Best nighttime fat burner supplement

Best Night Time Fat Burner

Fat burning supplements are among the most popular supplements on sale today. People all over the world use fat burners every day for a growing range of purposes; making weight for a MMA fight or weight lifting competiton, losing stubborn body fat for a bodybuilding show, or just speeding up weight loss so they look good in time for summer vacation.

But what are night time fat burners? This is a relatively new class of fat burner, but every year the number of night time fat burners on the market seems to grow. According to the manufacturers behind them, night time fat burners take over where conventional fat burners stop working; while you sleep. They claim that night time fat burners accelerate fat loss during the night, either by promoting growth hormone release, increasing metabolic rate, or by various other means. And of course, all of them claim to be the best nighttime fat burner on the market.

In this article, we’re going to look at the best night time fat burners today. We will explain what night time fat burners are, how they work, and who should use them. We’ll also look at the benefits and side effects of using night time fat burners. But first, let’s go through our top rated supplements.

#1 Top Rated Night Time Fat Burner: Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro top rated nighttime fat burner

Burn Lab Pro is unarguably the best night time fat burner on the market right now. It is completely sitmulant-free, meaning that it will not interfere with your sleeping pattrns at all. But more importantly, Burn Lab Pro is the only comprehensive fat burner on the market that actively protects muscle mass and prevents muscle catabolsim through the night. It also promotes the burning of stored fat for fuel, and helps suppress appetite when you first wake up.

We recommend Burn Lab Pro to anyone looking to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss for the followig reasons:

  • Stimulant-free
  • Prevents lean muscle tissue loss during fasting
  • Increases metabolism of stored fat during the night
  • Suppresses appetite so you don’t go to bed hungry

Burn Lab Pro doesn’t contain any ingredients to promote deep, restful sleep. However, we don’t think this realy matters for a night time fat burner. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol, incorporating more carbs towards the end of the day, and avoiding screens before bed will give you all the restful sleep you need. A fat burner should focus on burning fat and slowing muscle loss!

We strongly recommend checking out our Burn Lab Pro review to learn more about the benefits, side effects, and value for money offered by this fat burner.

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#2 Best For Sleep: ShredCBD

ShredCBD night time fat burner

ShredCBD is a really interesting fat burner. It is designed specifically to minimize stress and maximize recovery in order to promote fat loss. High stress levels and low quality sleep are indeed massive hindrances to your ability to lose weight. Reducing stress and anxiety will lower cortisol levels, which will in turn suppress fat storage and muscle catabolism.

ShredCBD utilizes CBD (obviously) to promote deep, restful sleep, suppress stress and anxiety, and by extension to promote recovery and fat loss. It combins CBD with the powerful lipolytic properties of EGCG from green tea. This makes it a unique fat burner and one of the best night time fat burners on the market today.

Users of ShredCBD can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep quality
  • Increased lipolysis and reduced fat gain
  • Faster recovery from training

#3 Good Value: Jacked Factor Lean PM

Lean PM effective night time fat burner

Jacked Factory Lean PM is a solid night time fat burner and easily one of the most effective on the market today. It is far from a perfect weight loss supplement; it contains some redundant ingredients that don’t actually work as advertised. But it does also contain som proven, effective ingredients which will both promote sleep quality and maximize lipolysis.
Lean PM users can expect some good benefits from this fat burning supplement, including:
  • Better sleep quality and duration
  • Increased fat loss
  • Decreased fat accumulation over time
  • Reduced anxiety and stress

Lean PM is clearly not as effective a fat burner as Burn Lab Pro, and it is not as effective a sleep aid as many other products on the market today. But it is a good middle ground between the two kinds of supplement.

Do Night Time Fat Burners Really Work?

Lots of dietary supplements claim to do amazing things, but we know from experience that very few of them actually do what they say they will. You’ll know from our reviews that almost no fat burners actually enhance fat loss as much as they say they will; some don’t do anything at all! So what about nighttime fat bruner? Do they really work?

As with all fat burners, night time fat burners work when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular intense exercise. That is, you will not be able to lose weight if you are not restricting calories in some way, and you will not be happy with your body recomposition if you are not exercising regularly.

The same goes for sleep. If for some reason you aren’t sleeping, a nighttime fat burner can only help you so much. Lack of sleep will cause rapid fat gain and muscle mass loss, so before you start using a night time fat burner, cut back on the caffeine after 12pm, stop looking at screens after 9pm, and try to go to bed at the same time every night.

When all this is in place, nightitme fat burners can be extremely effective. The best night time fat burners do indeed work when used in conjunction with a good sleep schedule, proper training and a well planned healthy diet. So how do they work exactly?

What are the benefits of nighttime fat burners?

What are the benefits of using a nighttime supplement for fat loss?

In other words, how do nighttime fat burning supplements actually work? What do they do?

Obviously, the main goals of nighttime fat burner supplements is to promote fat loss during the night, when typical fat burners are supposedly no longer working! But more specifically, the best nighttime fat burner supplements work in a number of different ways to maximize fat loss while you sleep.

Benefits of nighttime fat burners

Don’t Wake Up Hungry

One of the main ways nighttime fat burning supplements work is by suppressing appetite. This helps prevent late night cravings as well as preventing you from feeling overly hungry first thing in the morning (which is great for those of you that fast at the start of the day). Natural appetite suppressants can help keep nighttime appetite low and eliminate the night time cravings that typically revolve around sugary foods.

Every good fat loss supplement needs to contain a natural supplement which suppresses appetite. Without an appetite suppressant, a fat burner is always going to be limited in the benefits it offers.

Cortisol Reduction

The most effective supplement for night time fat burning will actively target reducing stress levels. High stress levels can be disastrous to your diet and prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals. Stress and anxiety cause fat gain, muscle catabolism, reduced stamina, and low mood. Conversely, reducing stress has been found to lead to increased energy levels, better body composition, and more stable blood sugar levels (which reduces food cravings).

Boost Growth Hormone

Taking a sleep-promoting supplement at night is actually one of the best ways to maximize fat loss while you sleep. This is because it is during the deeper sleep cycles that levels of growth hormone peak; for most people, around 1am is when you enter deep sleep and GH levels begin to rapidly rise. Growth hormone controls tissue maintenance as well as fat metabolism. Boosting GH levels can dramatically increase the rate of fat loss and substantially reduce body fat levels in as little as a few days.

For many people, sleep disturbances interupt this natural growth hormone cycle. Shorter sleep cycles prevent you from experiencing a true growth hormone peak. That is why the sleep promoting ingredients in nighttime fat burners can be said to aid with fat loss. They maximize the time spent in deep sleep, which maximizes recovery time, speeds up muscle tissue repair, and elongates growth hormone release.

Trigger Thermogenesis

One common way that stim-free fat burners work is by triggering thermogenesis. This is where your core body temperature is raised, thus triggering a cooling response by the body; a response that costs a lot of calories.

One natural supplement that increases thermogenesis is chili pepper extract. Consuming something like cayenne pepper can really help the fat burning process by making you burn more calories at rest. However, this may not be the best ingredient for a nighttime fat burner since you do not want to be overheating in bed! This can severely disrupt your sleep cycles and prevent the growth hormone spikes and muscle tissue repair we want! As such, this may not be the best thing for a nighttime fat burner.

Prevent Muscle Catabolism

This is arguably the most important benefit of night time fat burners, and it is the part that almost no fat burning supplements of any sort provide. If you’ve worked hard to build up a decent amount of lean muscle mass, the last thing you want is to lose 50% of it during a savage cut. And for most people, losing fat means losign some muscle at the same time. That’s why the best nighttime fat burners contain natural ingredients to help minimize muscle tissue loss and maximize lean tissue repair.

The main example here is HMB. This is often called a muscle builder, but in reality it’s a muscle saver. Few natural supplements can help you reach your fitness goals like HMB. It is the only fat burner ingredient which actively prevents muscle tissue loss. Taking HMB before your evening working – or any intense workout – can significantly reduce muscle mass loss and allow you to train in a fasted state more regularly without worrying about muscle loss.

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Night Time Fat Burner Side Effects

Are nighttime fat burners safe?

This depends entirely on the particular fat burner in question. Night time fat burning supplements can either be extremely safe and side effect-free or extremely dangerous. It all depends on the ingredients being used.

If a nighttime fat burner contains artificial ingredients, stimulants, or unproven, potentially harmful ingredients, then it is likely to cause side effects. Some fat burners on the market right now actually contain ingredients known to pose serious side effect and long-term health risks.

It is important that you check the individual ingredient list of a night time weight loss supplement before you use it. Stick to natural ingredients like green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, cayenne pepper extract, coleus forskohlii, and HMB. These have all been found to be effective and are not thought to cause any side effects.

Will night time fat burner supplements make it hard for me to sleep?

Good quality night tie weibght loss supplements should not make it harder to sleep. Quite the opposite; nighttime fat burners should help you get into a deeper sleep, keep you there for longer, and have you waking up feeling fresher each day.

A nighttime fat burner should not look exactly like a sleep aid. It should be full of fat burning ingredients, not sleep-promoting ingredients.We don’t want a fat burner full of valerian root extract or lavender extracts.

Do night time fat burners make it hard to sleep

Our top rated nighttime fat burner right now is not a specific night time weight loss supplement; it is a stimulant-free fat burner that effectively burns fat and is suiable for use at night. It doesn’t promote sleep, but it does not make it harder to sleep and it does promote fat loss.

Just make sure a nighttime fat burner doesn’t contain any stimulants or excessive doses of thermogenics as these can stop you falling asleep.

Is it OK to take a fat burner at night?

It is OK to take a fat burner at night so long as the ingredients do not interfere with proper sleep cycles. In other words, so long as nighttime fat burner supplements don’t contain caffeine or large doses of thermogenics (like cayenne pepper extract), it is fine to take them at night. Dietary supplements like green coffee bean extract, HMB, forskolin, green tea extract or lower doses of thermogenics will not disturb sleep.

Is it OK to take fat burners at night

This is actually a much more impotant thing to consider than whether or not your nighttime fat burner promotes restful sleep. Fat burners should primarily contain fat-burning ingredients; natural substances which boost nighttime metabolism, suppress appetite, and boost fat loss. They do not need to trigger a deep sleep cycle; your body will do that anyway!

If a fat burner looks more like a sleep aid than a weight loss aid, move on!

What’s the best night time fat burner?

The best night time fat burning supplement will help you achieve your weight loss goals in a number of different ways at once. It should boost metabolism, reduce appetite, stimulate the use of fat as fuel, and ideally, protect lean muscle tissue during intense training and fasting.

Most importantly of all, the best night time fat burner should do al of this without causing dangerous side effects or any adverse health effects whatsoever. They should not interfere with sleep in any way, shape or form.

The most effective nighttime fat burners will prioritize helping wth weight loss through the night rather than promoting sleep, but they should absolutely not keep you awake or interfere with healthy sleep cycles.

We strongly recommend you check out our top rated nighttime fat burner if you’re interested in helping your body maximize fat loss while you sleep.