Our Honest Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Review

Our Honest Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein is a premium protein supplement designed by the world’s top athletes, nutritionists, and doctors to help you achieve your optimal athletic potential. Our product has proven results that are backed up with scientific research! We’re confident our formula will work wonders for you too!.

Our Honest Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Review

The “alpha lion protein” is a supplement that claims to have no side effects and be the best way to improve your performance. The product is currently on sale and we’ve got our honest review.

Protein supplements might seem like a dime a dozen when it comes to obtaining results in the gym. Once you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all.

Apart from flavor and mixability, determining which protein powder is the most effective might be difficult. Given the abundance of protein-rich foods, you may wonder whether taking a protein supplement is really necessary.

A protein supplement, on the other hand, is the finest supplement you can take if you want to maximize the return on investment from your diet and gym sessions. It’s not just one of the most researched sports supplements (second only to creatine), but it’s also been proved to be incredibly safe at speeding up muscle protein synthesis, resulting in quicker muscle recovery.

Our staff will do the legwork for you by comparing Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein against other popular protein powders in terms of efficacy, taste, safety, and more!

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Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Facts

Our Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein review is now available. This fresh new Alpha Lion protein is a substitute for their famous GOATein protein. Superhuman Protein improves on its predecessor by utilizing a purer version of whey protein and adding digestive enzymes and other substances to help your muscles absorb more nutrients.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein is a whey protein isolate that has been refined and prepared to offer a high quantity of clean protein – 25g per scoop.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein is said to have the following advantages:

  • Supports the Development of Lean Muscle
  • Aids in the production of muscle protein
  • Muscle Recovery Support
  • DigeZyme® provides maximum protein digestion.
  • AstraGin® improves protein absorption.
  • Cross-flow Microfiltration Process is used.

That sounds great! However, how would Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein help you? Is it now the cleanest and best-tasting protein available? We start with a brief overview and then get into our full analysis!

[Summary of the Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Review] While Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein has one of the nicest flavors we’ve ever eaten, it isn’t the most effective protein for muscle gain. Protein is used by the majority of the males in our workplace. Performance Lab Protein is the purest plant-based protein source presently available, as far as we know. It includes proprietary brown rice protein, which has been proved in trials to boost muscle building in the same way as whey isolate does while also being simple to digest and devoid of adverse effects. See the link below for the current top three rated protein powders (including a whey protein option).

What tools do we employ?

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Mixability and Flavors

SuperHuman Protein has few competitors when it comes to taste. While it’s no substitute for real ice cream or frappe, it’s very decent for a whey protein isolate!

The SuperHuman protein comes in a variety of tastes, including:

  • Hulk Milk is a vanilla-flavored protein that is our personal favorite. It has the texture and flavor of smooth, creamy ice cream.
  • Anabolic Pebbles — tastes like fruit cereals and is quite tasty.
  • Orange Gainsicle – best described as a creamy orange cake, but not our favorite.

When it comes to mixability, all protein powders are excellent. Even if you’re simply using a glass and a spoon, there shouldn’t be any bits left behind.

How to Use Extraordinary Protein

Depending on your lifestyle and protein needs, Superhuman Protein should be taken 1-3 times per day with water or milk.

If you’re cutting, you’ll want to increase your protein intake to prevent muscle loss. However, 1-2 scoops of Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein per day is sufficient for weight growth.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Ingredients

SuperHuman Protein is a step above from your average whey protein powder. To begin, each scoop contains 25 grams of whey protein isolate. Most protein powders end there, but Alpha Lion SuperHuman Protein additionally includes 100mg of DigeZyme® enzymes, which aid with protein digestion. AstraGin® is also included to aid in the reduction of intestinal inflammation.

While whey protein isolate is somewhat more denatured than whey protein concentrate, it shouldn’t give you any problems. As previously stated, it is still inferior to Performance Lab’s Oryzatein® protein.

Nutritional Information

Each scoop of Alpha Lion SuperHuman Protein has the following ingredients:

  • 28g Provon whey protein isolate, cross-flow micro-filtered (yielding 25g of net protein)
  • 5g of carbohydrates (3g of which is sugar)
  • 1g of fat
  • calorie count: 130

Alpha Lion SuperHuman Protein’s nutritional profile changes widely depending on the taste. The carb count may go as high as 8g per serving in certain situations, which is an unpleasant but inevitable side effect of having such delicious tastes! As a result, Alpha Lion SuperHuman Protein may not be the best choice if you’re trying to lose weight.

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Customer Feedback

The flavour and mixability of this protein are praised in the majority of customer evaluations, both written and on YouTube.

As previously said, this is one of the best-tasting protein powders available, but if your aim is pure muscle growth without a lot of flavour, Superhuman Protein falls short of being among the best-reviewed protein powders now available.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Side Effects

People who are sensitive to dairy may have stomach issues, acne irritation, and other negative effects from whey proteins. Alpha Lion SuperHuman Protein, on the other hand, is highly refined and includes extra digestive enzymes, so it should be kinder to your stomach.

Price and Purchase Information

Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein is presently available for purchase on their official website for roughly $45 per tub, which delivers 28 servings. If you get their variety four-tub package, which contains each of the four varieties, you can save even more money — it comes out to $36 per tub.

This puts it on par with some of the current top-rated muscle-building protein powders.

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Final Thoughts on Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein

While Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Protein is a significant improvement over ordinary whey protein owing to its digestive enzymes, it still falls short of plant-based protein powders, which have become just as effective as whey proteins because to advances in nutrition science (and with fewer side effects).

So, if you’re worried about bloating, check at Performance Lab Protein, which we can recommend. Alternatively, you may look at the current top three protein supplements listed below.

Having said that, if taste is your primary concern, Alpha Lion SuperHuman Protein is an excellent choice.

Alternatives to Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein?

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Our Honest Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein Review is a protein powder that has been created with the help of professional athletes. It is made with only three ingredients, and it comes in two flavors. Reference: lion protein powder.

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