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Zantrex-3 is a weight loss supplement that has been said to help you burn fat and avoid the harmful effects of supplements. It’s made with natural ingredients, so there are no side effects or risks involved other than potential mild headache in some users. What does Zantrex-3 do for your body? Let’s take a look at what this red weight burner can offer anyone who wants to lose pounds fast!

The “Zantrex 3 reviews” is a weight loss supplement that promises to help you burn fat and lose weight. This product has been on the market for quite some time, but recently it has become popular again. The “Zantrex 3 reviews” are mostly positive, but there are some negative ones as well.

Zantrex-3 Red Fat Burner Review |

Red Zantrex-3



  • proprietary blend overworked
  • There are several caffeine sources, but no amounts are specified.
  • Ingredients that are useless



Review on the Product – Rapid Release/High Energy?

Red Zantrex-3 is a fat burning supplement from Zoller Laboratories. It is one of their three-part Zantrex-3 range, which includes ‘Black’, ‘Blue’, and ‘Red’. These products have different formulas and, according to Zoller Labs, they work in different ways.

They are all manufactured in the USA, and they seem to do most of their sales through third party merchant sites. We will review both ‘Blue’ and ‘Black’ in due course. For now, we’ll deal with Red Zantrex-3.

Red Zantrex-3 is sold as a “high energy fat burner”. According to the bottle, this supplement delivers “incredible energy” and accelerated fat loss.

Each pill is “quick release,” according to the Amazon merchant website, which means that we start feeling the effects right away.




There’s no doubt that we can profit from faster fat loss when reducing; after all, that’s why you’re here.

There’s no denying that while we’re dieting, we typically want an energy boost. This is especially true when it comes to our exercises, when a poor diet may cause us to underperform exactly when we need to be breaking records.

The only question we need to answer is: does Red Zantrex-3 really do anything it says it will?

Can it help you lose weight quickly?

Is it secure?

Is there a better alternative?

We’ll take a closer look at the Zantrex 3 Red recipe to see whether it’s something we’d suggest to our readers. If you have any questions after reading our whole review, please leave them in the comments area below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.


Red Zantrex-3 Formula

When assessing any supplement, the formula is the most crucial factor to consider. Manufacturers may bombard you with advertisements and celebrity endorsements all they want, but if the components don’t add up, you’ll know it’s a scam.

Here is the Red Zantrex-3 formula as shown on the box:




As you can see, we don’t get specific serving quantities for the ingredients. Instead, we’re given a list of components and a 960mg total serving size.

There are eight components in all. That’s 964mg divided over eight components.

That is just unacceptable.

We obtain 120mg each component if we split that evenly.

Many of the substances in this recipe, however, should be dosed considerably higher than 120mg. However, in order to increase the dosage of any of them, the dosage of another component must be decreased — there’s only so much formula to go around.

Consumers get bad value for money with proprietary mixes in general.

They inhibit you from making really educated, sensible purchasing choices, from learning from your product experiences, and from appropriately diagnosing adverse effects.

To safeguard their intellectual property, manufacturers claim to utilize unique mixtures. That is nonsense in our opinion. Many supplement companies never employ proprietary mixes despite making a lot of money.

The underlying reason most companies utilize custom mixes is to mask their product’s cheap manufacturing cost.

You wouldn’t purchase it if you understood what you were receiving for your money. Simple.

We aren’t saying that this is what is going on with Red Zantrex-3 in particular, but this is something to think about going forward.

Here’s a short rundown of the substances, why we think they’ve been included, and how effective we believe they are:


Extract of Citrus

We have no idea what component was derived from “citrus” in this case. We assume the makers are referring to a citrus aurantium extract, which is most likely synephrine.

But it’s not our business to make educated guesses on their behalf.


Extract of Guarana

Caffeine is the most common extract from guarana.

Many people believe that guarana’s caffeine is more potent than coffee’s caffeine. This is incorrect.

By weight, guarana seeds have more caffeine than coffee seeds (or beans, if you prefer), but once the caffeine is extracted, all caffeine is the same.

Caffeine anhydrous, which is more powerful than ordinary caffeine, is used in several high-end fat burners.

The fact that we don’t know the dose is a major issue, which we’ll discuss more in the Side Effects section.




Extract of coffee

When you see “Extract of coffee” in a fat burner, it could be two things: chlorogenic acid or caffeine.

This is not, however, “green coffee bean extract.” This is significant since the quantity of chlorogenic acid in coffee beans is dramatically decreased after roasting. If Zoller Labs were employing a chlorogenic acid-rich green coffee bean extract, they’d definitely mention so.

As a result, we have serious doubts that this is a powerful chlorogenic acid extract.


Extract of Kola

Kola Nut, like every other natural product these days, is connected to a growing number of health advantages, ranging from improved digestion to aiding in the treatment of irregular heartbeat. Some individuals are now claiming that it may aid with weight loss. 

We can only discover anecdotal evidence for Kola Nut having any form of fat-burning impact. 

Since we don’t know how much is in Red Zantrex-3, we can’t speculate as to how effective it could possibly be (and at best, we’re looking at potentially meager results).




Extract of green tea

Extract of green tea is, in our opinion, an absolute must-have in a modern, professional, high-quality fat burner. If a fat loss aid isn’t utilizing Extract of green tea, then it’s missing out.

However, dose is crucial in this case. Even if a high-quality extract (with a high ECGC concentration) is utilized, we can anticipate roughly 500mg per day dosing.

If Red Zantrex-3 contained this much, then the remaining 7 ingredients would only have 464mg to split between them.

This is an issue.


Powdered Kelp

People use kelp pills for a variety of reasons. Some individuals use them to make their hair grow quicker (a trait that has yet to be shown in the laboratory). Others use it as a natural multivitamin due to its high content of B vitamins, vitamin E, iodine, iron, and zinc. 

What is its purpose in a fat burner?

We don’t know.

Kelp has no independently validated fat-burning benefits to our knowledge. 

Some people associate it with thyroid function since it includes iodine. This gland controls a variety of physical activities, including how much energy you have, how much body fat you have, and many more. However, we don’t believe that supplementing with kelp can help you lose weight via this process. It may aid thyroid function, but it does not imply that it will go into overdrive. 


Powdered fennel

Fennel is often used as a detoxifying tea. Fennel tea boxes can undoubtedly be found at your local health food shop. Many individuals feel that fennel aids in the removal of heavy metals and poisons from the body. 

We haven’t found any research that suggests it has fat-burning, focus-enhancing, or performance-enhancing characteristics. 


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a kind of fatty acid that is

The fatty acid ALA is a group of fatty acids. They are present in the mitochondria of your cells, and as such, they play an important role in energy metabolism. It is claimed to provide a number of advantages for persons who want to shed weight while improving their athletic performance. 

The effective dose range for ALA is between 300mg and 600mg. People who are trying to lose weight will normally take about 500mg. 

The entire Red Zantrex-3 formula is 964mg. If ALA is dosed right, there isn’t a lot of room left for the other ingredients. 


-See Our Fat Burner Supplement Guide-


Red Zantrex-3 Side Effects

There are some serious side effect worries with Red Zantrex-3.

The primary problem is that we have no idea how much caffeine is in this.

The formula contains “Extract of coffee” and “Extract of Guarana”.

As stated above, the Extract of coffee is not listed as “green coffee bean extract” (an amazingly powerful natural fat burner). As such, we can safely assume that the extract in question is caffeione-heavy, not chlorogenic acid heavy (using regular, roasted coffee beans to extract chlorogenic acid would be astronomically expensive).

Caffeine use in excess is clearly dangerous. Nausea, dizziness, headaches, raised heart rate, eratic respiration, and profuse perspiration are among side symptoms of caffeine excess. It may lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, and other problems in the long run.

We never prescribe a fat burner to someone until we know precisely how much of each component is there.

We never advocate a fat burner that includes an unknown amount of possibly harmful substances.

Before starting a new fat burner, see your doctor. If you believe you have a real weight issue, seek medical assistance rather than using a drug you acquired online. These supplements are made for bodybuilders, boxers, and other sportsmen who need to lose weight quickly on a regular basis. They are not drugs!


Red Zantrex-3 Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We’ve done a fairly thorough review of Red Zantrex-3 fat burner, and we are confident that this isn’t the best option for you if you’re looking for a safe, effective, reliable boost while cutting.

By a long shot, no.

The solution contains a number of components that have not been clinically shown to aid in fat loss.

Some bloggers have certainly hyped them up. That, however, is not evidence of anything.

We don’t know the serving quantities of various ingredients, which is a huge issue in and of itself.

Even if some of the greatest components were dosed correctly, there would be insufficient formula left for the rest of the constituents to achieve their minimal effective dose.

In general, proprietary mixes are poor value for money.

There are more superior fat burners on the market now, regardless of your circumstances.




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