GNC Total Lean Shake Review – Does it Really Work?

The GNC Total Lean Shake is a popular shake supplement that claims to help you lose weight and burn fat. Is the shake worth your money? The answer will vary, because they don’t tell you what kind of ingredients are in it.

The “GNC Total Lean Shake Review 2021” is a shake that claims to help you lose weight. It has been around for a while and there are mixed reviews of it. Is it really worth the money?


Our GNC Total Lean Shake review is below. In this review, we’ll explore how GNC’s Lean Shake stacks up against other weight loss supplements in terms of appetite management, fat burning, and overall quality and value.


  • Each dish has just calorie count: 200.
  • Good selection of nutrients & fiber to keep you nourished and satiated
  • GNC, a well-known supplement producer and store, created it.


  • Some important components are insufficiently dosed (e.g. chromium)
  • Sucralose is an artificial sweetener.
  • Ineffective at burning fat
  • Quite pricey At $44.99 for just 16 servings


GNC Total Lean Shake is an excellent meal replacement. It includes a broad variety of nutrients to guarantee that your body receives all of the critical elements that a typical meal would provide – but with significantly less carbs. As a consequence, you should feel fuller for longer and have fewer hunger pangs throughout the day. GNC Total Lean Shake, on the other hand, is far from ideal.

It’s supposed to be taken twice a day, thus it’ll only last you 8 days. This is a little too much for the price of $44.99! Furthermore, GNC Total Lean Shake includes sucralose, an artificial sweetener that has been proven in certain studies to disturb your gut bacteria.

It’s also worth noting that GNC Lean Shake isn’t the finest option for those of us who eat excessively. In such case, a proven, natural fat burner supplement with important elements that burn fat and function well in conjunction with your usual diet and exercise routine would be a better choice.

In the end, if you’re searching for a high-quality meal replacement drink, GNC Total Lean Shake can be an excellent choice. However, there are probably better options on the market today than GNC’s Lean Shake if you want the most efficient technique to burn fat without having to compromise your meals.

What tools do we employ?

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GNC Total Lean Shake Information

GNC Total Lean Shake is a meal replacement that suppresses your hunger. It’s designed to be used as a meal replacement, so it’s high in protein, vitamins, and fiber.

Here are some highlights from the product:

  • Each scoop contains 25 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and 23 vitamins and minerals, giving macronutrients equivalent to those found in a full meal but with significantly less carbs.
  • Reduces hunger – dietary fiber helps to curb cravings.
  • No supplement can perform the hard job for you unless you combine it with an exercise and nutrition regimen.

What is the Process?

A meal replacement drink differs from many other weight-loss solutions in that it includes calories!

The concept is to replace a meal with a liquid shake. This is accomplished by combining a single 52g scoop of GNC’s Lean Shake with water and then drinking it.

Remember that adding milk will increase the sugar and calories, thereby making the entire process worthless!

When it comes to how GNC’s Lean Shake works, it’s crucial to remember that you’re still eating, but in a liquid form. As a result, after drinking this shake, you should feel less hungry.

Flavors Available

Total Lean Shake by GNC is available in a number of flavors, including:

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Vanilla from France
  • Banana
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Berry Blend
  • Cream of Orange
  • Chocolate delicacy
  • Thin Mints from Girl Scouts
  • Coconut Caramel Girl Scouts
  • Girl Scout Peanut Butter Chocolate

Our favorite was Vanilla from France, but reading other people’s reviews, they all taste pretty good and mix well with water!

GNC Total Lean Shake Instructions

GNC Total Lean Shake’s stated dose directions are to combine one heaping scoop (52g) (one serving) with 8-10 fl. oz. of water twice a day.

GNC Lean Shake will only last you 8 days if you do it this way. As a result, it’s a little costly (more on that below).

GNC Total Lean Shake Nutrition Facts & Information

The following are the nutritional information (per scoop) for GNC Lean Shake:

  • calorie count: 200
  • 3g of fat
  • Saturated fat: 2 g
  • 55 milligrams of cholesterol
  • sodium 120 mg
  • carbohydrates (19g)
  • dietary fiber: 8 g
  • 3 g sugars total
  • Protein (25g)

Ingredients in GNC Total Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shake has the advantage of having all of the ingredients and their dosages listed on the package. The maker deserves credit for that. Many supplements employ proprietary mixes, which means you won’t be able to view component dosages.

We can determine whether GNC Lean Shake is effective, safe, and dosed appropriately for everyday usage by looking at the constituent levels. And, it is.

Protein, vitamins, and minerals are all included in sufficient proportions in GNC Lean Shake. It also has a good amount of fiber (8 grams per serving) to keep you full (it uses a type of fiber that swells in our stomachs, keeping us feeling fuller for longer).

It’s good to note that GNC Lean Shake’s mix includes vitamins B6 and B12, which are particularly vital if you’re following a plant-based diet. Animal dietary sources, in particular, are higher in vitamin B12. This vitamin deficiency may make it difficult to lose weight, as well as damage your energy levels and general vigor.

GNC Lean Shake also contains the following important ingredients:

  • Chromium. Chromium is one of those nutrients that you only need in traces. It helps to control cravings and energy dips throughout the day by regulating blood sugar levels. GNC Total Lean Shake, on the other hand, has just 24mcg of chromium per serving. The effective dosage for controlling hunger is 200mcg.
  • Folate and iron These nutrients are necessary for your body to make new red blood cells. Women lose blood during menstruation, and if they don’t get enough iron or folate, they risk having a low red blood cell count, which causes fatigue and weakness.
  • Selenium. This mineral protects hair and nails from oxidative stress generated by free radicals and pollutants in the environment.
  • Zinc. Zinc is commonly utilized in testosterone booster supplements. However, some research suggests that low zinc levels might make it easier to acquire weight. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, having enough zinc every day should help you achieve your fitness objectives.

What We Think About the Ingredient Profile

The composition of GNC Total Lean Shake seems to be helpful in reducing hunger between meals, but we wonder whether it may be more effective in terms of fat reduction. Many of the finest natural fat-burning nutrients are lacking, including:

  • Caffeine – boosts energy levels, improves focus & willpower, enhances metabolic function
  • Green Tea Extract – boosts the quantity of calories expended throughout the day by stimulating fat breakdown.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract – increases thermogenesis and prevents weight gain.
  • Glucomannan swells up to 100 times its original size, making it one of the most efficient kinds of dietary fiber for appetite management.

Another disadvantage of the GNC Lean Shake recipe is that you must miss one or two meals every day. For those of us who just cannot give up our food, this may indicate that it is not a viable alternative.

A fat burner that boosts energy and thermogenesis while working in tandem with a balanced diet could be a better alternative.

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Customer Feedback

GNC Total Lean Shake has a positive reputation among consumers. The majority of consumers praise how safe and light this shake is. Unless you’re allergic to one of the chemicals, it doesn’t tend to cause bloating or other problems in most healthy people.

However, some users have reported unpleasant side effects from using GNC Lean Shake. Users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of “real outcomes” from taking this product in terms of weight reduction.

Does GNC Total Lean Shake have any negative side effects?

GNC Total Lean Shake is made up of minerals and substances that are regularly found in ordinary foods, so you’re unlikely to have any negative side effects. If you are sensitive to fiber, GNC Total Lean Shake may cause bloating and stomach discomfort. Aside from that, it seems to be one of the safest weight loss products available.

Summary of the GNC Total Lean Shake Review

If you’re searching for a healthy meal replacement, GNC Total Lean Shake might be a wonderful choice. However, we don’t believe customers should anticipate this drink to help them lose weight.

This smoothie is adequate for staving off hunger for a few hours in between meals, but it lacks additional proven elements to aid fat burning and metabolic efficiency.

It’s also worth noting that if you follow the dose instructions, GNC Total Lean Shake will only last you 8 days (2 servings per day). That’s a fairly hefty price, since it’s $44.99 per tub!

If you’re seeking for the most effective approach to lose weight, there are undoubtedly better products on the market in this price range than GNC’s Total Lean Shake.

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The “GNC Total Lean Shake Review 2021 – Does it Really Work?” is a product that has been released by GNC. The shake promises to help you lose 25 pounds in one month. Reference: gnc lean shake 25 weight loss plan.

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