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Melaleuca NutraTherm is a supplement sold by Melaleuca that claims to be able to help with weight loss and increase energy. However, there are some health concerns about the ingredients used in this product which may include soy lecithin, corn syrup solids and gelatin.

Melaleuca NutraTherm Review – Good Ingredients BUT Not Enough is a weight loss supplement that has been around for a while. The product claims to have good ingredients but not enough of them.

Melaleuca NutraTherm Review - Good Ingredients BUT Not Enough |




  • All of the ingredients are proven fat burners.


  • It’s possible to take too much capsaicin!
  • A less extensive stack than existing market leaders is the best case scenario.




Melaleuca’s NutraTherm is a natural fat burner and metabolism enhancer for weight reduction.

Melaleuca bills itself as a “health brand.” It is not, like the majority of the firms we deal with on our site, a producer of bodybuilding supplements.

They presently offer a wide variety of goods on their website, all of which may be classified as “wellness” items. Currently, they offer everything from cosmetics to laundry detergent.

They all seem to be created by Melaleuca and have quite distinct objectives and brand identities.




So, where does NutraTherm come into all of this?

What exactly is it designed to accomplish?

NutraTherm bills itself as a “stimulant-free fat burner,” according to the official merchant website.

NutraTherm consumers should anticipate the following important upgrades, according to our sources:

  • Metabolism speeded up
  • Sugar absorption is slowed.
  • Fat mobilization has increased.
  • Increased calorie expenditure

NutraTherm, according to Melaleuca, has “clinically proven substances at effective doses.”

Clinical testing does not imply that anything is effective.

You can test tap water clinically, but that doesn’t imply you should pay for it.

In any event, we need to look at the recipe closely to determine whether this product can live up to its claims.

Is NutraTherm effective?

Will it have any negative consequences?

Is it comparable to the market leaders?

Read our complete NutraTherm review for more information. The recipe, the dosages, and the health hazards are all examined. Please let us know if you have any queries in the comments box at the end.

Formula NutraTherm

Check out the Formula NutraTherm:




We are not impressed, to say the least.

The utilization of a proprietary mix is the biggest concern we have.



Blending Props! – Keep your distance!

We’re quite sick of seeing proprietary mixtures.

They’re only employed to conceal information that the manufacturer doesn’t want the consumer to know.

There is no possibility of another manufacturer “stealing” the recipe, which is often cited as a rationale for employing prop mixes by manufacturers.

It just does not happen.

We also have a good understanding of the constituents in this combination, as well as the levels at which they perform best.

Nothing is to be taken!

The true reason they’re utilized is because the company understands that if buyers knew the reality, they’d be upset.

If the formula worked, it would be marketed as such.

The greatest products on the market now all have complete formulations printed on the bottle.

Their producers boast about their formulae, serving sizes, and other features.

Everyone can do it if they can do it and earn money hand over fist.

Let’s talk about the NutraTherm prop mix now that that’s out of the way.



Ingredients that work

The NutraTherm unique combination comprises just three substances, all of which are proven fat burners in the lab.

Chlorogenic acid is a chemical found in green coffee beans.

This has been demonstrated to help with fat reduction in multiple scientific investigations.

Learn more about green coffee beans and how they may help you lose weight here.

The same may be said about NutraTherm’s other two components.

EGCG is a catechin found in green tea extract.

This catechin has been demonstrated in studies to directly activate lipolysis (fat burning).

That is, it does so regardless of other factors such as food and activity.

That’s not to imply that nutrition and exercise aren’t important. They’re quite important. It simply implies that green tea works against fat rather than merely making dieting or exercise simpler.




Capsaicin is a chemical that may be found in a variety of foods, although it is most often found in chili peppers.

This is the oil that gives chillis their spiciness. It is an irritant that causes the same reaction as heat, therefore the burning sensation while eating chillies. Although your mouth isn’t truly burning, your body believes it is and reacts accordingly.

Capsaicin activates your body’s natural heat regulating system.

Because your body temperature seems to be increasing, your body begins to battle to keep you cool.

You begin to sweat and expend more calories in order to maintain your body temperature.

This essentially increases your basal metabolic rate, or the amount of calories you burn merely to maintain your current state.

This will raise your relative calorie deficit, resulting in a significant boost in fat loss.

Capsaicin seems to be more helpful when taken before training.

These substances all have a high fat-burning potential.

In this formula, though, we can’t get enthused about them.

This is due to one significant issue: we don’t know how any of them are dosed.


Dosing Issues

We have no means of knowing how the 800mg unique NutraTherm combination is distributed among the three components.

For whatever reason, the manufacturer is refusing to provide us with this information — we believe it is to conceal anything that would discourage us from purchasing.

In any case, we don’t have to conjecture about why.

We DO need to think about the possibilities that this prop mix offers.

It’s very feasible that one of the elements controls 99.9% of the mix.

So it’s possible that NutraTherm has 799mg of green tea, followed by 0.5mg of each of the other two components.

You obviously wouldn’t want to pay for such a supplement.

Buying a single component in bulk would be substantially less expensive.

So, what are our expectations?

100mg capsaicin, 100mg green coffee bean extract, and 600mg green tea extract would be the best case scenario.

However, we’d only have a tiny portion of some of today’s most popular natural fat burners.

Instant Knockout has identical dosages of these three substances. On top of these three substances, Instant Knockout also contains seven more strong fat burners and diet aids.

And that’s about all we can expect for here: NutraTherm gives us with a little portion of other, better supplements.

This is not the case, in our opinion.

Why would Melaleuca conceal NutraTherm if the chemicals were dosed perfectly?

Why wouldn’t they be proud of their recipe?

They keep it hidden because you wouldn’t give them money if you knew the reality.


-What’s The Big Deal If It Fits Your Macros?-


Side Effects of NutraTherm

For the great majority of consumers, we believe NutraTherm is unlikely to produce any negative effects.

When used appropriately, green coffee beans, green tea, and capsaicin are all safe.

Millions of people throughout the globe understand, utilize, and consume them on a daily basis.

Your body is undoubtedly accustomed to ingesting these (or similar) compounds on a frequent basis.

Side effects are unlikely to occur unless you have an allergy or a pre-existing medical condition.

Long-term health hazards are also present.

Green tea extract may even have a minor pro-lifespan impact, since regular green tea drinking has been linked to improved health and longevity.

Nonetheless, we are still working with a proprietary combination.

As a result, we must be cautious about the capsaicin dosage.

In NutraTherm, capsaicin may be dosed up to 799mg.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, capsaicin is “Generally Recognized As Safe.”

A dosage of 799mg, on the other hand, may be problematic.

Because capsaicin is measured in Scoville Units, it’s impossible to give you an accurate estimate of how much is in each pepper. This determines the amount of dilution necessary to make capsaicin unnoticeable.

With a Scoville Unit rating of 100,000, the molecule must be diluted to 1:100,000 to be undetectable to humans.

However, according on our calculations, 799mg is roughly the same amount of capsaicin as 600g of dried Cayenne chilis.



Obviously, dried weight will be significantly lower if you’re talking about chilis with a high Capsaicin concentration. However, Cayenne chilis are widely available, which provides you a sense of the potency of 799mg of pure extract.

This will almost certainly result in at least some of the following negative effects:

  • Sweating profusely
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Appetitelessness
  • Vomiting

If you’re not used to eating spicy dishes, having the equivalent of 500g dried Cayenne peppers strike your stomach every day would be a poor idea – don’t you think so?

However, we don’t believe NutraTherm includes this much capsaicin.

Green tea is the cheapest ingredient to obtain in bulk, thus it’s far more probable that it’s been overdosed.

Please keep in mind that we are not doctors.

Just because something seems to be safe for most people does not always imply it is safe for you.

This is particularly true when working with a prop mix. Everything becomes unpredictable because of these factors.

Uncertainty is never a good thing when it comes to your health.

Before using this product, see a physician.

Before taking NutraTherm, you should consult with a trained health practitioner. Stop taking it and seek medical help if you notice any negative effects.



Is NutraTherm Actually Effective?

Melaleuca NutraTherm may be a nice product, however the company has chosen not to provide the whole recipe to prospective buyers.

If it doesn’t send up alarm bells in your head, nothing will.

When the truth might hinder sales, prop mixes are utilized.

Many manufacturers list their serving amounts on the bottle, and they profit year after year.

Melaleuca has withheld the NutraTherm formla for a purpose.

They’d definitely yell about it if the chemicals were dosed precisely, right?

You already know what we believe if you read the whole NutraTherm review. Manufacturers despise us for speculating, yet we have no option but to think about the worst-case situation.

We’d like not to have to guess – WE’D RATHER KNOW THE FORMULA DETAILS FOR SURE!

Even if NutraTherm’s three components are dosed precisely, we’re still only getting a fraction of what competing fat burners have to offer.

Some of our top-rated fat burners have these substances in the precise dosages we’d anticipate from NutraTherm, plus 5-10 more powerful compounds.

We’re not sure why you’d spend comparable money for NutraTherm when such stacks are accessible. Particularly when no prop mix is likely to disguise exact serving sizes.




Are you getting ready to start a severe cut and want something that will offer you more bang for your buck? Check out our top-rated fat burner right now. Our review team used this product and had the following experiences:

  • Cravings are lessened.
  • In the gym, you’ll have more energy.
  • Rapid fat reduction

Check out our in-depth review to determine whether this fat burner is right for you!


The “nutratherm fat burner” is a product that has good ingredients but not enough. The product includes green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and raspberry ketones.

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