SlimFast Diet Review: Pros, Cons, and Effectiveness

SlimFast is a diet designed for people who want to lose weight and have more energy. Its main ingredient is protein, but there are also other ingredients like fiber and vitamins that make it a healthy product. If you’re considering trying the diet, here’s everything you need to know about it from pros and cons to effectiveness in your immediate future.

The “slim fast reviews before and after” is a review of the product. The review includes pros, cons, and effectiveness.

SlimFast Diet Review: Pros, Cons, and Effectiveness


  • Convenient
  • Meal preparation is minimal.
  • Portion control is encouraged.
  • A certified dietician provides resources and advice.


  • Long-term viability not possible
  • It does not instruct you on how to eat appropriately.
  • Finished goods
  • Not as filling as actual food

What Exactly Is SlimFast?

SlimFast is an app-based weight-loss program that focuses on meal replacement shakes, bars, and snacks as a main cheval.

It’s been around for a long time, and almost every one of my customers has tried it at some point throughout their weight-loss journey. It was one of the first meal replacement diets to be developed.

SlimFast was formed in 1977 and began by selling meal replacement weight-loss smoothies.

They’ve recently extended their product line to include meal replacement shake mixes, prepared shakes, bars, and snacks that cater to a variety of dietary needs.

SlimFast promises to help you lose 1–2 pounds every week, according to their website.

Two of your daily three meals must be meal replacements according to the SlimFast diet plan. A “reasonable” (500–600-calorie) quantity of actual food should be your third meal.

Three snacks each day, such as SlimFast products or other 100-calorie healthy snacks, are also recommended by the SlimFast program.

The SlimFast Diet in Action

SlimFast is a calorie-counting app that provides meal replacements, low-calorie recipes, and tools to measure your progress.

Depending on your preferences, the SlimFast program provides four alternative diet plans.

  1. SlimFast Favorite Foods: This plan is the most adaptable, since it is meant to work with any eating pattern, including low-carb, high-protein, and vegetarian diets. This plan allows you to eat anything you want.
  2. SlimFast Keto: This plan is for those who are on a ketogenic diet. The dishes and products adhere to the keto diet’s low-carb, high-fat guidelines. SlimFast, for example, sells “keto bombs,” a snack made specifically for this diet.
  3. SlimFast Original: This plan is meant for those who wish to reduce weight while sticking to the original SlimFast products.
  4. SlimFast Diabetic Weight Loss: This strategy, together with its meals and SlimFast products, is for those who desire to live a low-carb diet while also controlling their blood sugar levels. This eating plan might benefit from the Keto or Diabetic Weight Loss SlimFast products.

If you’re not sure which diet plan is right for you, the SlimFast website has a 5-minute questionnaire you may complete.

After you’ve chosen your plan through the app, you’ll be asked to customise it. SlimFast products may be used for all of your meals and snacks, as well as your one regular meal.

The SlimFast Together app is used to make all of their choices, monitor their progress, and plan meals.

You may accomplish the following using the SlimFast Together app:

  • Plan and prepare your weekly meals. You may choose from one of their SlimFast recipes or create your own from scratch. You’ll be able to see the calorie and nutrient information of the meals you choose or input so you can make sure they fit within your diet.

  • Monitor your progress. You may follow your progress toward your objectives using the “Progress” tab, which is based on the information you submit. You may keep track of your weight, body measurements, food and water consumption, exercise, sleep, and stress, as well as snap images to document your progress.

  • Use instructional resources. SlimFast’s licensed nutritionist provides unique blog and instructional material.

  • Keep yourself on track with reminders and inspiring texts.

  • Share your culinary creations with family, friends, and followers on social media.

When you achieve your target weight, you should switch to the SlimFast Maintenance Plan.

One SlimFast meal replacement product, two reasonable 500–600-calorie meals, and three 100-calorie snacks are included in this diet.

Scorecard for SlimFast Diet

A dietitian examined the SlimFast Diet objectively using the following criteria:

Evidence-Based: 4/5
Simple to Follow: 4/5
Customization: 3/5
Accountability: 2/5
Sustainability: 3/5
Price-to-Value Ratio: 3/5
Safety: 3/5
Overall Score: 3.1/5

Questions Frequently Asked

What Exactly Is SlimFast?

SlimFast is a weight-loss program that offers meal replacement bars, smoothies, and snacks.

What are your thoughts on SlimFast meal replacements?

Although some of the original chocolate and vanilla shakes are said to be tasty, several of the additional items have received negative feedback from customers.

Is it necessary for me to keep track of my calories on SlimFast?

Will SlimFast aid in my weight loss?

According to certain studies, meal replacement methods like SlimFast may help you lose weight quickly. They may, however, be difficult to maintain in the long run.

Is it necessary for me to purchase SlimFast goods, or can I just follow their recipes?

You must eat at least two of SlimFast’s meal replacement products every day to be a member. You just need to ingest one SlimFast product per day after you’ve reached your weight-loss target and are on maintenance.

I dropped weight on SlimFast, but I’m worried about regaining it. What can I do to keep it off?

You must maintain your weight loss by following a nutritious diet and exercising regularly.

Continue to monitor your diet and exercise habits in the app for a time to ensure you’re not going over your calorie limit or reverting to old habits.

Make a friend, family member, or health care provider accountable.

Foods to Eat and Stay Away From

On SlimFast, there are no items that are completely off-limits. However, depending on the eating plan you choose, the kind of foods that are advised for your one meal a day may differ.

Depending on your objectives, calorie recommendations vary from 1,200 to 1,600 calories per day.

Depending on where you are on the SlimFast regimen, you are permitted three 100-calorie snacks per day and one to two 500–600-calorie meals.

Some of SlimFast’s meals are rather healthful and nutritious, while others are sodium-laden. Because salt holds water, too much sodium in the diet might make it difficult to lose weight. 

On the SlimFast regimen, this is a one-day example menu:

  • SlimFast Shake for Breakfast
  • Snack in the morning: a 100-calorie snack of your choosing
  • SlimFast Protein Bar for Lunch
  • Snack in the afternoon: 100-calorie snack of your choosing
  • SlimFast Sensible Dinner Recipes
  • SlimFast Crisps (evening snack)

Is It Effective in Weight Loss?

There are a few research on meal replacement programs like SlimFast and weight reduction, but the most of them are old.

This might be due to the fact that meal replacement programs are less popular now than they were in the early 2000s.

For example, a 2006 research looked at the efficacy of four popular diet regimens, including SlimFast, in 293 adults with a BMI of 27 to 40 over the course of six months. 

After six months, participants in the SlimFast group had dropped an average of 10.5 pounds (4.8 kg), or 4.9 percent of their body weight. The first six months were when the most weight was lost.

Over the course of a year, the SlimFast group maintained their weight reduction, whereas the other group gained 1.3 pounds on average.

However, it’s worth noting that 29% of the study’s participants left out because they couldn’t stomach the diet, and just 9 of the initial 58 people were able to stick on the diet for the whole year.

Another research from 2004 had 63 people who used SlimFast meal replacements for six months. On average, these individuals dropped 7% of their body weight. 

However, since some of the research were supported by SlimFast, a more recent evaluation found a significant chance of bias for SlimFast trials. 

Meal replacement methods like SlimFast, according to a review of the studies, may help you lose weight in the first 3–6 months. 

The concern is whether the diet can be maintained for much longer, as indicated by the significant dropout rate in SlimFast research.

Meal replacements are not a healthy approach to lose weight, according to me, a registered dietitian specialized in weight reduction.

This is due to the fact that meal replacements are just a band-aid solution that does not educate you how to eat correctly. They’re also not necessarily as full or gratifying as a traditional dinner. 

Learning to consume and prepare nutritious meals, as well as addressing lifestyle obstacles such as emotional eating, stress, and sleep, are all necessary for long-term weight reduction.


Meal replacement methods like SlimFast, according to some study, may help you lose weight in the short run over 6 months. However, you run the danger of regaining weight if you stop the regimen.

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The SlimFast diet is simple to follow at first since it eliminates the guesswork from eating.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing meals or deciding what to prepare, having your meals planned for you could seem intriguing.

You just have to worry about supper since two of your three meals are SlimFast products.

However, consuming shakes and bars might get repetitive after a time, and doing so does not teach you how to eat properly.

This is supported by the findings of the SlimFast research, in which 29 percent of individuals dropped out due to inability to keep to the diet. 

In my weight-loss clinic, I’ve seen this far too many times when people conclude that all they need to do is learn how to cook genuine food in a simple manner.


SlimFast may be maintained for a few months since the meal replacements eliminate the guesswork of eating. Most individuals, however, do not wish to drink shakes and consume bars for an extended period of time.


One of the most important advantages of a weight-loss program is accountability, which keeps you on track and motivated.

You get access to a secret Facebook community after buying a SlimFast package. If a group environment stimulates you, this might be useful, depending on the size of the group.

A qualified dietician who develops instructive films, blogs, and meal ideas is also available as a consultant.

There is no specific counseling or accountability, and the nutritionist is not accessible for one-on-one assistance.

SlimFast is unsuitable for someone who wants a more customised strategy according to their requirements and lifestyle. If you don’t think you need that much responsibility, the private Facebook group can suffice.


SlimFast promotes accountability via a Facebook community as well as educational tools. There is no one-on-one responsibility.


Slimfast’s overall cost varies based on the sorts of items you buy and how much you buy.

The cost of the needed two SlimFast products each day is often above $100 per month. The price may be greater if you want snacks on top of that.

Signing up for Auto Delivery gets you a 12 percent discount on any goods. You may choose to have things delivered monthly or once every nine months.

The following is a cost breakdown by product type.

Ready-to-Drink SlimFast Shakes

Original SlimFast Shakes

Flavors include Creamy Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappucino Delight, Rich Chocolate Royal, and Strawberries & Cream.

  • $9.99 for a four-count box
  • $51.96 for a 4-pack (8-count box).

Advanced Nutrition Shakes by SlimFast

Flavors include Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, Strawberries & Cream, and Orange Cream Swirl.

  • $9.99 for a four-count box
  • $91.99 for a 4-pack (12-count box).

If you enjoy the shakes, the 4-pack of 12 shakes will give you the best value per bottle.

Advanced SlimFast Energy Shakes

Flavors include Mocha Cappuccino, Caramel Latte, & Rich Chocolate.

  • $9.99 for a four-count box
  • $51.98 for a 2-pack (15-count box).

Keto Shakes SlimFast 

Creamy Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Cream are two of the flavors available.

  • $12.00 for a four-count box
  • $23.98 for a 2-pack (4-count box).
  • $43.96 for a 4-pack (4-count box).

Meal Replacement Bars SlimFast

Meal Bars SlimFast

Coconut Caramel Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch are two of the flavors available.

  • $9.99 for a 5-count box
  • $19.98 for a 2-pack (5-count box).
  • $39.96 for a 4-pack (5-count box).

If you like the bars, the 4-pack of 5 bars will provide you the best value.

Keto Fat Bomb SlimFast Meal Bars

Flavors include Whipped Peanut Butter Chocolate, Nutty Caramel & Nougat, Frosted Cinnamon Bun, and Whipped Triple Chocolate.

  • $12.99 for a 5-count box
  • $23.98 for a 2-pack (5-count box).
  • $43.96 for a 4-pack (5-count box).

Diabetic Weight Loss Meal Bars SlimFast 

Double Chocolate Cookie Dough, Creamy Chocolate Mousse, and Peanut Butter Chocolate are some of the flavors available.

The pricing and package choices are the same as the Keto Fat Bomb Meal Bars.

Snacks SlimFast

Various sorts of snacks are available in a variety of flavors:

  • Snacks for Diabetic Weight Loss
  • Snack Cups with a Keto Fat Bomb
  • Mini Keto Fat Bomb Snack Bars
  • Stuffed Keto Fat Bomb Snack Cup
  • Square Keto Fat Snack
  • Crispy Keto Fat Bomb Snack
  • Snack Mix for Keto Fat Bombs

Depending on the pack numbers available for each kind of food, the price varies from $12.00 to $43.96. For the best bargain, get the Snack Mix in a 6-pack of 8 oz bags for $65.94.

Meal Replacement Shake Mixes by SlimFast

SlimFast dry shake mixes are the most affordable meal replacement choices. There are many kinds of shake mixes available in a variety of flavors:

  • Original Shake Concoctions
  • Smoothie Mixes with Advanced Nutrition
  • Mixes for Keto Shakes
  • Shake Mixes for Diabetic Weight Loss
  • Orange Cream Smoothie Mix with Advanced Immunity

The cost varies according on the varieties of shake mixes and pack sizes offered. For instance:

  • Original Shake Mix, 14-serving (12.83 oz) container: $9.99
  • Advanced Nutrition Smoothie Mix, 12-serving (11.4 oz) container: $12.99
  • Keto Shake Mix, 10-serving (13.4 oz) container: $18.99

Each product has bigger containers available, which will save you money in the long term.

Starter Kits and Bundles for SlimFast

SlimFast also provides a few different “Starter Kits” and “Bundles” to save money if you wish to include both drinks and meal replacements into your diet.

Shakes, bars, and meal replacement shake mixes are among the options. The cost varies based on the items and the amount included.

For instance:

  • $69.99 Favorite Foods 14-Day Starter Kit
  • $69.99 for a 14-day low-carb starter kit
  • $89.99 for a 14-Day Keto Starter Kit
  • $149.99 for the SlimFast Together Starter Kit
  • Bundle of Low Carb Bars & Snacks: $24.96


SlimFast products are generally safe for most individuals, but anyone with milk, soy, or peanut allergies should avoid them since many of their products include these components.

One thing I observed is that the nutrition label for SlimFast products does not contain saturated fat. However, the overall fat level is considerable, which might raise the risk of health concerns such as heart disease over time. 

SlimFast is also not a diet product that I would suggest to anybody with a history of disordered eating, since it is a diet product that might trigger eating disorder behaviors.

What It Compares To

There are other meal replacement diet regimens available, but the HMR program is the most comparable to SlimFast (Health Management Resources).

HMR, like SlimFast, mandates that you buy their goods as part of your regular routine.

HMR sells meal replacement smoothies as well as frozen meals including penne spaghetti with meatballs and chicken enchiladas.

There are no minimum requirements for any program, and you may cancel at any moment.

The HMR program includes an initial medical assessment before beginning, which adds to its credibility.

SlimFast does not provide weekly coaching calls and does not give further 1:1 accountability.

The calls, however, are with a health coach rather than a qualified dietician. A health coach may give encouragement and support, but they are not necessarily able to provide more precise, tailored advice.

The HMR treatment costs roughly $100 every week, while SlimFast costs $100 per month. However, you will get a medical consultation, frozen meal replacements and smoothies, as well as weekly calls.

Still, most health experts, including myself, believe that any meal replacement program is just not as healthy or enjoyable as one based on actual food. 

In conclusion

While the SlimFast Diet may lead to short-term weight reduction, research suggests that it is unlikely to last more than six months for most individuals.

When individuals quit following it, they often gain weight. Almost all of my customers who have come to me after following it have experienced this.

The main reason for this is because the SlimFast program does not teach the fundamentals of appropriate eating, and as a result, many individuals ultimately seek more actual food.

If you’re having trouble losing weight, talk to your doctor about the best plan for you.

Steps to Follow

If you want to reduce weight, I recommend eating a low-calorie, well-balanced diet rich in delicious genuine food.

Learning how to create nutritious meals is a lifelong skill.

One easy way to get started is to attempt two new healthy meals each week, making enough for leftovers so you don’t have to cook every day.

Additionally, regular exercise, stress reduction, and excellent quality sleep are all things that will help you lose weight for the rest of your life.

Seek the advice of a licensed dietician who can build a more specific weight-loss strategy for you to keep motivated and on track.

Having a close family member or a like-minded friend to hold you accountable might also help you stay motivated.


Noom might help you lose weight.

Noom is a tried-and-true weight reduction method that uses psychology and teaches you how to eat to meet your particular health goals and levels. Begin by doing a simple examination to see which option is best for you.

The “slim fast weight loss in a month” is a diet that claims to help users lose weight quickly. The diet includes low-calorie meals, shakes and bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

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