Thermofight X Review – Does it Actually Work? (2022!)

Intelligent personal trainers and a co-founder who has over 150 patents are behind this breakthrough new technology to help you live a healthier life. With an estimated 4 million dollars in sales, Thermofight X is one of the most successful products on Amazon today. The company was also recently awarded with ‘Best New Product’ prize at CES 2019!

Thermofight X is a new product on the market that claims to help you lose weight. It’s supposed to increase your metabolism and make it easier for you to burn fat. Is it worth your time? Or does it actually work? Read more in detail here: thermofight x dangers.

Thermofight X Review - Does it Actually Work? (2022!)

*January 2022 has been amended.

Thermofight X Review: In this review, we’ll explore whether the natural chemicals in the Termofight X Next Gen fat burner may help you burn fat quicker, have more mental willpower, and eat less often.

Thermofight X, which costs an eye-watering $67 per bottle, claims a slew of advantages, including:

  • Lose 31 pounds on average in 90 days
  • “Support fast ketone production to speed up ketosis”
  • Turn on thermogenesis.
  • Increase your energy levels

Can the Thermofight X tablets deliver on their promises? Does research back up the substances’ effectiveness and safety?

First, a quick synopsis of our team’s Thermofight X review, followed by a more in-depth examination.

A Quick Look at the Thermofight X

If you don’t want to read the rest of our evaluation, we discovered that the It Works Thermofight X does not function as well as the company claims.

The marketing claims are deceptive, offering all of these advantages while employing untested and inefficient weight reduction substances.

They also used custom mixes to hide specific component dosages. As a consequence, we can’t see their quantities on the label.


  • Green tea boosts energy and concentration.
  • Cinnamon bark and chromium aid to keep blood sugar levels in check.


  • Incomplete formula – key elements are lacking
  • Ingredients that are underdosed
  • Two proprietary mixes are included.
  • There is no appetite suppressant in it.
  • It Works! has been chastised for its pyramid scam business strategy.
  • A one-month supply costs between $67 and $100.

What do we utilize right now?

It Actually Works! – Thermofight X’s Production Company

Before we get into our Thermofight X review, we wanted to give you some background on the firm that created the device.

  • It Works! is a well-known fat-burning supplement producer. Slimming Gummies, which we examined at QC, are among their most well-known goods. Mark and Cindy, the proprietors, used the money they made from selling Thermofight X to buy a whole island.

These men really understood how to advertise themselves! They deserve credit for it.

If you search it up online, though, you’ll find a lot of criticism directed towards the It Works! firm. Not just from consumers who had bad experiences with Thermofight X, but also from former employees who were unhappy with the MLM scheme and working circumstances.

While this tarnishes the company’s reputation, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since Thermofight X might turn out to be a wonderful product after we examine its contents!

We give it a thumbs up if it can help you burn fat quicker and have fewer cravings.

Take a look at this:

What is the Thermofight X Process?

Thermofight X is a supplement that works by causing your body to go through a process known as “thermogenesis.” What exactly does this imply?

  • This implies that your body’s core temperature will rise, causing your metabolic rate to increase in order to cool down.

Thermofight X also claims to help you access your body fat reserves and begin’melting’ it away as energy.

However, there is practically little discussion of appetite suppression. This is disheartening since regulating desires and calorie intake is an important element of weight reduction.

How can we hope to lose weight in the long run if we can’t stick to your diet?

So, how is Thermofight X going to help you? Let’s investigate further.

Thermofight X Ingredients Review

The following substances are included in Thermofight X:

  • Calcium (140mg)
  • Chromium is a chemical element (200mcg)
  • Green Tea Blend (Proprietary) (302.5mg)
  • Extract of Green Coffee Beans (100mg)
  • Thermogenic Blend (proprietary) (75mg)

We’ll give credit where credit is due: this product has some good components.

From chromium, which may help reduce insulin rises, to green coffee bean extract, which can aid delay glucose absorption.

However, several of the chemicals in Thermofight X are found in so-called proprietary mixes, which is a source of worry.

The problem is that you can only see the blend’s total dosage of components. However, not their individual dosages.

So far, things aren’t looking good! But what about the actual ingredients?

1. Calcium

This is a filler substance. It has no discernible impact on weight reduction. All could be beneficial to your bone health, but that’s about it!

Chromium 2

Chromium is beneficial to your blood sugar levels. Especially after a high-carbohydrate lunch. Due to the blood sugar surge and accompanying insulin spike, we usually feel sleepy and tired after such a meal.

Consuming adequate trace elements, such as chromium, may help to balance this out and prevent blood sugar spikes. [1] While it isn’t very impressive and doesn’t increase fat burning, it may be useful in preventing weight gain.

3. Exclusive Green Tea Blend

The first custom mix in Thermofight X is here. As previously stated, it’s a combination of substances that appears on the label as a single dosage. AKA the total dosage of all of the components.

This isn’t a significant concern with this special mix since it’s essentially all green tea. So you’re receiving about 300mg of green tea extract here. This is an excellent dosage of the chemical since it is safe and well tolerated. [2]

However, we’ll explore another unique mix in the video below, which is a whole different tale.

4. Extract from green coffee beans

This chemical enhances carbohydrate absorption. It makes your body more effective at digesting carbohydrates so that you don’t store as much fat and instead burn it for energy. [3]

5. Exclusive Thermogenic Blend

This is the unique mix we’ve been discussing. It contains unknown levels of five substances, including:

  • Extract of cinnamon bark
  • Trikatu
  • Long Pepper with Ginger Root
  • Chili powder

Because the whole special combination weights just 75mg, we know it won’t produce any serious negative effects. However, since the dosage is so little, it won’t help much!

The ingredients themselves are ineffective for fat burning, expect for Chili powder which is one of our top rated thermogenic ingredients. [4] It needs to be dosed at 150mg or higher, though, which is double the amount of this entire proprietary blend.

What We Think About the Ingredient Profile

It’s discouraging. We don’t like how the majority of the recipe is buried behind the proprietary mix, making it impossible to know how much of each component you’re taking.

It has a few good ingredients such as green tea, green coffee bean, and Chili powder, but the latter is underdosed. Its fat burning effects are likely diminished because of this.

Green tea will increase your attention and energy, while green coffee bean will help you digest less carbohydrates. This will assist you avoid gaining weight.

Thermofight X is less efficient in burning off existing body fat because it lacks numerous key components.

Editors’ Choice:

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Thermofight X: How to Use It

Take one capsule, two times per day, with a glass of water, according to the Thermofight X dosing recommendations.

This is better than other fat burners, which only provide one daily dose, but it’s still not enough to keep the effects going all day.

To maintain the beneficial components flowing in your system between dosages, you should take 3-4 servings each day.

The benefits will wear off if you simply take one or two doses each day, and you won’t be in a constant fat-burning phase.

Are There Any Side Effects To Thermofight X?

Most individuals should have no adverse reactions to Thermofight X.

  • The substances themselves have been thoroughly investigated and are confirmed to be safe. Many of them, such as cinnamon, are often used in everyday cookery.

The dosages are likewise little, almost too small in certain situations, so if you’re healthy, you shouldn’t be concerned.

This solution also contains no stimulants, which is beneficial to those who wish to avoid coffee.

Our Experience with Thermofight X Before and After

So, what can you anticipate after a month or two of taking Thermofight X? Our experience, however, was disappointing!

Quin, Gabriel, and Anja all tried it for six weeks and had no luck. The only difference we saw was that green tea extract and L-Theanine increased mental attention.

Aside from that, our before and after weigh-ins were identical, so there’s not much to say about that.

Testimonials for Thermofight X

When it comes to other people’s before and after photos, the most of them are sponsored by “It Works!” Thermofight X, making it difficult to discern which ones are genuine and which are fake.

However, they all seem to be false to us. This product does not include the kind of chemicals that would produce results similar to those seen in the before and after photographs.

Examine it for yourself:

What do customers say about the Thermofight X?

Some individuals are curious whether there are any Thermofight X reviews in Canada, the United Kingdom, or other nations outside of the United States.

Yes, there are; nevertheless, you must keep an eye out for what is genuine and what is not.

Many reviews are altered to make the product look worse or better than it really is, making it difficult to determine.

This is why we avoid relying on testimonials from other users in the first place. Rather, we prefer to base our judgment on the elements and the supporting facts.

Summary of Thermofight X

Our Thermofight X review is now complete.

What are we to say? It’s not exactly what we were expecting. Before it can compete with the top fat burners on the market, Thermofight X has to improve significantly.

The cost is excessive; $67-$100, depending on the reductions, is not a fair deal given the inefficient recipe. Not to mention the usage of proprietary mixes, which smears the company’s “It Works!” reputation.

As a consequence, we advise doing more investigation. It’s better to leave Thermofight X alone.

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The “thermofight x reviews amazon” is a product that claims to help users lose weight. The product has been around for quite some time, but many people are still unsure if it actually works.

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