GNC Burn 60 Review – Total Lean? TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! |

We take a look at GNC’s new weight loss line, “Total Lean.” It has been created to help you burn fat and lose weight with no exercise. We test the product and do our own review of this potentially dangerous supplement that is causing people all around America to waste their hard-earned money.

GNC Burn 60 Review – Total Lean? TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! |. The GNC Burn 60 is a fat-burning supplement that promises to help you lose weight and burn fat. However, the product does not live up to its claims and is actually a waste of money. Read more in detail here: burn 60 gnc side effects.

GNC Burn 60 Review - Total Lean? TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! |

Burn 60



  • Caffeine in moderation (although should be split up)


  • Guarana is used instead of pure caffeine.
  • Per serving, there is almost 500mg of unnecessary dead weight.
  • Many substances have little effect on fat reduction.
  • Low doses of green tea



This brand doesn’t need much explanation. GNC is one of the most well-known supplement retailers in the world. They have locations across the globe and are the ‘go-to’ supplement shop for many bodybuilders, sportsmen, boxers, and health-conscious individuals. GNC started providing its own supplements a few years ago, building on their success as a re-seller. They now offer generic versions of every bodybuilding product you can think of, including whey protein, creatine, multivitamins, and fat loss pills. 

So, what is the purpose of GNC Burn 60?

Why would someone want to use it?




GNC’s Total Lean line includes Burn 60. They offer a variety of mini-ranges of their own items in the majority of their outlets. The concept seems to be to provide somewhat less expensive alternatives with minimal branding and consistent quality. Their own-brand items are among the most popular on the market, so it must be working!

This fat burner, according to the bottle, offers the following important advantages:

  • Strong thermogenesis
  • Increase your calorie burning by up to 60%.
  • Increase your energy and metabolism.

Increase your calorie burning by 60%?!

That’s correct; your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. GNC claims that this fat burner may help you burn 60 percent more calories each day. That assertion, of course, comes with the usual limitations. We’re certain that they’re lawful. However, it is an astounding assertion to make. 

We doubt that any medication, even pharmaceutical-grade anabolics, can quickly boost calorie expenditure by 60%. 

If your daily calorie intake is 2300, for example, GNC claims that this fat burner may rapidly increase it to 3680. All on its own. 

Does it make sense to you?

We have reservations.

But before we can truly analyze this famous fat burner, we need to look into the recipe and understand what’s actually going on. 

Is the Burn 60 method effective? Is it truly as good as it seems?

What are the possible adverse effects? Is it secure?

How does it stack up against the finest fat burners currently available? Is there another choice? 

Read our entire GNC Total Lean Burn 60 review to find out. We go into extensive depth on the substances, dosages, and adverse effects. We’ll also discuss what other individuals have had to say about Burn 60. Finally, we’ll discuss our overall impressions of the product. Have you ever used this product? What were your thoughts? Please tell us in the comments!


Formula Burn 60

Let’s take a closer peek behind the hood to discover what’s actually going on. The following is a list of Burn 60 components as seen on the GNC website:




What an embarrassment!

That is not what we consider to be a high-quality fat burner.

We immediately notice a number of issues, including the usage of Guarana instead of caffeine, the use of weak, inefficient components, and the lack of several known, high-quality fat burners.

In general, we don’t see anything to be excited about here. This seems to be a low-quality fat burner. Burn 60 isn’t likely to provide you with very significant outcomes. It’s quite improbable that you’ll get the same outcomes as with better, more focused, and stronger supplements.

Let’s go a bit more into it. 


The Big Question: Why Guarana and Not Caffeine?

We’re tired of hearing folks speak about guarana as if it has some kind of mystical caffeine that’s not like conventional caffeine. 

It isn’t true.

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine. It makes no difference where you acquire it. The chemical structure is the same, and the consequences in the human body are the same. 

On a gram-for-gram basis, guarana seeds provide more caffeine than coffee beans. But it doesn’t matter unless you’re eating the seeds.




The caffeine content of guarana is identical to that of coffee beans. And the only reason we want to drink guarana is for the caffeine. Guarana is mostly worthless plant materials, save from the caffeine.

So we’re not thrilled that Burn 60 has 495mg of guarana, of which only 180mg is caffeine.

That indicates that 64% of the component, or 315mg, is plant stuff, which is completely useless to you. 

We’d much prefer GNC supply caffeine – the substance that helps us exercise harder during a cut – and eliminate the plant stuff entirely. We realize the bigger serving size appears appealing, and Guarana sounds more interesting than caffeine, but we’re not interested in marketing or fluff. We just care about the outcomes!


Major Issue – Ineffective Ingredients

Another big issue with the GNC Formula Burn 60 is the heavy use of dud ingredients.

Burn 60 has a small number of components. As a result, GNC had to be very cautious in its decisions. They have to make each and every ingredient count.

However, they were unsuccessful. This fat burner has many ingredients that have little potential of helping you lose weight.

Take, for example, Grape Seed Extract.

Many fat burners presently include this substance. It’s long been a popular health supplement component. But we’re not sure why — it doesn’t do anything!

We’ve never seen a scientific research that proves grape seed extract assists with fat reduction in any manner.




There are no scientific studies showing that persons who took grape seed extract acquired greater strength, had more energy, or shed more body fat than those who took a placebo. Not unless you’re also using an excellent fat burner! Some studies claim to have discovered that it aids fat reduction, but only when accompanied with exercise, and even then, the findings are mixed.

Nonetheless, GNC has opted to incorporate 210mg of it in Burn 60. It is an important component. It is, however, useless in terms of scientific literature.

You’re paying a lot of money for a lot of dead weight. You’re ingesting almost 500mg of worthless formula on top of the 315mg of useless Guarana fruit. You’re paying money on 500mg of dead weight. 

We don’t anticipate that from today’s premium fat burners.




GNC has also picked Ginger Root as an ingredient in its fat burner. 

We don’t know why, once again. 

Many fibrous foods and tubers, including ginger root, may help lessen sensations of hunger and avoid overeating/binge eating. Glucomannan, for example, has been demonstrated to promote fullness after a meal, minimize snacking, and so on without artificially suppressing appetite. 

However, ginger root does not have the same qualities as these plants. 

It does offer a number of health-promoting characteristics, including the ability to decrease blood pressure and aid digestion. 

However, we want to lose weight quickly, and ginger won’t help us accomplish so in a significant manner. It has no effect on appetite management or making you feel fuller after a meal. As far as we’re concerned, it’s simply additional dead weight.

If GNC wanted to add an appetite suppressant, they could have chosen from a variety of effective, strong, but somewhat pricey options!


-Ab Training Done Right-


Side Effects of GNC Burn 60 – Is It Safe?

The caffeine level is the only adverse effect to be concerned about with this fat burner. 

Many individuals now mistake caffeine with guarana. We briefly discussed this before, but we’ll go over it again here.

Guarana is not a unique kind of caffeine. Caffeine is found in guarana seeds. On a gram-for-gram basis, they have more caffeine than coffee beans, although the caffeine content is the same. It has the same effect on the body.

As a result, the size of the Guarana serving is unimportant. The caffeine content is all that matters; the rest is just plant stuff. Guarana is simply included because it sounds exotic and because the serving amount is larger than plain caffeine. But all this does is make it more difficult to talk about negative effects.

GNC has kindly disclosed the caffeine amount of its Guarana: 180mg.

Although 180mg of caffeine is not an excessive amount, it is too much to eat in one sitting. It’s about equivalent to two strong espressos. Although this may not seem like much, it is enough to induce negative effects in most individuals (regardless of tolerance).

The following are common caffeine adverse effects:

  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Jitters
  • Dizziness
  • Arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat)
  • Heart rate increase
  • Crashing energy
  • Insomnia
  • Concentration problems

We highly advise that you take your caffeine supplement in equal dosages throughout the day. This reduces the risk of overdosing and major negative effects. However, doing so will result in you taking caffeine later in the day, which might disrupt your sleep. 

Long-term usage of caffeine supplements may lead to persistent adverse effects including hypertension and sleeplessness. 

It’s critical to think about your current caffeine consumption before adding any more via supplements. Although 180mg may not seem like much, when combined with your morning coffee, pre-workout, and three glasses of black tea, it may make a significant difference!

You have been cautioned that a caffeine overdose may be lethal.


This is not medical advise, and we are not physicians. 

Before you use any fat burners, do your homework and speak with a knowledgeable health practitioner.

The vitamins mentioned on this website are intended for serious athletes. They are not a fast remedy for obesity, and they are not recommended for unskilled or unhealthy users. Consult your doctor if you’re having trouble losing weight. Manufacturer assertions should not be taken at face value. Always double-check your sources and follow the available science!


-‘If It Fits Your Macros’ vs. “Healthy Eating”-


GNC Burn 60 Review – Is It Effective?

This is a lousy fat burner, in our view.

We knew GNC had a lot of fat reduction supplements on sale, so we weren’t expecting this to be anything special. But we had high hopes for something better!

The Total Lean Formula Burn 60 contains ingredients that do absolutely nothing to enhance fat loss. 

This recipe has over 500mg of dead weight in total. You’re paying for 500mg of substance and receiving practically nothing in return!

The majority of the gurana is merely plant stuff. 

Grape extracts do not enhance body composition or athletic performance in a consistent manner.

Ginger root lacks the appetite suppressing properties of glucomannan and the blood sugar management properties of chromium.

Overall, this fat burner is a complete disaster. Look elsewhere if you want to see faster fat reduction, less food cravings, and ultimately better outcomes. Check out our best fat burners now if you’re looking for the most bang for your money!




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  • Cravings are lessened.
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Check out our in-depth review to determine whether this fat burner is right for you!


The “gnc fat burner reviews” is a review of the GNC Burn 60. The GNC Burn 60 is marketed as a product that will help people lose weight and burn fat. However, the reviewer found that the product was ineffective, and they would not recommend it to anyone.

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