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Jocko MOLK Review: How Does it Compare to Other Protein Powders?

In recent years, sports enthusiasts have been turning to protein powders and supplements in order to gain muscle mass and improve their performance. Jocko MOLK is a new powder that promises gains in strength and size without the typical side effects of steroids.

Jocko MOLK is a protein powder that was created by the company Jocko Willink. It is marketed as being one of the best protein powders on the market and has been compared to Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder.

Our Jocko Molk protein powder review is below. Protein supplements are one of the most effective natural strategies to improve your fitness level.

You must eat a precise quantity of protein every day to build muscle and remain lean.

Anyone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle knows that this is not an easy undertaking.

Often, our lifestyles prevent us from getting the optimal amount of nutrients we need through food. As a result, supplementation is important if you’re looking to get the best results. Based on my own training & coaching experience, I’d go as far as to say that lack of adequate protein is one of the main reasons why people struggle to sculpt the physiques they want.

Protein powders are well-researched, safe, and effective. There’s no excuse not to include one in your supplement stack if you’re serious about your health. However, not all protein powders are created equal. That is entirely right.

There’s a lot of garbage out there that costs a lot of money but fails to deliver on its promises.

We saved you the trouble today. Our experts will evaluate the Jocko Molk protein powder to determine whether it is of excellent quality, how it tastes, how effective it is for muscle development, how it compares to other protein supplements on the market in terms of results and value for money.

Jocko Molk Overview

Jocko Molk (also known as Jocko Mölk) is a whey concentrate, whey isolate, egg protein, and micellar casein protein powder. While not as quickly absorbed as pure whey isolate, Jocko Molk has the benefit of fueling your muscle development and recovery all day.

  • Molk also includes a combination of digestive enzymes and probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus) to help with not just protein digestion and usage, but also intestinal health.

Jocko Molk is an all-natural protein powder with zero calories and no added sugar, sweetened with monk fruit. This makes it ideal for those who like their protein powders to be free of artificial ingredients.

It sounds wonderful, but is it really that amazing?

Before going on to the perhaps most essential part: nutrition statistics and ingredient analysis, let’s take a closer look at the serving instructions and taste of Jocko Molk.

Jocko Molk: How to Take It

Jocko Molk’s recommended serving advice is to combine 1 scoop (29.2g) of the protein powder with 6-8oz of your favorite beverage once a day. You may obviously double scoop it, but keep in mind that it will never be able to match the protein found in actual food!


What is the flavor of Jocko Molk protein powder?

To begin, here are all of the Jocko Molk varieties that are currently available:

  • Gorilla Vanilla
  • Bomber with Banana Cream
  • Slayer of Strawberry
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Chocolate Mint
  • The Shadows

In our experience, all 6 Jocko Molk flavors taste excellent. There is no trace of artificial flavoring in the product, nor does it leave any weird aftertaste. That being said, our favorite one was “The Shadows”, with “Gorilla Vanilla” being close second. Both of these have rich flavors, however, as huge chocolate fans, The Shadows was the one we kept coming back to the most.

Jocko Molk Nutritional Information

The supplement nutrition information are listed on the Jocko Molk ingredient label:

The nutrition facts vary depending on the flavor you pick, but the differences are extremely small. For example, the Gorilla Vanilla flavor has 110 calories, whereas the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor (shown above) has 120 kcal.

That said, here are the Jocko Molk Nutritional Information:

  • 120 kcal
  • 2.5g of fat
  • 45 milligrams of cholesterol
  • 2 g of carbohydrates
  • Protein (22g)
  • Calcium 120 mg
  • 8 milligrams of iron
  • Phosphorus 120 mg
  • Magnesium 40 mg
  • 70 milligrams sodium
  • potassium 230 mg

Jocko Molk Ingredients

The following elements make up Jocko Molk:

  • Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Miccelar Casein, Egg Albumin) – Protein (22g) per scoop
  • Flavoring (natural)
  • Gum Xanthan
  • Extract of Mong Fruit (sweetener)

Molk has a high-quality grass-fed protein that is free of soy and RBGH. It’s excellent, but not as wonderful as some of the other plant-based protein powders we’ve tested.

If you can tolerate whey protein, then you will find Jocko Molk to be fast-absorbing thanks to its whey isolate & concentrate duo. However, it also contains casein and egg protein which digest slower, feeding your muscles over a longer period. Coupled with the digestive enzymes and amino-acid-rich probiotics, you’ve got a fairly well-rounded protein shake.

Jocko Molk is made in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities and then tested at a third-party laboratory for quality assurance. We don’t have anything to complain about!

Overall, it’s a good protein supplement with some extra enzymes to aid digestion, but it’s not the greatest we’ve seen.

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What do other customers have to say?

Jocko Molk, like all of Jocko’s other products, has received rave reviews. It’s a high-quality whey protein supplement that’s suitable for those who can handle dairy and eggs. Unfortunately, some individuals didn’t know they couldn’t take it well, so there are some unfavorable reviews as well, especially concerning bloating and intestinal trouble.

Jocko Molk Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Most healthy people who can handle whey protein will be OK with Jocko Molk. Otherwise, it might lead to bloating, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, and acne, among other things. In such situation, it’s a good idea to look into vegan protein alternatives (some of which are supported by research to at least work just as well, in some cases better than whey).

The Final Word: Is Jocko Molk a good protein powder?

Is Jocko Molk a good protein powder?

We think Jocko Molk is an excellent protein supplement. It contains 4 high quality forms of protein, including egg protein, whey isolate & concentrate, and casein. Such a formulation allows for a rapid absorption into working muscles, while also providing some slower-acting protein that feeds your muscles throughout the day. The Jocko Molk formula is augmented with probiotics and enzymes to help you better digest the proteins, but that said, it’s still not a great option for people with whey intolerances.

The $44.95 per tub (29 servings) pricing is a touch high, but the superior quality and 6 great-tasting, all-natural flavors make it a little less so!

Is Jocko Molk the greatest protein powder we’ve ever seen? Not exactly. Although effective, you may get more bang for your money with protein supplements in this price range. With less calories, especially in terms of protein content and quantity per serving.

Pros and Cons of Jocko Molk Protein Powder


  • 6 distinct tastes
  • Completely natural
  • Mixability is simple.
  • Each scoop contains 22g of high-quality animal protein.
  • Clean, safe, and manufactured in FDA- and GMP-certified facilities


  • In certain individuals, it might induce bloating and indigestion.
  • Per scoop, there might be less calories and more protein.
  • Not as excellent as some of the most popular vegan protein powders on the market today.

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