Nick Auger: Fitness Model Profile

Nick Auger is one of the top fitness models in Australia. He has represented his country and participated in bodybuilding competitions all around the world, including a Gold Medal win at the Arnold Classic World Championships.

Nick Auger is an Australian fitness model who has a height of 6’1.

Nick Auger: Fitness Model Profile

Nick Auger is an American fitness model and bodybuilding champion who was born in 1982.

Nick has been fascinated with exercise since he was a teenager. He had first struggled to develop muscle since he was a ‘hard-gainer.’

Nick sculpted a contest-winning body after hundreds of hours of effort in the gym and discipline with his eating.

He went on to win first place in a prominent bodybuilding competition after winning the title of Fitness Rx Men’s Cover Model in 2004.

Nick’s incredible body has continued to grow since then, thanks to constant hard effort – and so has his notoriety in the fitness industry.

Quick Statistics

Nick Auger is his full name. 1982 is my birth year.
210 pound weight (95kg) Height: 6’3″ (190cm)
American nationality Bodybuilder and Fitness Model, respectively.


  • Men’s Fitness Rx Cover Model (2004)
  • Influencer on social media
  • Model World Champion

Workout with Nick Auger

Nick enjoys working out for hypertrophy. Biceps are his favorite body area to work on. Abs are perhaps his least favorite since they took him a long time to create.

Unlike other fitness models, Nick works on his abs regularly, often twice a week, alternating between high-rep and heavy-weight workouts.

Diet of Nick Auger

When Nick is preparing for a photo session or a competition, he follows a clean and stringent diet, but once he enters the “off-season,” he eases into a more casual way of life.

Typical meals for him could include:

  • Sweet potatoes and fish with broccoli
  • Salad with quinoa (during the cutting season)
  • Chicken breast tortillas with seasonal veggies
  • Whey protein chocolate pudding with low carbs
  • Grilled veggies with steak
  • Eggs from pasture-raised chicken with pepperoni


Even though Nick prefers a whole-foods diet, there are instances when he may not be able to acquire all of the nutrients he need through food alone. He uses high-quality products including multivitamins, protein powders, and fish oil capsules during these periods.

What We Can Learn from Nick Auger’s Story

Nick’s experience demonstrates that developing a fantastic body requires time, dedication, and tenacity. Nick struggled to improve his physique as an ectomorph in his early bodybuilding days.

Nick gradually began to seem more and more like his ideal self in the mirror as he educated himself about good nutrition and experimented with various bulking regimens throughout the years.

If you have the same “fire” inside you, you will find a way to achieve your objectives no matter what obstacles you face – no matter how many kilometers it takes.

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