PhenGold Review 2022 | Price, Ingredients and WARNINGS

The team at American Professional Supplements Advice is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive reviews and guides for supplements on the market. In this review, we will be reviewing PhenGold by Purebulk, a weight loss supplement that promises quick results.

PhenGold is a natural supplement that has been designed to help people with weight loss and appetite control. It contains ingredients such as chromium picolinate, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, and raspberry ketones. The product also has no artificial colors or flavors.

PhenGold Review 2022 | Price, Ingredients and WARNINGS. - American Professional Supplements Advice

Due to a lack of time or just a lack of energy and desire, a nutritious and balanced diet and adequate time for an exercise program is simply not feasible or extremely difficult for many individuals. 

Fat burners, which are dietary supplements that may help with weight reduction in a variety of ways depending on which one you pick, are gaining in popularity. However, with so many alternatives and low-quality goods claiming to perform miracles, it’s difficult to tell. 

PhenGold, a fat burner for both men and women that makes great promises about helping you lose weight, is one of the finest solutions we’ve discovered. Are such allegations, however, true? We conducted extensive study on this supplement to determine if it is worth your money. Let’s see what we discovered. 

What exactly is PhenGold?

PhenGold is a relatively new nutritional supplement that has quickly gained popularity. 

Swiss Research Labs Ltd, a firm that specializes in natural supplements like Zotrim and TrimTone, makes it.

This weight reduction supplement was created with a quality combination of organically obtained vitamins, minerals, and extracts for both men and women. They say that using PhenGold will help you burn fat quicker, give you more energy, speed up your metabolism, and increase your overall physical performance, making it easier and faster to burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle. 


PhenGold’s Advantages

PhenGold claims to have the following primary advantages: 

Increased metabolism 

The amount of calories we burn is affected by the metabolism. Having a Increased metabolism means that your body will burn more calories than before, even when you are not exercising. Basically, the faster your metabolism is, the more calories you will burn, and the more weight you will lose. 

Cravings are lessened.

The most critical aspect of weight reduction is eating less calories than we burn. We cannot lose weight if we consume more calories than we expend. PhenGold has chemicals that help you feel fuller for longer and keep track of how many calories you consume each day, making it simpler to lose weight.

Better mood and more energy

PhenGold contains substances that might help you feel more energized and happier. Having more energy to exercise or do everyday chores might help you lose weight since the more energy you spend, the more fat your body burns. Furthermore, the mood-enhancing components might help you remain focused and enjoy your weight reduction journey. 

Ingredients in PhenGold

Green Tea 500mg: Green tea is high in caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine is known to improve energy and thermogenesis, which raises body heat and helps you burn more calories. Antioxidants may aid in the acceleration of metabolism.



Green Coffee 100mg: A popular fat burner ingredient because to its caffeine concentration and the chlorogenic acid it contains, which has been shown to limit the amount of fat and sugar absorbed, potentially assisting in fat loss and maintenance.

L-Theanine 250mg: An amino acid derived from tea leaves that has been shown to lower stress and anxiety while also enhancing mood and attention. 



L-Tyrosine 350mg: Research has revealed that L-Tyrosine may help enhance adrenaline and dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter. L-Tyrosine may help you focus and concentrate. 

Rhodiola Rosea 250mg: It may help to minimize weariness and exhaustion, allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time and produce better results.



Cayenne Pepper 200mg: The capsaicin in it may help the body absorb nutrients and accelerate the metabolism. This implies that more energy will be produced in order to burn fat more quickly. Cayenne pepper has been shown to decrease and manage hunger. 

Caffeine 225mg: A well-known energy-boosting component found in many natural products. Caffeine may also boost thermogenesis, or the body’s ability to burn calories. 



Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) 150mg: Dimethylaminoethanol is a nootropic that helps boost mood, memory, and brain function. It offers anti-aging benefits for the skin as well. 

Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 are crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism, improved carbohydrate and fat digestion, and assisting in the conversion of fat into energy. 


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Increases energy and boosts metabolism naturally
  • Cognitive enhancers and mood boosters are included.
  • Ingredients that have been well investigated.
  • GMO-free, lactose-free, and soy-free, as well as vegan-friendly
  • Because of the natural components, there have been no documented negative effects.
  • Dosage and formula transparency
  • For persons with caffeine sensitivity, the caffeine concentration may be too high.
  • Only available on the official website
  • Premium price, but bulk purchases are much less expensive.

Possible Negative Effects

Natural weight reduction pills are generally safe to use and have no negative side effects. It’s likely that you’re concerned about side effects since some goods include synthetic components and hazardous substances that might produce unpleasant side effects and severe responses. 

Because PhenGold is comprised entirely of natural materials, there are no major side effects to worry about. You should be OK taking PhenGold every day unless you have a known intolerance or allergy to one of the ingredients. Remember that if you are under the age of 18, you should not take it.

Before taking any supplements, always read the labels and ingredients carefully, and if you have any concerns, visit your doctor. 

When should you take PhenGold?

The package of PhenGold has 90 pills, which is adequate for one month. 

Three capsules with plenty of water should be taken 20 minutes before breakfast or before a training activity. 

If three is too much at once, try one before breakfast, one before lunch, and one before supper. 

Offers And Prices

While PhenGold has a high price, it is competitive in the fat burners sector, and you may save a lot of money if you purchase many bottles. 

One bottle costs $59.99 USD, but if you purchase two, you’ll receive one free, and if you buy three, you’ll get two! So the price per bottle would be $35.99, which is a wonderful deal for a month’s supply of this high-quality vitamin.

The firm is so confident in the effects you may see with PhenGold that they provide a Money-back guarantee of 100 days, so you can receive a complete refund if you don’t believe the medication is helping you accomplish your objectives. 


Customer Feedback

Because PhenGold is a new supplement, it lacks the number of reviews that other supplements like Leanbean, PhenQ, or PrimeShred have. However, the evaluations that they have seem to back up the brand’s claims concerning PhenGold. Here are some of the client testimonials. 


Laura gained a lot of weight (from 126 to 200 pounds) and struggled with poor self-esteem and drive throughout her pregnancy. PhenGold assisted her in losing 9 pounds in only four weeks. She needed that injection of drive, and she now feels more confident.

Laura from New York


Kristina’s energy levels were often low, and she was having trouble losing weight. Her sister suggested PhenGold, and she felt more energized and focused after three weeks of use. She dropped 21 pounds in four months and was back to her normal weight. She’s more comfortable at the gym now, and her munching is under control.

Kristina – London, United Kingdom

Jane struggled to consume less calories and was always nibbling. PhenGold made a significant improvement in her weight loss. 

Jane – US

Is PhenGold a Good Investment?

Based on our study and the comments we’ve received, we can safely state that this is a weight loss pill worth considering. 

As new as this product is, the components are all natural and validated by research, so they should do no damage. They can raise your energy levels, boost your metabolism, and help you lose weight more effectively. 

Would you want to try PhenGold?


  • Multi-purchase discounts of up to $220!
  • Checkout with confidence
  • Free, fast & discreet shipping
  • Money-back guarantee of 100 days
  • Only one payment is required.
  • Available customer service

Questions Frequently Asked

Is PhenGold authorized by the Food and Drug Administration?

PhenGold is manufactured at FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities in the United States, ensuring that the supplement is monitored and produced to worldwide quality standards. 

Because the pill is a natural supplement rather than a medicine or prescription, it does not need FDA approval. 

What is the timeline for seeing results?

The makers of PhenGold say that you may notice benefits in as little as a few weeks if you consume a healthy diet and exercise consistently. Within the first several months, most individuals may notice tangible effects. 

Because this isn’t a miracle pill or a fast cure, the longer you take it, the greater the outcomes. Remember that the finest outcomes come from a balanced diet and frequent exercise. 

If you have been taking PhenGold consistently for a while and see no results, you can get a refund, as they offer a Money-back guarantee of 100 days.

When you pick the proper fat burner for your requirements and combine it with a healthy diet and frequent physical exercise, fat burners may be really beneficial. 

Yes! PhenGold is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The best approach to use PhenGold is to take three capsules 20 minutes before breakfast, and it’s even better if you take them before working out.

How many servings does a bottle of PhenGold contain?

If you take the recommended three capsules every day, one box of PhenGold has 90 pills, which will last you a month.

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