Oxy Shredz Elite Reviews: Does This Fat Burner Work?

With a lot of fat burners on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is worth your money. Oxy Shredz Elite is touted as “the world’s most effective weight loss formula” and has been gaining momentum in recent months with thousands of satisfied customers behind its product.

Oxy Shredz Elite Reviews: Does This Fat Burner Work?

We’ve updated our Genone Labs Oxy Shredz Elite review for June 2021. It’s a fat burner that’ll help you get more out of your diet and exercises while also helping you reach your fitness objectives. Is it, however, effective? We’ll start with a quick synopsis, followed by a more extensive explanation of the elements further down.

[SUMMARY OF OXY SHREDZ ELITE] This is one of the most ineffective fat burners we’ve seen. Its producers are very dishonest, touting all of these fantastic advantages while also refusing to be open. One large ugly proprietary mix stares you down from the label, a combination that stops us from knowing how much of each component is within. It also uses the dangerous stimulant Rauwolscine, which has effects comparable to the prohibited substance Yohimbine. This fat burner is a good option only if you’ve used stimulants before and like their powerful effects.


  • Caffeine boosts energy and concentration.
  • Three pills taken at once provide strong short-term effects.


  • Ingredient dosages cannot be assessed for safety.
  • One serving per day is insufficient to sustain the effects.
  • Caffeine and rauwolscine are a potentially dangerous combination.
  • The $35 price tag isn’t a good deal for what you get.

The Basics of Genone Labs Oxy Shredz Elite

We’ll be evaluating Genone Lab’s premier fat burner, Oxy Shredz Elite, for you today.

It claims to provide the following advantages:

  • Increased concentration
  • More Vitality
  • Increased feelings of happiness

This complete product is made up entirely of natural substances. The dosage of the mix is a little deceptive; you can only see the aggregate amounts of all of the components, not their individual quantities. Obviously, this makes determining the product’s safety and effectiveness more difficult.

We’ll verify the serving sizes and see what the science says about the components. This should provide some insight into its impacts.


The Oxy Shred Elite components list is largely made up of plant-based, all-natural substances. The biggest issue is that their individual dosages are not visible. So, you have no idea how much is entering into your body. Not good!

With the exception of Rauwolscine, the components seem to be rather safe. This is a potentially dangerous addition. Especially when combined with caffeine, which is precisely what Genone Labs has done.

Furthermore, most of the components listed on the label aren’t often seen in fat burners. This is because they have yet to be shown to be effective.

Examine it for yourself:

Caffeine (number one)

Caffeine is a necessary component of most people’s lives. It’s a powerful CNS stimulant that sets off a cascade of thermogenic responses in the body, resulting in enhanced attention, energy, and calorie expenditure. In other words, it aids in fat burning. (For further information, see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4462609/)

It may also promote the effectiveness of other metabolism-boosting substances like cayenne pepper or green tea. It has long been used by athletes to improve alertness, endurance, and longevity in sports. This is an important component of any fat burner.

However, there is a fine line between a healthy quantity of caffeine and too much. For best benefits, take 150-200 mg per day, spaced out evenly throughout the day. More than that may potentially result in negative consequences. Because Oxy Shredz Elite is part of a proprietary mix, we don’t know how much caffeine it contains.

2. Monnieri Bacopa

Bacopa Monnieri improves memory. We have no idea how it ended up in a fat burner. It is unable to assist you in this area. Also, we don’t know the dose here, which is critical. The nootropic benefits of bacopa are most noticeable at dosages more than 100mg per day. It’s possible that it’s as little as 1mg in Oxy Shredz Elite. They may maintain the name on the label to make it appear more upscale. https://examine.com/supplements/bacopa-monnieri/ for more information about Bacopa.

Bauhinia L., No. 3

A blooming plant, Bauhinia L. It hasn’t been proved to help people lose weight. It has no advantages at all. What’s up with all these useless substances in Oxy Shredz Elite, you have to wonder?

Rauwolscine 4

Yohimbine, an aggressive stimulant outlawed in several countries, operates similarly to Rauwolscine. Rauwolscine is said to be even more powerful than Yohimbine. It encourages your body to burn more fat for energy.

This component may appeal to certain individuals, but only if you can withstand strong dosages of stimulants. Otherwise, you should stay away from it since it might have dangerous adverse effects (more on that below). It’s also understudied, so no one knows what its long-term implications are.

More information about Rauwolscine can be found at https://examine.com/supplements/rauwolscine/.

5. Geranium Essential Oil

This is made from several sorts of flowers, but there isn’t much study to back it up. According to what little information we could find on it, it’s a pretty weak substance. It’s also worth mentioning that it was shown to be absolutely useless in a few tests.

Selenium (number 6)

Selenium is an excellent option. Although it does not burn fat, it is a vital antioxidant that aids in the battle against oxidative stress. This helps you remain mentally and physically robust when on a calorie-restricted diet by strengthening your immune system. https://examine.com/supplements/selenium/ for more information about Selenium.

Magnesium (number 7)

Magnesium is an important element that may aid fat burning. This is accomplished by increasing your testosterone levels. The higher your T, the more muscle you’ll get and your metabolism will naturally speed up. Keep in mind that the amount and type of magnesium in Oxy Shredz Elite are unknown. To get the advantages, you’ll need roughly 400mg of highly bioabsorbable Mg; else, it’ll all be wasted (literally and figuratively).

8. Niacin

Niacin, often known as vitamin B3, has a variety of minor tasks in the body, including controlling LDL cholesterol. Some plants, eggs, and most other animal meals contain it. The irony is that when this component is added, it has been found to produce insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a condition in which your body is unable to burn off extra fat and instead stores it as adipose tissue in your abdomen. Insulin resistance may also play a role in the development of chronic disorders such as diabetes and Blood pressure problems.


Is there anything you’re missing?

OxyShredz Elite fat burner is lacking in some key components. It’s lacking an appetite suppressor to aid with cravings, as well as something to complement caffeine’s thermogenesis-boosting properties.

If the following were added in the formula, it would be much more effective:

  • Chromium – prevents weight gain by regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Cayenne Pepper — Increases the body’s core temperature, which boosts metabolism.
  • Green Tea Extract — In addition to promoting fat breakdown, it contains antioxidants that are beneficial to immunity and general health.
  • The most well-known natural appetite suppressor is glucomannan (Konjac Root).

Oxy Shredz Elite: How to Use It

3 capsules per day is the recommended dosage for Genone Labs Oxy Shredz Elite. This is a decent lot, but it isn’t equally distributed. You’re supposed to take them all at once, but that won’t keep you hydrated throughout the day.

To guarantee that the benefits don’t wear out after a few hours, the finest fat burner will utilize 3-4 daily doses.

Side Effects of Oxy Shredz Elite

Caffeine may be included in Genone Labs Oxy Shredz, giving the impression that it is functioning. The combination of caffeine and Rauwolscine, both stimulants, poses the sole danger of adverse effects. This is seldom a good combination, even for the more seasoned. Not to add that we have no idea what their dosages are. Excessive amounts may lead to:

  • Blood pressure problems
  • Heart issues
  • Palpitations
  • Anxiety attacks

Price and Return on Investment?

Oxy Shredz Elite may be purchased on select third-party websites, as previously stated. It’s possible to find it on Amazon. A container of 90 capsules costs around $35. It will last you one month if you take three capsules every day. Given the danger involved, it is not the greatest value for money. We can’t analyze its safety because of the secret combination.

Our Oxy Shredz Elite Review comes to a close.

Our Oxy Shredz Elite reviews are now complete.

Oxy Shredz Elite is a product that looks nice and has some clever marketing text, but what good is it if it’s all rusted underneath? The components aren’t outstanding, it’s lacking a lot of the necessities, and the caffeine and Rauwolscine combination is extremely strong.

When you consider that the chemicals are totally veiled in a proprietary mix, making it impossible to determine their individual amounts, it’s evident that this is one of the shadier supplements we’ve examined recently.

While the caffeine and Rauwolscine combination may provide some energy, it gives very little more and contains a number of known and useless chemicals. Its recipe even includes flowers. These are completely useless in this situation. Okay, they may make things smell nice… but that’s all!

Overall, we’re not sold on this one; there are considerably better options available right now.


  • Caffeine increases energy and concentration.
  • Bacopa Monnieri may aid with dieting’s mental components.
  • A large intake of three capsules at once may offer you with positive short-term results.


  • Long-term usage is ineffective and even hazardous.
  • Uses a special mix that conceals the amount of each element.
  • Inefficient serving schedule
  • Caffeine and Rauwolscine together are reserved for the bold.

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