Testogen vs Nugenix | Which T Booster is Better? (UPDATED: 2022)

Testogen and Nugenix are the two biggest testosterone boosters on the market. Which one is better? We compare these two products to help decide which brand you should take a chance with.

Testogen vs Nugenix is a question that has been asked by many. Which T Booster is better? This article will compare the two and give you the answer. Read more in detail here: best testosterone booster 2022.

Testogen vs Nugenix | Which T Booster is Better? (UPDATED: 2022)

Which testosterone booster is superior, Testogen or Nugenix? Which is the safest option? Which one will help you gain muscle, lose fat, increase your sex drive, and live a healthier life? Here’s a short rundown of their constituents, followed by a more extensive analysis.

[SUMMARY OF NUGENIX VS TESTOGEN] I don’t believe Nugenix or Testogen are capable of delivering on their promises. The marketing materials are ridiculous; they promote all kinds of advantages that are impossible to get without utilizing steroids. However, Testogen is the superior product of the two. It has more tried-and-true components, and the formula is totally clear, while Nugenix contains ingredients that are buried in a proprietary mix, making their levels impossible to determine. Despite being the clear victor, Testogen falls short of some of the strongest testosterone supplements available.


  • Formula is clear.
  • Fenugreek is an excellent option.
  • Short-term, but not long-term
  • Vitamin K1 is not as effective as vitamin K2.
  • Bottles are $59.99 each (30 servings)


  • a well-known name
  • Zinc and vitamin B6 are both present.
  • The formula isn’t entirely clear.
  • Several key elements are missing.
  • Bottles cost $57.99 each (30 servings)

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The Basics of Testogen vs. Nugenix

Testogen is promoted as a “triple action testosterone booster” that will help you feel more masculine and increase your sex desire naturally. It’s also utilized to achieve other fitness objectives such as muscle growth and fat reduction. The recommended dose is 4 capsules each day, and each bottle contains 120 capsules.

It is stated that taking Testogen every day would assist you:

  • Increase your muscular mass.
  • Have greater stamina
  • Focus your attention.
  • Restore your libido.

Testogen is one of the most widely used testosterone boosters on the market today. However, the corporation is well-known for its overly aggressive marketing, which I dislike.

Nugenix, on the other hand, is a “free testosterone booster” that comes in a sleek bottle with 90 capsules. It claims to include substances that have been studied to help boost testosterone levels, including:

  • Boosting libido & performance
  • assisting you in feeling more macho and powerful

That’s fantastic! Both testosterone boosters promote themselves well. Let’s see whether they can back up their claims with solid components.

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The Calculations

There are a few key distinctions between the constituent formulations of Testogen and Nugenix. Nugenix only has six components, but Testogen has eleven. Is this to say that Testogen’s component composition is better? Yes, but not because it contains more components; rather, those substances are more effective, and their amounts are explicitly indicated on the label.

When you look at the Nugenix ingredient label, you’ll see one large unique mix. This means you can’t tell how much of each component is inside. The whole dosage is the only thing you can see.

This is a little disappointing since you can’t know whether the chemicals will work if you can’t see the dosage. What’s more worrying is that we have no idea whether the dosage is too high, posing a danger of negative effects.

As a result, I commend Testogen for being more upfront in this respect. Let’s look at the components individually now.

To begin, here are some common Testogen and Nugenix ingredients:

  • B6 – This is a great foundational ingredient, it can help you Increase your muscular mass., but it only works if you’re deficient. (1)
  • Zinc is an important element that may help keep your testosterone levels from dropping as a result of stress. (2)
  • Fenugreek — Blocks the conversion of estrogen to testosterone, enabling more T to remain in your system. (3)

Ingredients Found in Testogen

  • Magnesium – Regardless of how healthy your diet is, you’re unlikely to obtain enough magnesium from food alone. Soil depletion and food processing are the main causes. Magnesium supplements may help with muscular function, recuperation, and sleep. (4)
  • Vitamin D3 is the well-known sunlight vitamin. What can we add to this one that hasn’t already been said? It’s an excellent element that’s crucial for keeping healthy test levels.
  • Vitamin K1 – Vitamin K2 is usually included in the finest testosterone boosters since it is more bioactive and has a greater impact on testosterone synthesis. Vitamin K1 is already present in many meals and isn’t as good to testosterone production.
  • D-Aspartic Acid — This component has the potential to temporarily increase your test levels. The dosage is generous, even exceeding Nugenix’s special mix!
  • Nettle Leaf Extract — Because nettles are good at reducing inflammation, this one may aid with any nasal or sinus problems you might have. It is also beneficial to the male prostate. However, it does not increase testosterone.
  • One of our favorite vitality boosters is red ginseng extract. It improves strength, libido, energy levels, mood, and even testosterone levels. (5)
  • Boron Citrate – Some research suggests that boron may help boost test levels, but only in dosages more than 10mg. Nugenix, however, only contains 8mg.
  • Piperine, sometimes known as black pepper extract, is known as bioperine. So, except from increasing the absorption of other substances like turmeric, this one doesn’t accomplish anything. Turmeric is a rather worthless component here since it’s not present. (6)

Ingredients Exclusive to Nugenix

  • Vitamin B12 is required for the formation of red blood cells and the production of energy by our mitochondria. Vitamin B12 is also essential for our mood and cognitive function. It’s an excellent all-purpose ingredient. (7)
  • Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex (Citrulline, Fenugreek, Tribulus) — This complex has one component, fenugreek, which we’ve previously discussed, as well as Citrulline and Tribulus, which don’t have enough data to suggest as the greatest test-boosting substances. Furthermore, they’re all concealed in a special mix, so you have no idea how much you’re receiving.

The Big Idea:

Although neither mixture is flawless, Testogen’s component selection is clearly superior than Nugenix’s. It’s more clear, but it also includes more chemicals that have been found to improve male health. Testogen, on the other hand, has some room for improvement. We’d want to see vitamin K2 instead of vitamin K1, as well as a few other key elements. Boron is also underdosed, thus it won’t do anything to aid you with testosterone.

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Which Product Has the Fewest Side Effects?

Testogen comprises substances that are often found in test boosters and have been shown to be safe. The recipe is all-natural, and the dosages are kept to a minimum. Overall, it should not cause any major negative effects. Naturally, if you have any medical concerns, see your physician before using any supplement.

Nugenix, on the other hand, is a different tale. We can’t assess the product for safety since the constituent dosages are disguised. Still, the components are typical in supplements like this, so there shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about.

Price and Return on Investment?

In terms of price, we prefer Testogen over Nugenix, despite the fact that it is somewhat more expensive. This is why…

Testogen will set you back $59.99 for a month’s supply. When purchasing numerous boxes, you may save money. Buy a three-month supply and receive a two-month supply free. One container contains 120 capsules, which will last you a month if you take the recommended 4 each day.

Nugenix is available on a variety of websites, including GNC, where a container of 90 capsules costs $57.99. If you take the suggested 3 caps every day, it will last for 30 days.

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Testogen versus Nugenix: What We Found

Testogen and Nugenix aren’t the greatest testosterone boosters on the market right now, in our opinion. Nonetheless, Testogen is the obvious winner in my opinion.

The recipe for Testogen is completely revealed, and it comprises more proven substances. You know exactly what you’re receiving and how much you’re getting.

Only a few good components, such as vitamin B6 and zinc, are included in Nugenix. Apart from those two, there isn’t much else I enjoy about it. The formula is unfinished. It also has a proprietary mix, which utterly undermines the company’s legitimacy in my opinion.

Overall, Testogen is the winner, but if you want the greatest results, I suggest checking out the top three test boosters by following the link below.

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Testogen is a popular testosterone booster that has been around for a while. It is marketed as the best testosterone booster on amazon. Nugenix is also a popular choice, with its own marketing and sales team.

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