OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner Review 2022: Is it Legit?

OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner Review 2022 is a new thermogenic fat burner that promises to help you lose weight and build lean muscle mass, but does it really work? Let’s dive in!

OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner Review 2022: Is it Legit? The “oxyshred thermogenic fat burner before and after” is a review of the product. It includes before and after photos, which shows the users how their body looks with the use of OxyShred.

OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner Review 2022: Is it Legit?

A Quick Look at OxyShred


Short-Term Consequences


The Good

  • 7 tastes
  • Ingredient label with transparency
  • Boosts energy levels & focus

The Bad

  • Cayenne Pepper Extract and other key thermogenic components are missing.
  • Bitter Orange (Synephrine), a strong stimulant, is combined with caffeine.
  • Has no proven appetite suppressant to help with food cravings.
  • $59.95 per tub

*Revised in January 2022*

We’ve got an EHP Labs OxyShred review for you today. OxyShred is a popular thermogenic fat burner product on the market. It comes in seven distinct tastes and claims to help you remain on track with your diet by increasing your energy and attention.

OxyShred, which costs $69.95 a tub, is said to help with:

  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Increase metabolic rate by using thermogenesis.
  • Encourage the breakdown of fat for energy.

OxyShred is a natural fat-burning supplement made primarily of amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins, and other fat-burning components. OxyShred, on the other hand, includes a lot of stimulants, which raises the likelihood of unpleasant Consequences. Another disadvantage is that OxyShred is available as a supplement powder to mix and drink rather than capsules. (Due to more accurate dosage, capsules have been demonstrated to be more effective.)

Is OxyShred effective for weight loss? Will it assist you in achieving your objectives? It’s getting a lot of buzz, but you may be wondering whether it’s excellent value for money. Join us as we explore all of the advantages and disadvantages below!

What tools do we employ?

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The Fundamentals of OxyShred

What benefits do you get with OxyShred? It’s designed for men and women who want to lose weight, become leaner, and improve their fitness levels in a fair amount of time.

It works by focusing on your fat deposits while also raising your metabolism, resulting in increased calorie burn and, eventually, fat reduction. However, this powdered fat burner is special in that it also functions as a pre-workout. You may take it before your workout to boost your performance.

It comes in a 300g package that serves 60 people (5 grams per serving). The suggested daily amount is two scoops, which we believe is a little excessive. Because OxyShred contains stimulants, it’s best to be careful (detailed explanation below).

The product was first released in 2016 and has since grown in popularity. But how does it stack up against the market leaders?

How to Lose Weight with OxyShred

As mentioned on the label, below are the OxyShred dosing guidelines and instructions.

Take one scoop with a glass of cooled water first thing in the morning, and the second scoop 15 minutes before activity on training days for optimal benefits. For optimum absorption, the makers recommend waiting 20 minutes after taking OxyShred before eating or drinking a protein smoothie.

Some individuals question whether OxyShred can be taken every day. And our response is… drums rolling… it depends. It depends on how well you tolerate it and how long you want the benefits to last. Because, practically, taking it every day will build up a tolerance.

Some folks like to do it one day and then take two days off to retain the advantages. Others choose to keep it for their most intense sessions. Of course, if you want to get the fat-burning effects, you’ll need to take it every day to maintain your weight reduction.

Before or after a workout, take OxyShred.

Some people ask us whether it’s better to take Before or after a workout, take OxyShred., including running and cardio. And the answer is obvious – it’s before the workout. This is when you’ll need the energy to push through those demanding exercises. Especially if you’re on a calorie restricted diet.

Flavors by OxyShred

OxyShred is available in seven distinct flavors. Pink grapefruit, melon, and orange gummy tastes are among them.

Each person has their own taste, but for the most part, Flavors by OxyShred enjoy decent reviews online. If you ask us, we think that EHP Labs did a pretty good job at masking some of the more disguisting herbs and botanical ingredients in OxyShred. The aftertaste is not too bad either. Our only complaint is sweetness, but that’s because we don’t like too intense flavors.

Check out their official website, as well as other sites like Amazon and Reddit, for more OxyShred Flavor Reviews.

Opinions on the OxyShred Ingredient Profile

OxyShred is a jumble of different things. This product has elements of excellent, bad, and very awful. No supplement should include synephrine. It has been linked to significant adverse effects. Other compounds, like L-Carnitine, are overhyped and don’t help you lose weight. But everything is not lost. Caffeine is well-dosed, has an excellent appetite suppressant (Garcinia Cambogia), and there are a couple nice mood enhancers to assist you get through your exercises. But in general? We do not believe it is the best long-term alternative. Check out our complete OxyShred ingredient analysis below.

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Ingredients in OxyShred Fat Burner:

1. Antioxidant Vitamin C

This is a nutrient that almost everyone consumes. It may improve your body’s antioxidant activity by being present in meals like fruits and vegetables. Meaning? It prepares your body to cope with stress, pollutants, and sleep deprivation, among other things. Vitamin C supplementation is always a good idea, but it’s not an effective weight loss element.

2. B Vitamins: Essential Ingredients for Good Health

These are the fundamental components of your body and mind. We wouldn’t be able to exist without B vitamins. They’re in charge of a variety of enzymatic operations that take place every second, like as metabolism, blood sugar management, and much more. So it’s apparent that we need B vitamins to keep healthy and slim only from this. In fact, a lack of any of the B vitamins may set off a chain reaction of negative consequences, including weight gain. Poor energy, low drive and willpower, and even a sluggish metabolism are examples. The B vitamins are all water-soluble and do not accumulate in the body. Supplementation is an useful insurance policy against deficiency if you can’t acquire them from diet alone.

3. Acetyl L-Carnitine – Could Help with Memory

Many supplements include the amino acid acetyl L-carnitine. Some weight loss supplements will usually include the basic “L-Carnitine.” L-“Acetyl” Carnitine’s component helps it pass the blood-brain barrier, hence it has cognitive advantages. Carnitine deficiency might make it difficult for your mitochondria to convert fat to energy. But here’s the thing: nearly no one is lacking in carnitine. Our bodies can create it on their own, and we can also obtain it through food. As a result, it’s no surprise that Carnitine hasn’t been shown to cause significant weight reduction in reliable clinical trials.

4. Inulin Fiber — An indigestible fiber that helps you feel full.

The problem about this one is that it may make you feel fuller, but you have to take it in large enough doses. The problem with OxyShred Fat Burner is that the unique blend’s constituent levels are not disclosed. And indeed, one of those elements is inulin fiber. You’ll need to take it in grams if you want to feel the fiber growing in your stomach and keeping you full. Possibly dozens of grams. There isn’t much in OxyShred Fat Burner.

5. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Has No Effect on Fat Loss

CLA is a fatty acid blend that has been shown to affect the PPAR system in our bodies. This is thought to aid with weight reduction. However, we’d want to see more scientific evidence to back this up. Most research on CLA currently demonstrate that its effects on the PPAR system are too weak to make a significant impact.

6. Raspberry Ketones — Fat Burning Ineffective

Raspberry ketone is a fat burner chemical that you may come across. It’s a red raspberries-derived chemical. Because it contains the term ‘ketones,’ it has gotten a lot of attention throughout the years. Ketones are a kind of fuel that your body utilizes after you stop consuming carbohydrates. As a result, instead of glucose, your body begins to break down fat to produce ketones.

We admire Raspberry Ketones’ marketing; we believe it’s quite inventive. Is it, however, effective? No, it doesn’t!

Basically, producers that include this component in their supplements, such as EHP Labs OxyShred, claim that Raspberry Ketones improve your body’s ability to use fats for energy. This is exactly what occurs when you go into ketosis.

Oral quantities of this chemical, however, have not been confirmed to accomplish anything by scientists. I understand that there is a lot of buzz around it, but it is unfounded.

7. Grapefruit Extract – It Works, But It Could Be Dangerous

According to Examine.com, Grapefruit is known for having a high level of bioactivity in our body. It seems to aid fat reduction and, when taken with coffee, may increase energy levels. However, there is a drawback to this ingredient: it interacts with a variety of different supplements and drugs. Some of the components in Grapefruit extract have been shown to hinder the enzymes in our liver that break down some of these drugs, causing them to remain in our system longer and possibly causing serious adverse effects. This is why we don’t consider it one of the most effective fat burners.

8. Guggulsterone (Guggul Extract Powder) – Unproven Ingredient

EHP Labs’ inclusion is a disappointment. Guggul Extract hasn’t been shown to aid with anything, including weight reduction. Some research has looked at its effects on thyroid hormones, but the findings haven’t been promising. In other words, it’s a worthless element in OxyShred that merely takes up space.

9. African Wild Mango – Yet Another Inconsequential Ingredient

Unfortunately, this is another another substance that won’t help you lose weight. The absence of proof for its fat-burning properties should be sufficient cause to exclude it from a product like OxyShred. EHP Labs, for whatever reason, opted to utilize it anyhow. Why? We have no idea! Apart from assisting in the transfer of fiber and certain fatty acids, it has little effect on fat reduction.

10. Green Coffee Bean Extract – Aids in the Absorption of Carbohydrates

Essentially, this substance will assist your body in becoming more effective at digesting carbohydrates. Green Coffee Bean will help slow down the release of carbohydrates, allowing them to be utilised for energy instead of being stored as fat. Green coffee bean contains mild stimulant effects as well. Although there is nothing like caffeine, you may detect it. Overall, it’s a terrific component — EHP Labs made a great pick!

11. Olive Leaf Extract — Helps to Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Unlike olive oil, which comes from the fruit of the olive tree. Olive leaf extract is made from the leaves of olive trees, which are strong in therapeutic chemicals. Oleuropein is included.

These have been found to have cardioprotective properties, such as lowering LDL cholesterol and promoting glucose metabolism. It may even enhance the health of your skin.

However, it isn’t the most potent fat burner we’ve encountered.

Higenamine HCL is a banned ingredient that is not a wise choice.

Higenamine HCL is a stimulant with potentially dangerous adverse effects. Especially when combined with caffeine and other stimulants like those included in the OxyShred fat burner. Some pre-workout pills and energy drinks include it, but we believe there are safer alternatives that perform just as well.

13. Chromium Picolinate — Assists in Blood Glucose Stabilization

Chromium is a trace mineral that helps to lower blood sugar after a meal. In other words, it prevents the insulin surges that make you feel fatigued and fuzzy after lunch. It’s a terrific ingredient that won’t necessarily help you lose weight, but it will help you lose fat.

14. Immunity Booster Blend OxyShred (2.075g)

As the name implies, this mix comprises components that have been blended to aid in the battle against stress and sickness. On paper, it seems amazing, but it just includes vitamin C and glutamine. We’ve already discussed vitamin C, which is a beneficial component but doesn’t perform miracles. What about glutamine, though? It’s a semi-essential amino acid that your body can manufacture on its own. It won’t assist much unless you’re exercising hard and often breaking down your muscle fibers.

15. OxyShred Mood Booster Mix (1.25g)

Caffeine, Taurine, and L-Tyrosine are the three key constituents in this combination. The thought of including mood-enhancing chemicals in a fat burner appeals to us. This may certainly assist with the mental part of dieting as well as your exercises. However, the fact that we don’t know the dosages of most of these constituents, and can only see the overall dose of the mix, is troubling. This prohibits us from determining if they are safe and effective for you.

Is there anything you’re missing?

There’s no way anything is missing from EHP Labs’ OxyShred Fat Burner with all of these components, right?

The answer is, unsurprisingly, no. OxyShred has left out a number of substances that we consider to be among the finest on the market. We have the following among them:

  • Cayenne Pepper — Increases thermogenesis and helps your metabolism burn calories more efficiently.
  • One of the most effective natural appetite suppressants is glucomannan. It’s a kind of dietary fiber that causes your stomach to expand and make you feel full. The greatest part is that you only need a little amount to have a beneficial impact.
  • Zinc is an important element that prevents stress from damaging your hormones and causing weight gain.

Black pepper extract is also lacking from OxyShred, which would bind all of the other components together and boost absorption in the body.

As you can see, many of its contents haven’t been proved to help people lose weight. Instead of them, OxyShred might have added some of the ingredients from this list, making it a far more potent pill.

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What are some of the Consequences of OxyShred? Is OxyShred dangerous? These are just some of the questions you’ll see pop up when searhing for this fat burner online.

In short, yes, OxyShred does come with potential Consequences, due to the sheer number of ingredients it’s using. Another thing is that this fat burner is served as a drink. And so dosing it becomes a little tricky when there are so many ingredients inside.

Some of the most potent stimulants may easily be overdone. Yes, Bitter Orange, we’re talking about you! Because it’s a heart-harming component, you should consult with a medical practitioner before taking it. Always consult a doctor before using any supplement, and keep in mind that this page does not provide medical advice!

Grapefruit extract is another potentially hazardous component. Many additional substances are known to have unfavorable interactions with it.

Add to that the fact that the dosages of the real substances are hidden beneath proprietary mixes, making it impossible to discern what they are. And you’ve got yourself a dangerous mixture on your hands (literally).

So, can OxyShred make you anxious? Because of the caffeine and bitter orange mix, yes. Is it possible to burn muscle? We wouldn’t go quite that far; it’s more like muscle sparing.

Is OxyShred Effective?

Yes, OxyShred definitely works. It contains some of the more powerful stimulants (combination of them, in fact) that can increase your energy levels and mental stamina. But do these benefits come at the cost of Consequences? After all, we’re talking about stimulants here. They’re not for everybody. If you can tolerate them, then fine. But if not, you might not like the spike-crash effects of OxyShred.

Are you looking for something different?

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Customer Feedback on OxyShred

OxyShred reviews may be found on Reddit, online forums, web stores, and other websites. It’s difficult to tell which reviews are genuine and which are a bunch of nonsense when there are so many!

This is why, in our evaluations, we prefer not to rely on consumer feedback to form our opinions about items. We prefer to put it to the test and examine the science behind the components, which tells us all we need to know about the product. Including whether or not it works and is safe.

Nonetheless, our research team discovered what we consider to be genuine and honest consumer reviews for OxyShred. So, if you’re curious in what others have to say about OxyShred, here are a few interesting stories.

“Great pre-workout, however this strawberry kiwi flavor tastes nothing like strawberry kiwi.” It simply tastes like I drank water with a packet of stevia in it.”

Thompson, Matthew (Amazon Customer)

“One scoop is perfect. Half a scoop or more causes discomfort in the heart rate. Kiwi strawberry is a tasty fruit. I’ll keep using it and then get the Mango since I’ve heard fantastic things about it.”

Brianna (Amazon Customer)

I didn’t feel really energised. It did not assist me in my workout. After a few hours of consuming it, I became really ill.

Aviana A.

Can OxyShred cause weight gain?

You should not gain weight when using OxyShred. Excessive calorie consumption, metabolic disorders, and a lack of physical activity may all contribute to weight gain. The chemicals in OxyShred are genuinely helpful for weight reduction. While the results aren’t the greatest we’ve seen, if you combine this product with a decent weight reduction program, you’ll see a difference.

Before and After Photos of OxyShred

So, what are the benefits of utilizing EHP Labs OxyShred Fat Burner?

One of the first things you’ll notice is an improvement in energy levels. This is because OxyShred contains stimulants like caffeine and synephrine.

This solution should help you control your sugar appetite and cravings in general over time.

We didn’t obtain the results we wanted in terms of fat reduction, and the effects weren’t as good as some of the other fat burners we’d tried.

Let’s not forget that OxyShred’s before and after outcomes might vary dramatically from person to person. So although it may work well for you, the stimulants may do more damage than benefit for others.

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Online OxyShred Purchase

If you want to purchase OxyShred, you may get it in a variety of online retailers. It also ships worldwide, including to Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

OxyShred is also available in a variety of retailers around the United States and Australia. However, the price is not cheap – one tub will set you back $69.95. However, if you use it responsibly, it may last up to two months.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Good

  • It isn’t too caffeinated.
  • 7 tastes to choose from
  • May help with mental and physical performance.

The Bad

  • Because it’s served as a drink, it’s difficult to dosage the essential elements precisely.
  • Quite costly
  • Stimulant combos that might be dangerous
  • Contains Synephrine (Bitter Orange Extract) which is known to cause adverse Consequences

EHP Labs OxyShred Review’s Conclusion

So, what are our final impressions on EHP Labs’ OxyShred?

It’s a product that will perform great for some individuals while disappointing others.

If you’ve tried stimulants like Synephrine and like their intense effects, OxyShred is a good option for you.

If you prefer a safer, more reliable long-term solution for fat loss, then this isn’t the product for you. It simply has too much ‘fluff’, aka, unecessary ingredients that could lead to adverse Consequences. On the other hand, it’s missing some of our favorite fat burners.

If you’re looking for our honest opinion? We don’t believe it is worthwhile. Given the hefty price of $70, you’d naturally expect more. It doesn’t help that it’s offered as a drink.

Fat burners in capsule form have been proved to be more effective since they include exact amounts of chemicals. Something you won’t be able to do with powders since they aren’t as trustworthy.


Is OxyShred Effective in Breaking Intermittent Fasting?

OxyShred has 5 calories per serving, therefore it may potentially be used to break a fast. If you’re fasting, we don’t suggest taking it. Obviously, if you want to workout quickly, this may be an issue. Another reason why fat-burning powders with extra calories are inferior than fat-burning capsules is because they contain more calories.

Does OxyShred cause constipation?

Unless you’re allergic to certain of the components in OxyShred, it shouldn’t cause constipation. In such scenario, we suggest seeking guidance from a trained specialist.

Is OxyShred Acne-Producing?

According to several internet reviews, OxyShred has been linked to acne. If you have any concerns, see your doctor before using OxyShred.

Do You Get Hungry After Using OxyShred?

OxyShred does not cause you to get hungry. It may even aid with appetite suppression. However, not as much as some other fat burners.

Is OxyShred a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Yes, OxyShred may be used as a pre-workout supplement. In fact, this supplement is more of a fat burner than a pre-workout. Consider this: pre-workouts offer you greater energy, are usually delivered as a powder, and improve mental performance. All of these criteria are met by OxyShred. However, it falls short in terms of fat burning.

Is OxyShred vegan-friendly?

OxyShred is a fat burner that is suitable for vegans. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you can take it.

Is OxyShred Keto Compliant?

OxyShred is keto friendly, and persons on the ketogenic diet often utilize it. However, since it contains calories, it may not be wise to consume it when doing IF.

More Fat Burner Testimonials

OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner that promises to help you lose weight. It has been around for quite some time, and it’s not too difficult to find reviews of this product. However, there are no reviews on the internet about whether or not OxyShred is legit. Reference: oxyshred reddit.

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