Plenity Review – Does it Work for Weight Loss? (2022)

What is Plenity?

The “plenity weight loss before and after” is a new diet pill that claims to be able to help people lose weight. Reviews are mixed, but it seems like this product has been getting good reviews.

Plenity Review - Does it Work for Weight Loss? (2022)

*Revised January 2022

Plenity Review: In this review, we’ll examine whether Plenity can help you lose weight and lower your hunger, as well as how it compares to other fat-burning supplements on the market in terms of safety, efficacy, and value for money.

Plenity is now only available via their official website, providing you qualify (explained in detail in the following sections).

Plenity costs $98 for a 30-serving bottle. This is a hefty price for a weight-loss supplement! The issue is, what does Plenity really do?

Plenity is supposed to assist you in the following ways:

  • Reduce your appetite
  • Control your hunger and appetite.
  • Increase your body’s fat-burning capacity.

Plenity is essentially meant to help you eat less so that you may lose weight consistently over time. This sounds great, but these advantages are nothing new. Many other diet pills claim to be able to achieve the same thing! So, what distinguishes Plenity from the rest?

Plenity is an FDA-approved diet supplement, for starters. Plenity’s marketing appeal is further enhanced by the fact that it is exclusively available to a small set of individuals.

Is Plenity, however, truly that beneficial for weight reduction, or is the ‘exclusivity’ and FDA-cleared label just a marketing ploy? Is it more effective than some of the most popular weight-loss pills on the market today?

We set out to examine Plenity’s formula and put it to the test to discover whether the company’s promises were true. Let’s start with a quick summary!

Plenitude Made Simple

Despite the fact that Plenity has some redeeming qualities, it is a huge disappointment altogether. Although this product is marketed as a “professional” fat reduction supplement, the component list reveals a different picture.

Plenity is a weight-loss supplement that is expensive and overhyped. There are just two components in this product: cellulose and Citrus Juice. Cellulose is a plant fiber that has been shown to increase satiety. That is, if the dosage is sufficiently high. We can’t read the constituent dosages on the label since Plenity utilizes a proprietary combination. Citrus Juice, the second component, is unproven and unhelpful for weight reduction.

That seems to be unsatisfactory for a tablet that costs $98 per bottle. Plenity’s recipe may have benefitted from the addition of a few more substances. Green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and Glucomannan, a higher-quality fiber source, are among them. Don’t be fooled by the company’s FDA claims or the product’s alleged exclusivity. If you’re having trouble losing weight, first and foremost, speak with a trained specialist, and if you’re seeking for an effective weight loss medication, we recommend doing further research. There are certainly better solutions available now.


  • It contains a scientifically proven appetite suppressant.
  • An affordable alternative to surgery
  • Stimulant-free


  • A variety of gastrointestinal adverse effects have been linked to it.
  • The unique blend’s lack of openness
  • Only one of the two components in this slim mix has been scientifically confirmed to work.
  • Price is steep.
  • Obtaining it is difficult.

Which fat-burning vitamins do we suggest?


Facts about Plenity

Benefits: Helps reduce calorie intake by promoting satiety and fullness.
Cellulose and Citrus Juice are the main ingredients.
A one-month supply costs $98.
Gelesis is the name of the company.

What exactly is Plenitude?

Plenity is a weight-loss tablet that contains active chemicals that cause your stomach to enlarge, making you feel fuller and allowing you to eat less calories throughout the day.

Plenity was “proved by science” and “inspired by nature,” according to its creators. Plenity seems to be similar to any other fat burner at first sight.

Plenity, like its rivals, promotes healthy weight reduction, but they focus on one component in particular: appetite management. They claim it will suppress your appetite and help you make better meal choices so you may lose weight safely and permanently.

Plenity works similarly to an invisible gastric band, but without the high expense of surgery. There are several significant distinctions in how this weight reduction product works – and who is allowed to use it. You read it correctly: you can’t just “add it to cart.”

Plenitude is for whom?

To acquire Plenity, you must first complete an online consultation with a doctor who is competent to prescribe it – but only if it is suitable for you. This is determined by whether you are fat or overweight, or whether your BMI is 25-45 kg/m2.

Plenity has an authoritative air in the fat burner sector since it is one of the few FDA-approved weight reduction pills on the market. The fact that it is only available with a prescription and is not available over the counter (OTC) contributes to the product’s exclusivity.

Sounds fascinating, right? We were hoping you’d say something like that…

Plenity will be examined with a fine-toothed combination here at QC to see how it will function for you and if it lives up to its lofty promises.

Is Plenitude truly so powerful? Is the entire prescription issue just a ruse to get people interested in a supplement that doesn’t function as well as advertised?

Our team investigates.

Plenitude and Its Applications (Dosage Directions)

Take 3 Plenity capsules with water 20 minutes before your meal or supper, according to the Plenity guidelines. For the capsules to operate, the manufacturer recommends that you drink 16 oz of water (2 large glasses).

Another suggestion is to utilize the 20 minutes you have before you eat to organize your meal and “eat consciously.” Setting the aim to be present while eating will help you consume less calories.

Is Plenity a fast-breaker? No, it doesn’t! Plenity has just two ingredients: cellulose and Citrus Juice, neither of which has any nutritional value and hence will not break your fast.

The Ingredients of Plenitude

According to the Plenity label, the product contains just two natural components. Plenity has just two components, which is astounding if it is as effective as its rivals.

Citrus Juice and cellulose are the main constituents. They’re supposed to function as a “three-dimensional matrix” in your stomach and small intestines, swelling to induce fullness and satiety.

Plenity’s components are designed to lessen hunger to the point where you may eat lesser meals without feeling deprived. As a consequence, Fat loss might be accelerated.

Apart from the absence of extra components, Plenity’s ingredient composition has a few minor drawbacks. This mostly entails the usage of a unique mix, which means you can’t see the individual dosages of cellulose and Citrus Juice in it — just their total dosage.

Here’s a deeper look at Plenity’s ingredients:


The first is cellulose, which is typically found in food goods as a thickening ingredient. Because of its ability to suppress hunger, cellulose is a typical filler in diet meals, with the potential to keep you full without adding additional calories.

Because cellulose cannot be digested or absorbed by humans, it occupies space in the stomach, postponing hunger in the same manner that soluble fiber does without boosting calorie intake. Keep in mind that, despite the fact that cellulose is commonly labeled as “dietary fiber,” you may be misled into believing you’re receiving true fiber. However, cellulose lacks the nutritional advantages of real foods.


Citrus Juice

Citrus Juice is, like the name suggests, commonly found in lemons, limes and other citrus fruits. Its widely used in household cleaners for removing stains and odors, in food products to keep them fresh, and cosmetics like hair sprays, deodorants and lipsticks to prolong their shelf-life.

In terms of weight loss, Citrus Juice is thought to increase metabolism so you burn more fat. This is down to a chain of chemical reactions starting with citrate, a molecule of Citrus Juice, which you may have heard of as “the Citrus Juice cycle.” This chemical reaction sparks a conversion of food into energy that you can burn off, leading to higher calorie consumption.

Citrus Juice is also beneficial for enhancing the absorption of minerals so your body gets more from the foods you eat. In other words, if you’re eating a nutrient-dense diet, Citrus Juice helps to optimize every meal.

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What We Think About the Ingredient Profile

Citrus Juice and cellulose both have evidence showing they may promote weight loss in one way or another. Cellulose helps through appetite suppression, and Citrus Juice aids your metabolism to burn more fat for energy.

Could Plenity, perhaps, incorporate additional proven fat-burning chemicals to make it more effective? It very definitely could.

There are a number of natural chemicals that have been demonstrated to promote satiety, thermogenesis, and calorie burning, as well as improve mood and willpower, all of which may help you make better eating choices. Cayenne Pepper Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Glucomannan (Konjac Root Fiber) are examples of such substances.

There’s a reason why the most popular fat burner pills have at least 5 components in their compositions. These chemicals work together to tackle weight reduction from a variety of aspects. Plenity’s recipe lacks a lot to be desired, with just two constituents.

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How Does Plenitude Work in Practice? Detailed explanation

Plenity is designed to help you manage your cravings and lose weight more quickly by providing appetite support.

Each hydrogel capsule consists of a proprietary blend of Citrus Juice and cellulose.

The capsule shell melts in your stomach, releasing the “three-dimensional hydrogel matrix.” Each hydrogel cell may expand up to 100 times its weight when mixed with water.

As the cells absorb the water, they expand and take up space in your stomach, making you feel fuller and more satisfied after eating. You’re less inclined to overeat as a consequence.

The cells in your small intestine break down after you eat and re-circulate the water absorbed back into your digestive system.

Plenity capsules are neither absorbable or digestible, therefore there are no extra calories to worry about.

Plenity gives the following advantages as a consequence of its bioactivities:

  • Reduces calorie intake by temporarily filling the stomach, making it simpler to minimize portion sizes.
  • Because the active element in Plenity causes swelling in your stomach, you’ll be less inclined to seek unhealthy meals or overeat.
  • Promotes healthy metabolism – some studies link Citrus Juice in Plenity with slightly increased metabolic activity.

Plenity Reviews & Testimonials: What do People Say?

Almost all of the reviews we discovered were videos from Plenity, so it’s difficult to tell if they are real testimonials or sponsored advertisements.

In a Plenity testimonial video, one user said that the supplement helped them eat less while maintaining their culinary preferences. The individual said that they could continue to consume the meals that their family did without jeopardizing their advancement.

Plenity isn’t widely accessible yet since it’s still a new supplement. So, maybe, we’ll have more impartial studies in the near future to analyze Plenity’s efficacy in a more fair approach.

Before and After Results of Plenity

As we previously said, obtaining before and after photos proved difficult. Plenity is still very new on the market.

However, on Plenity’s own website and YouTube channel, there is a video commercial that is impossible to tell if it is PR-let or actual customer testimonies.

Is There a Downside to Plenity?

Is Plenity making you puke? Does Plenity make you sick? These are some of the most typical adverse effects associated with taking a fiber-rich supplement like Plenity. If you have a sensitive stomach, Plenity may cause the gastrointestinal side effects stated above, as well as constipation and nausea.

Plenity has been linked to an increase in bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort in studies. However, these adverse effects are often minor and temporary.

We advocate following Plenity’s advice for keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water because of the way they function.

Plenity Cost – What Does Plenity Cost?

Plenity will set you back $98 for a month’s supply. There are currently no discounts available for Plenity.

Furthermore, Plenity is not covered by most medical insurance policies.

Plenity is now unavailable in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, or anyplace else outside of the United States. Plenity has no discounts and is not available at Walmart, Amazon, or Walgreens since it is a prescription-only supplement.

FAQs about Plenity

  • Is Plenity immediately effective? Plenity is said to act quickly after ingestion in terms of appetite reduction. Plenity’s contents enlarge in your stomach, causing you to feel fuller for longer and suppressing your appetite.
  • Does Plenity make you feel energized? Plenity does not include any stimulants, thus it does not deliver an energy boost or any of the other advantages associated with other fat burner supplements.
  • Is Plenity a fast-breaker? Plenity does not break the fast since it is devoid of calories and nutrients.
  • Which is better for weight loss: Plenity or Phentermine? Both Plenity and Phentermine need a prescription. Plenity, on the other hand, is a dietary supplement, while Phentermine is an amphetamine-like drug. Consult your doctor to see which one is best for you and if Plenity and Phentermine may be used together.
  • Is Metamucil the same as Plenity? Despite the fact that both Plenity and Metamucil are fiber-based supplements, they are not the same. Plenity employs cellulose, but Metamucil uses Psyllium, a different kind of dietary fiber. Each has a unique impact on your body. Plenity is only focused on weight reduction, but Metamucil is mainly focused on cardiovascular and digestive health.
  • Plenity and keto: Is it possible to consume Plenity while on a ketogenic diet? Plenity has no carbs, making it ideal for individuals following a ketogenic diet.

Plenity Review: Is Plenity Trustworthy?

Despite some initial reservations, Plenity seems to be a viable option for weight loss. Its straightforward idea and ingredient list make it suitable for a broad spectrum of consumers.

The majority of the weight reduction pills we evaluate include natural stimulants like caffeine, which may not be optimal for individuals who are sensitive – so it’s refreshing to see a firm come up with something a little different to appeal to a larger audience.

The only problem we had was with the pricing. The price is quite high when compared to other fat loss products on the market, which may prevent many individuals who just cannot afford it. Second, you can only acquire Plenity if you satisfy their requirements, such as being fat or having a BMI within their range. It’s also a time-consuming procedure, requiring an internet consultation and the usage of a prescription to purchase it. Some folks just want the option to check out a new fat burner without the hassle.

Plenity stands apart from the crowd since it is FDA-approved. It seems to be more official and scientifically proved than the average weight loss pill. Plenity, however, does not qualify as true medicine, despite the fact that they have received this support. It’s still just another weight-loss drug, but it’s geared for those who have trouble controlling their appetite and desires.

Plenity’s recipe, in our opinion, should have incorporated more proven substances for the amount they’re asking, making it more effective and better value for money overall.

If you’re searching for a weight loss supplement to help with exercise, motivation, or fat burning, there are plenty of other proven and true options out today that you can easily ‘add to card’! If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our Editor’s Pick of The 3 Best Fat Burners for Women for a list of safe, effective products this year.

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plenity coupons” is a weight loss supplement that promises to help users lose weight. The company behind the product, Plenity, has been around for over 10 years. The product claims to contain all-natural ingredients and no side effects.

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