Sculpt Nation Burn review

Sculpt Nation Burn Review

Reviewer: Pavel Sadovnik
Our Rating: ★★
Product Name: Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved
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Sculpt Nation Burn Review Overview

Sculpt Nation Burn is easily one of the most recommended fat burners on the market. However, we don’t know how it has become so highly rated. Sculpt Nation Burn contains two different forms of yohimbine and a significant dose of caffeine. Together, these ingredients are highly likely to cause side effects, some of them severe. It does contain a large dose of EGCG, but this is a standard ingredients in fat burners nowadays and it doesn’t make up for the rest of the formula. There’s no appetite suppressant and nothing to protect muscle mass during training.


What does Sculpt Nation Burn do?

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is a top selling fat burner. According to the manufacturer, Burn increases the mobilization of stored body fat deposits. Sculpt Nation claim that Burn Evolved is a potent natural weight loss supplement.

Specifically, Sculpt Nation Burn promises the following benefits:

  1. Increased energy levels
  2. Reduced appetite
  3. Accelerated metabolism
  4. Increased burning of stored fat for energy
  5. Improved hip-to-waist ratio

That final benefit is a bit of a red flag; no supplement can actively improve hip-to-wasit ratio. The hip-to-waist ratio depends on your build, where you store fat, your musculature, and your diet and exercise. A supplement promising this is therefore a bit worrying!

Sculpt Nation Burn review

There’s a lot of quesitonable marketing going on with Burn Evolved. This fat burner is described as the “ultra-east, ultra-fast way to unlock your body’s triple themrogenic powers” – a sentence which means nothing.

So, the question we need to answer now is, does Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved really work? Is it the best fat burner on the market right now? Is it safe? What are the Burn side effects like? Read our full Burn Evolved review below to find out.

Sculpt Nation Burn Ingredients

What are the ingredients in Sculpt Nation Burn?

Here is the Sculpt Nation Burn ingredients list with doses:

  • Caffeine – 100mg
  • Grains of Paradise Seed Extract – 30mg
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract – 100mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 300mg
  • Rauwolscine – 3mg
  • Yohimbine Hydrochloride – 6mg
  • Apple cider vinegar – 300mg

And here is the Sculpt Nation Burn ingredients list as it appears on the bottle:

Sculpt Nation Burn ingredients

So right away, we can see that Sculpt Nation Burn doesn’t use a proprietary blend. This is a big bonus. But, we can see some potentially dangerous ingredients in here!

We will now go through the Sculpt Nation Burn ingredients one by one and explain what they do, how they work, and whether or not they are good ingredients to have in a fat burner. Please post your questions in the comments section at the end of the review.

Caffeine – 100mg

Caffeine is a fat burner staple, so it’s no surprise to see it listed as a key ingredient in Sculpt Nation Burn. Caffeine is one of the most powerful natural stimulants in existence. It rapidly decreases fatigue, sharpens focus, boosts motivation, and increases stamina. On top of all that, it suppresses appetite. This makes it an incredible fat burner for people looking to ramp up their training while they cut calories, as training on an empty stomach can be gruelling.

The 100mg of caffeine we get in Sculpt Nation Burn is, in our opinion, a perfect dose. This will power you through a gym session and stop you getting hungry without causing side effects.

Grains of Paradise Seed Extract – 30mg

Grains of paradise seeds have a long history of use in traditional African medicine. As a plant, Aframomum melegueta is closely related to ginger, and native to West Africa. Like ginger, it is used to treat a number of ailments, from digestive discomfort and reducing pain to treating wounds and lowering blood sugar. Sadly, there is no good scientific evidence that this Skald Fat Burner ingredient helps with fat loss or weight management in any way. Even if it did, 30mg is not going to do a lot!

Cayenne Pepper Extract – 100mg

Cayenne Pepper is an effective natural fat burner. It works via themrogenesis. You are all probably familiar with this process, assuming you’ve eaten spicy food before! Basically, the capsaicin in cayenne pepper causes your body to start cooling itself; you start sweating, your blood vessels dilate, you breath faster, and you pump blood faster. All of this costs calories, raising your resting metabolic rate. Cayenne pepper extract thus puts you into a deeper caloric deficit without you having to cut even more food!

Sculpt Nation Burn contains 100mg of Cayenne Pepper Extract. This is a fantastic dose; it will help raise your body temperature, increasing caloric expenditure, without causing gastric distress or stomach cramps (which can happen with large doses of chili pepper extract).

Green Tea Extract – 300mg

Green tea extract is a standard fat burner ingredient. It is used in just about every fat burner because it works! Green tea contains a catechin called EGCG, or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which has been shown to have potent fat burning properties. One study found that supplementing with EGCG was able to stimulate fat loss in people independently of exercise or diet. It seems that EGCG is able to directly stimulate lipolysis; the burning of stored fat for fuel.

Each serving of Sculpt Nation Burn contains 300mg of Green Tea Extract. Unfortunately, we aren’t told how much of this is EGCG. In theory it could be as much as 20%, but since they haven’t said, we have to assume it’s lower.

Rauwolscine – 3mg

Rauwolscine, also known as aisoyohimbine or alpha yohimbine, is a stereoisomer of Yohimbine. This means it is functionally the same as yohimbine, which is thought to be an incredibly powerful fat burner. Yohimbine’s ability to block alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in your fat cells could lead to rapid fat loss. However, there is little evidence from human trials as yohimbine is thought to be highly dangerous and prone to causing serious side effects. The 3mg in Sculpt Nation Burn is slightly less than you find in other fat burners, but this isn’t the only yohimbine in Burn Evolved!

Yohimbine Hydrochloride – 6mg

YET MORE YOHIMBINE! By using both rauwolscine and yohimbine hydrochloride, Sculpt Nation Burn is effectively double dosing yohimbine. We cannot stress how potentially damngerous it is to take a relatively large dose of yohimbine (studies tend to use around 10mg) split between different forms of the compound. If yohimbine does indeed work as Sculpt Nation claim, then it will likely cause serious side effects relating to increased blood flow and increased cardiovascular activity (which we’ll come to later in the review).

Apple cider vinegar – 300mg

Apple cider vinegar is one of the ingredients added to create Burn Evolved. Many of you will know about apple cider vinegar already; every health food and supplement blog out there has written extensively about apple cider vinegar. It is definitely the fad supplement right now, so it’s no surprise that Sculpt Nation decided to add it to Burn Evolved.

There is some good evidence that apple cider vinegar can help with weight loss, and fat loss in particular. In one good clinical study, participants given 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each day lost a significant percentage of body fat. Interestingly, they lost a substantial amount of belly fat and showed decreased serum triglycerides. However, the 300mg in Sculpt Nation Burn may be too small a dose to have any meaningful effect.

What is the difference between Burn and Burn Evolved?

Burn Evolve is the next generation of fat-burning supplements, and is an upgraded version of the original Sculpt Nation Burn. There aren’t many things that vary from the original version, but one thing that makes Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved different to the original Burn is the introduction of the apple cider vinegar powder.

However, there is now no meaningful difference between Burn and Burn Evolved, as the original Sculpt Nation Burn is no longer on sale. You can only buy Burn Evolved from Sculpt Nation. As such, Burn and Burn Evolved are now the same thing. If anyone is selling the original Burn formulation, then you are being sold an old product by a third party.

The introduction of Apple Cider Vinegar in the new Burn Evolved formula is definitely an improvement on the original, but realistically it isn’t going to make a huge difference to your fat loss progress. The dose is too small, and apple cider vinegar has limited efficacy for people doing a cut.

Sculpt Nation Burn Side Effects

Does Sculpt Nation Burn cause side effects?

The most common complaints from Burn users include nausea, constipation, abdominal pain and headaches. Less frequently, people complain of experiencing dizziness, shortness of breath, elevated heart beat and anxiety while using Burn.

The main side effect risks from Sculpt Nation Burn come from the use of yohimbine and rauwolscine (which is also just yohimbine). Yohimbine is known to cause severe side effects, including hypertension, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and anxiety.

Sculpt Nation Burn side effects

The use of caffeine makes these adverse side effects much more likely. Caffeine causes side effects very similar to those caused by yohimbine, along with insomnia, jitters, headaches, nausea and stomach cramps.

So, the likely side effects of Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved are:

  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Hypertension
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Insomnia
Please remember that we are not doctors and this is not medical advice. We think Sculpt Nation Burn is highly likely to cause side effects. If you do experience any Sculpt Nation Burn side effects, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Reviews & Complaints

Before buying a fat burner, it is always a good idea to look at user reviews and complaints to get a feel for what kind of supplement you’re dealing with. While Sculpt Nation Burn reviews from users cannot be 100% trusted, a large number of reviews can tell you what yo expect from the fat burner.

Here is a selection of Burn reviews and complaints taken from various places online:

Sculpt Nation Burn positive review

Sculpt Nation Burn complaints

As you can see, people have very different opinions on Burn. Make sure to read a range of reviews and complaints, and be aware that many Burn reviews will be biased, paid for by the manufacturer, and written by people who don’t know what makes a good fat burner.

Sculpt Nation Burn Coupon Code: Is there one?

Many people have asked us about a Sculpt Nation Burn coupon code.

We do not partner with any supplement manufacturers, and we don’t provide coupon codes.

To our knowledge, there are no coupon codes for Sculpt Nation products. Some people m,ay be able to offer discounts, but if they do, their reviews are likely to be highly biased.

Sculpt Nation Burn Review Conclusion: Is it a good fat burner?

Is Sculpt Nation Burn the best fat burner around right now?

No, we really don’t think so.

There are some serious issues with the Sculpt Nation Burn ingredients. It uses two different typwes of yohimbine and a large dose of caffeine – a cocktail for adverse side effects if we’ve ever seen one.

We also have some useless ingredients in here. Grains of paradise seeds do nothing, we don’t know how much EGCG we get per serving.

A major flaw is the lack of real appetite suppressant in Sculpt Nation Burn. There’s also nothing to help control blood sugar, and no ingredients to help preserve muscle mass.

If you are looking for a supplement to help maximize fat loss and preserve lean muscle tissue during a cut, there are much better options out there than Sculpt Nation Burn.

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