Weider Prime review

Weider Prime Review: Does It Really Work? (UPDATE: November 2022)

Weider Prime Review Summary

We reviewed Weider Prime’s ingredients, and we don’t think this testosterone booster is really worth the money. It doesn’t stack up very well against the best testosterone boosters on the market even if it does contain some effective ingredients. You can get far more effective and safer testosterone boosters for the same price.


Weider Prime is a testosterone booster that promises to boost free testosterone naturally, and to deliver all of the benefits associated with increased testosterone.

Our detailed, impartial Weider Prime review is below. Our research team will evaluate this well-known testosterone booster and compare it to other natural products on the market in terms of offering advantages like enhanced libido, more energy, and an easier time burning fat and building muscle. Let’s start with a quick overview.

The Good

  • Ashwagandha aids in the reduction of cortisol levels.
  • Zinc in a high-quality form
  • Although DIM is not the most effective component for reducing estrogen, it may help.
  • Price is reasonable At $28.99 for a 30-day supply.

The Bad

  • Key components are missing
  • Vitamin D deficiency is common (3,332IU is recommended for male health).
  • Cordyceps is solely available as mycelium, with no fruiting body, the most essential portion of the fungus.
  • Some testosterone-ineffective substances

What is Weider Prime?

Weider Prime powered by MDrive is a testosterone support supplement that provides a natural boost to your essential male hormone. Depending on the version you choose, each bottle of Weider Prime Testosterone Support includes 60-120 pills.

Weider Prime testosterone tablets are said to provide the following advantages:

  • Natural T production has increased.
  • Increased libido and sexual desire
  • More energy at the gym and throughout the day
  • Overall vitality has improved

Sounds interesting! However, how can Weider Prime benefit you?

Weider Prime: How to Use It

2 capsules with one of your major meals is the recommended dosage for Weider Prime Testosterone Support.

You’re only intended to take it once a day, so the whole bottle will last you 60 months.

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Weider Prime Ingredients

Here are the active components in Weider Prime, which come in 2 capsules per serving:

  • D3 vitamin (400IU)
  • B6 vitamin (10mg)
  • B12 (cobalamin) (120mcg)
  • Calcium (35mg)
  • Zinc (15mg)
  • Chromax® (chromium) (200mcg)
  • DIM (diindolylmethane) (50mg)
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract KSM-66 (675mg)
  • Mycelia Cordyceps Extract (390mg)
  • Black Pepper Extract with Piperine (5mg)

You’ll note that each ingredient’s dosage is clearly indicated on the label, which is fantastic! It enables us to determine if they are correctly dosed. Unfortunately, not everyone is.

Weider Prime is extremely deficient in D3 vitamin. D3 vitamin, as a secosteroid hormone, is critical for hormone levels; studies suggest that taking 3,332IU of this vitamin daily may boost test output. Which is nothing compared to Weider Prime.

A few additional substances have little influence on testosterone and are thus unneeded. But, other from these little flaws, Weider Prime has a lot to offer!

The ashwagandha is well-dosed, there isn’t too much zinc, and B6 vitamin is there for energy support. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these components…

D3 vitamin

Vitamin D is present in almost all of your body’s cells. It has a variety of purposes, including boosting your immune system and regulating calcium absorption in your bones.

Interestingly, D3 vitamin also acts as a hormone, and can help reduce depression. High doses of this vitamin (3,000-10,000IU per day) are necessary to achieve its therapeutic benefits.

Unless you spend 20 minutes a day in the sun, the 400IU of Weider Prime will only be adequate to avoid deficiency, not much more.

B6 vitamin

B6 vitamin plays numerous roles in your body. It assists in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which are crucial for our mood and mental well-being.

B6 vitamin can also maintain healthy testosterone levels. By contrast, being deficient in B6 vitamin is linked to having lower levels of the male hormone.

B12 (cobalamin)

B12 (cobalamin) has many small benefits in your body, much like its cousin B6 vitamin. However, its most important role is in red blood cell production. B12 (cobalamin) also helps convert the food you eat into energy. It doesn’t boost testosterone, though, and you won’t really feel any effect unless you’re severely deficient in the vitamin.


Calcium is mostly used as a filler in Weider Prime. It won’t have much of an effect since it only contains 4% of the RDA per serving.


Weider Prime contains 15mg of zinc per serving. This is a fantastic dosage. Often, test boosters will jam a lot of zinc into the pill, which provides no extra advantages and might cause nausea, diarrhea, and severe stomach aches.

Chromax® (chromium)

We’re not clear what role chromium plays in testosterone boosters. Its major job is to help your pancreas work properly by lowering blood sugar and insulin rises after a meal. That’s why you’ll find it in fat burners more commonly than anything else.

Diindolylmethane is a kind of diindolylmethane (DIM)

DIM is a chemical that your body produces when you consume broccoli. Broccoli includes Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), a molecule that breaks down into DIM and other chemicals when digested. I3C, on the other hand, is more successful in lowering estrogen levels than DIM, which is artificial. In rare situations, straight DIM administration has been shown to actually boost estrogen levels. As a result, man boobs, weight gain, and an enlarged prostate develop.

Ashwagandha Root Extract KSM-66

Ashwagandha is well-known for its ability to relieve stress. Because it’s an Ayurvedic herb, it’s been historically used to suppress cortisol, a hormone that, when persistently increased, may cause a slew of health issues. Low testosterone is one of them.

As a result, Ashwagandha aids testosterone indirectly. Reduced cortisol allows the male hormone to develop more freely.

Extract of Cordyceps (mycelia)

Cyrdyceps is a fungus that has been utilized in Chinese medicine for centuries. It may assist your testes in producing more testosterone. Weider Prime’s Cordyceps, on the other hand, is nothing like actual Cordyceps. Mycelia is cultivated on grains in this scenario, resulting in a nutritionally deficient product. When purchasing Cordyceps mushrooms, be sure the label says “fruiting body,” not “mycelia” or “mycelium.”

Even if Weider Prime had the nutrient-dense Cordyceps fruiting body, it only contains 390mg each serving, much less than the 1,000-3,000mg required per day. This implies it will have no effect on your testosterone.

Black Pepper Extract with Piperine

You may be wondering why black pepper is in a supplement. While black pepper does not increase testosterone or provide any other significant effect, it has been used to aid in the absorption of other substances.

Is there anything you’re missing?

Vitamin D and zinc are two key testosterone-boosting components in Weider Prime, although the former is underdosed and inefficient.

Apart from these, Weider Prime Testosterone Booster is lacking a few key elements. Among them are:

  • Indole-3-Carbinol
  • Magnesium
  • K2 vitamin
  • Prurients of Mucuna
  • Rose Rhodiola

We’ve previously discussed I3C, but what about the rest of the ingredients? By blocking the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which makes the male hormone inactive, magnesium has been demonstrated to boost both free and total testosterone levels.

K2 vitamin, on the other hand, helps your T stay within a healthy range as you age. Mucuna, in addition to stimulating the motivation molecule dopamine, has also been shown to directly influence T production in the body.

Rose Rhodiola is a well-studied herb used by the Vikings and Russian solders to withstand tough living conditions. Essentially, it boosts your body’s ability to deal with everyday stress. Its cortisol-reducing effects make Rhodiola a very important vitality ingredient for the modern man, but also an ingredient for bodybuilding and even fat loss.

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Weider Prime Side Effects

Weider Prime contains no potentially hazardous components. Everything in the recipe has been thoroughly investigated and shown to be very safe.

Ashwagandha, on the other hand, may help to strengthen your immune system. If you have an autoimmune disease, this is something you certainly don’t want.

Although it’s safe for healthy individuals, it’s advisable to see your doctor before using Weider Prime if you have any medical conditions, such as high blood pressure.

What Have Others Said About Weider Prime?

So, how do other people see Weider Prime results? According to Amazon reviews, Weider Prime has a 4.4 out of 5 rating, which is great.

The majority of consumers are pleased with how safe this testosterone booster is. Although several of them expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of real achievements. A few people experienced “reduced stress levels” and “easier sleep.”

However, another user said that it made him “more exhausted” and that it didn’t assist him with testosterone or muscle development throughout his six months of weekly gym exercise.

“Does Weider Prime help with ED?” several consumers inquired. According to the majority of previous evaluations, it isn’t really helpful.

However, we never depend too much on other customer testimonials since you never know how honest or genuine they are.

Price and Value For Money

On Amazon, a two-month supply of Weider Prime Testosterone Support costs $27.07. It may be found on the manufacturer’s website as well as various third-party sites like Amazon.

Weider Prime was also available at Costco, Walmart, and Target the last time we looked.

Weider Prime is a good Money well spent for anybody who isn’t searching for something more powerful right now.

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Which is Better: Weider Prime or Nugenix?

Which testosterone booster is more effective: Weider Prime Testosterone Support or Nugenix?

When it comes to their components, Weider Prime has a totally transparent recipe that clearly displays the dosage of each ingredient on the label. Nugenix, on the other hand, comprises a large “Free Testosterone” unique mix, which is labeled as a single dosage yet contains a number of substances.

Vitamins B6 and B12, as well as zinc, are among the constituents in Nugenix for which we can observe dosages. Nugenix has lesser levels of zinc and B6 than Weider Prime, making these substances less effective.

Nugenix Proprietary Blend’s components seem to be bad. Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, and Citrulline Malate? Tribulus may irritate the prostate, Fenugreek boosts testosterone but at the expense of other anabolic hormones like DHT, and Citrulline Malate is a pre-workout supplement, not a testosterone booster.

Weider Prime wins this match by a long way, despite not being a flawless test booster. Nugenix is a test enhancer that is overhyped and only has fantastic marketing. The recipe itself is awful, omitting certain key elements and employing a lot of ineffective (and underdosed) ones. However, both Nugenix and Weider Prime have one major flaw: just one serving every day. This implies that their effects will wear off quickly.

Weider Prime Testosterone Support Reviews Conclusion

Our Weider Prime review is now complete! Overall, this is a respectable testosterone booster. It will help you relax and may even increase your libido significantly. Lower stress and improved testosterone production go side in hand, therefore this may indirectly aid with testosterone.

Is Weider Prime, however, the most effective testosterone booster? It’s not! It lacks additional daily servings to maintain the benefits lasting between doses, as well as several key elements that would make it more effective at decreasing estrogen and raising testosterone directly.

However, at $27 a bottle, we believe it is still an excellent deal!

Which is better?

Every year, we conduct independent studies of over 40 testosterone booster products, looking for the best effective, research-backed recipe available.

Some of our criteria are as follows:

  • It is necessary to naturally and securely support testosterone.
  • Ingredients that are completely safe and lawful
  • Long- and short-term advantages
  • Libido, Mood, and Energy
  • Brand Reputation
  • Money well spent

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