofight X Review Overview

After doing a detailed review of Thermofught X, we can confidently say that this fat burner is extremely over-priced. At $80 a bottle, Thermofight X is twice the price of many leading fat burners while giving you a fraction of the benefits. Some Thermofight X ingredients are useless, and others are just lower quality than we’d like to see. There’s no appetite suppressant, and nothing to protect muscle mass. Having more than one source of capsaicin is a pointless gimmick. To top it of, Thermofight X’s manufacturer – IT WORKS – looks like a blatant MLM scheme. We recommend staying away from Thermofught X and opting for a professional-quality fat burner instead.


Thermofight X Review: What does it do?

Thermofight X is one of the most popular fat burners on the market right now. It is made by It Works; this brand makes a handful of weight loss supplements, such as “keto coffee”, slimming gummies, and even “lipo wraps”. We think it’s fair to say that It Works is a clear MLM scheme, also known as a pyramid scheme; people pay to become “distributors”, who then sign up more “distributors” until the pyramid collapses.

According to the website, Thermofight X is designed to increase body temperature to increase the rate at which your body burns calories. This process is known as thermogenesis, and Thermofight X is supposedly a powerful thermogenic fat burner.

Thermofight X review

Beyond just thermogenesis, Thermofight X promises to deliver:

  1. Increased energy levels
  2. Help metabolising carbohydrates and fats
  3. Support with healthy weight loss

Sounds like a comprehensive fat burner! There’s no mention of appetite suppression or lean muscle mass protection; key components that make a top fat burner. But Thermofight X still covers the most important bases of fat loss.

The question is, does it really work? Is Thermofight X good for losing fat? Is it safe? What side effects will it cause? Is it the best fat burner on sale right now? Read our full It Works Thermofight X review below to find out!

Thermofight X Ingredients

What are the ingredients in It Works Thermofight X?

The active ingredients in Thermofight X are:

  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Jalapeno pepper
  • Ginger
  • Green tea extract
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Black pepper

Here is the latest Thermofight X ingredients list as it is shown on the bottle:

Thermofight X ingredients

As you can see, It Works Thermofight X lists some of its ingredients in proprietary blends. This means we have no idea how the ingredients in the blend are dosed – all we have is the total serving size. This is usually a sign that you’re being ripped off; more on this later!

Let’s go through Thermofight X’s ingredients one by one and look at what they do, how they work, and what the clinical data has to say.

Calcium – 140mg

Calcium is an important mineral. It is vital for several important bodily processes, including cardiovascular function and bone maintenance. Few people realise that calcium also has a slight thermogenic effect. Consuming calcium slightly raises your core body temperature, increasing caloric expenditure to maintain homeostasis. We don’t get a lot of calcium in Thermofight X, but enough to make a small difference.

Chromium – 200mcg

Like calcium, chronium is an extremely important mineral for healthy bodily function. One interesting benefit of chromium supplementation is that it enhances the activity of insulin, basically making it better at shuttling nutrients to your cells. Studies show that chromium helps reduce appetite, increases energy levels (from better carbohydrate metabolism), and helps prevent insulin resistance which leads to obesity. The 200mcg of chromium we get from Thermofight X is more than enough to get the full benefits of this natural fat burner.

Proprietary Green Tea Blend – 437.5mg

This is by far and away the most interesting part of the Thermofight X ingredients list. The label lists this as a green tea and sunflower phospholipid complex, but the only active ingreidents listed are from the green tea. In any case, this blend gives us 112.5mg of EGCG. This is an incredible natural fat burner; studies show supplementing with EGCG stimulates fat loss independently of diet and exercise. The evidence suggests EGCG stimulates the release of fat from fat stores for use as fuel.

We also get 62.5mg of caffeine, which is a nice dose – enough to keep you energised and focused for a few hours without causing side effects. This will also have a slight themrogenic effect, but not enough to be meaningful.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – 100mg

Green coffee bean is a staple fat burner ingredient. While more modern fat burners tend not to use this natural ingredient, it is still a favorite among some of the best fat burners on the market.

Green coffee beans are a uniquely rich source of chlorogenic acid, which has proven fat burning properties. Chlorogenic acid is an insulin sensitizer, much like Chromium. Chlorogenic acid has been found to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood glucose, and indirectly help with energy levels, appetite, and fat loss. The 100mg we get from Thermofight X is on the low side, but it is enough to see results.

Proprietary Thermogenic Blend – 75mg

This is where the Thermofight X formula really falls apart. Right from the off, we have a problem with dosing. This is a tiny blend – just 75mg in total size, with several ingredients to accomodate. To make matters worse, only some of these ingredients have any effects related to fat loss or weight management; the others are practically useless, esepcially at such low doses. For example, you’re likely to get more cinnamon and ginger in a cake than Thermofight X, so what’s the point in including them?

Considering that Thermofight X is sold explicitly as a thermogenic fat burner, this is a major disappointment. There is no way that such a tiny amount of jalapeno and cayenne pepper powder is going to significantly raise body temperature. The tiny amounts of ginger and cinnamon isn’t going to do anything either! This should be Thermofight X’s main ingredient section and it is severely lacking.

How to take Thermofight X

We get a lof ot questions about the best way to take Thermofight X for maximum fat loss.

There is no clear directions on taking Thermofight X on the It Works website. However, a single serving of Thermofight X is listed as 1 capsule. As such, it is advisable to use no more than 1 capsule per day.

Given the dosage of caffeine in Thermofight X, we don’t think it is wise to take this fat burner in the evening, as it will disrupt sleep.

The best way to use Thermofight X is therefore to take one capsule in the morning, ideally about 1 hour before training.

How much does Thermofight X cost?

You can purchase Thermofight X directly from the It Works website for $67 for a one-month supply. Significant discounts are available if you pay a “membership fee”, but you are really joining a pyramid scheme if you choose this option, so stay away!

At $67 dollars for a one month supply, we think Thermofight X is extremely over-priced. You can get all of the active ingredients in Thermofight X – which isn’t a lot – for a fraction of this price.

The best thermogenic fat burners on the market right now provide everything that Thermofight X does, and more, for less than $67.

Thermofight X Reviews: Before and After Shots

Before buying Thermofight X, or any weight loss supplement for that matter, it is always worth checking out what other people are saying.

Thermofight X reviews from users can’t give you an accurate picture of how good a fat burning this is, given how likely they are ot be biased or misleading. But look at enough reviews and you can get an idea of whether or not a fat burner like Thermofight X is a complete scam!

With a fat burner, it is also worth looking for some before and after pictures. Again, there’s no way of knowing if these pictures are accurate, what the person has been doing, or if they were even really using Thermofight X. But looking at many Thermofight X before and after shots can give you an impression of that sort of results to expect.

Here is a selection of Thermofight X reviews and before and after comparison shots taken from various places online:


Thermofight X before and afterThermofight X results before and after

Please post your own experiences with It Works Thermofight X in the comments section at the end.

Thermofight X Side Effects: What are the dangers?

Increased heart rate, problems falling asleep, and digestive comfort are just some of the side effects associated with Thermofight X. Using Thermofight X for short periods of time can reduce the risk of adverse side effects.

Obviously, most of the side effect dangers associated with Thermofight X are due to the caffeine content. If you are sensitive to caffeine, or you consume a lot of caffeine already from tea, coffee or pre-workouts, then we strongly advise avoiding any fat burners containing caffeine. There are high-quality stimulant-free fat burners out there that you can use instead!

The other ingredients in Thermofight X are unlikely to cause side effects. All of them have been deemed generally safe for regular human consumption. The thermogenic blend is dosed far too low to cause any real problems.

Please remember that we are not doctors and this is not medical advice. If you do experience any side effects from Thermofight X then stop using it immediately and seek medical attention. Please share any Thermofight X side effects you experience in the comments section at the end of the review.

Review Conclusion: Does Thermofight X really help you lose weight?

While some of the ingredients in Thermofight X have been shown to help with weight loss, evidence that Thermofight X itself will help you shed weight is lacking.

We certainly doubt that Thermofight X can help you lose body fat more effectively than other, superior fat burners currently on the market.

This is especially true considering the massive price tag of Thermofight X. Each bottle sets you back around $80, which is way more than the best fat burners we’ve reviewed to date. We don’t see why anybody would pay $80 for tiny amounts of ginger and chili powders plus some green coffee bean extract and green tea extract.

If you are looking for a sustainable, cost-effective and safe way to lose weight faster, Thermofight X is not it. Far better fat burners are out there right now, and they cost a lot less money than Thermofight X!

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  1. I have had sudden attacks of diarrhea throughout the evening after only 1 of these pills in the morning g around 9 am. I am in awful lower abdominal pain and afraid to go to sleep for fear I’ll not make it to the bathroom, not to mention my insides hurt like hell.

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