How much HMB per day

How much HMB should you take per day?

TL;DR Summary: How much HMB should I take?

How much HMB you take depends on your size and weight. For the average individual, it is recommended to take around 3g of HMB daily. For optimal results, this serving should be split up into 2-3 servings throughout the day, usually taken in around 1g servings.


HMB is arguably the most exciting supplement in the fitness industry right now. While it is far from the most popular supplement right now, HMB has the potential to become a must-use supplement for serious bodybuilders, strength athletes, mixed martial artists, and dedicated fitness enthusiasts. It is a key ingredient in many of the best vegan fat burner supplements, and it is increasingly being used in many other high-spec sports supplements.

HMB could also easily become one of the most common ingredients in mass gainer shakes too.

As it stands, only top tier supplements such as high-spec fat burners are using HMB as an ingredient (as you’ll learn if you read our Burn Lab Pro review). This is due to its relatively high cost, and the fact that even supplement manufacturers are often behind the times when it comes to the latest research in sports science!

Because HMB is not a widely used supplement, many people who do use it end up using it incorrectly. Or if not incorrectly, then they do not know how to get the most out of HMB.

One question we frequently get asked is how much HMB you should take for preserving muscle mass?

Before we answer that question, let’s do a quick overview of what HMB is, what it does, and how it works.

What is HMB and what does it do?

HMB is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is involved in various anabolic processes; among other things, HMB is implicated in protein degradation, muscle tissue breakdown, and muscle tissue repair.

Clinical trials have shown that HMB supplementation significantly reduces muscle mass loss in people undergoing intensive training programs.

Studies also show that people taking HMB while undergoing caloric restriction retain far more lean muscle mass than groups given a placebo. HMB also seems to be effective when used during fasted training, when muscle catabolism is typically at its worst.

This makes HMB a powerful tool for athletes, particularly natural, competitive athletes who cannot rely on steroids and other banned substances to help them keep hold of their gains while cutting.

Is HMB safe?

HMB has been put through numerous clinical trials and it has never once been found to cause noticeable side effects.

In none of the clinical trials we have seen did participants report any side effects at all while using HMB.

There is no reason to think that HMB would have long-term health effects either; it is a natural substance present in the human body at all times. Consuming it does not produce lasting effects beyond preventing muscle catabolism for a finite period of time. All of the observable effects of HMB disappear about 24 hours after consumption. Even theoretically, no identified long term health risks exist with HMB.

As far as we can tell, HMB is a safe and well tolerated supplement for practically everybody.

HMB Dosage: How much should you take per day?

So HMB clearly works, and it appears that HMB is also extremely safe.

Does that mean you can take as much as you want?

Is more necessarily better when it comes to HMB supplementation?

No, not at all.

So how much HMB should you take each day for muscle mass retention?

You should really take no more than 5g of HMB per day.

Most studies showing fantastic benefits from HMB used 3g per day, usually taken pre-workout. Doses above 5g per day of HMB appear to produce rapidly diminishing returns. That means you don’t get any extra benefit when consuming more than 3-5g of HMB each day.

Consuming more HMB wont give your muscle mass any extra protection; all it will do is eat into your wallet faster!


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