GF-9 Review: Safety, Effectiveness, and Is It Worth It?

This is a review of the GF-9, which is meant to be used as part of your daily routine.

In this article, I am going to review a product called GF-9. The article will be broken down into three sections: “Safety”, “Effectiveness”, and “Is It Worth It?”.

GF-9 Review: Safety, Effectiveness, and Is It Worth It?


  • Clinical Research demonstrating the product’s advantages
  • Powder and capsules are also available.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days


  • Excessive human growth hormone may be a concern.
  • Expensive
  • The supplement’s openness is limited by its proprietary mix.

What Does GF-9 Mean?

GF-9 (Growth Factor 9) is a supplement designed to help your body produce more human growth hormone naturally.

It promises to enhance natural growth hormone levels by an average of 682 percent, according to a clinical trial.

Growth Factor 9 comes in two different forms: capsules and granules.

GF-9’s Potential Benefits

So, why would someone desire to boost their levels of human growth hormone?

The pituitary gland produces human growth hormone (HGH), which is a protein-based hormone. It is critical to encourage appropriate bone development in children and teenagers.

Its significance does not end there. Throughout life, human growth hormone serves to control metabolism, body composition, muscular development, bone density, and proper brain function.

HGH levels decline with age, which may operate as a preventative measure against age-related illness and promote lifespan. 

However, studies show that HGH treatment may help those who are lacking in growth hormone.

Improved fat burning, increased lean body mass, reduced fat mass, increases in exercise capacity (VO2 max), and even muscular power output are just a few of the advantages. 

Though not expressly mentioned as claimed advantages of taking GF-9, Novex Biotech suggests that the benefits of higher growth hormone may be noticed from their supplement.

Given these advantages, it’s simple to understand why some guys may be interested in taking an HGH pill.

Individual effects of utilizing amino acid supplements to enhance HGH response are very diverse, according to research, and may fluctuate depending on sex, age, diet, and exercise intensity. 

Novex Biotech Information

Novex Biotech offers Growth Factor 9, a supplement designed to “address the challenges of aging” and make men feel youthful again.

Former professional sportsmen, including former NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, have supported Novex Biotech’s medicines, including GF-9.

His recommendations can be seen throughout the website, and a package of Novex Biotech goods is even named after him.

Greg “The Shark” Norman, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, is also a marketing ambassador for Novex Biotech.


Ingredients Evaluation

The GenysFactor Proprietary Combination, which amounts to 2.9 grams per serving in GF-9, is a proprietary blend of components.

This mix comprises the following ingredients:

  • Hydrochloride of L-lysine
  • Hydrochloride of L-arginine
  • Oxo-proline
  • L-cysteine fermented extract
  • L-Glutamine
  • Powdered Schizonepeta

Clinical Research

GF-9 has Clinical Research to back up its proprietary blend’s claims. The proprietary blend behind GF-9 is actually SeroVital, an amino-acid supplement. 

The brand name SeroVital is promoted at women, however the formula in GF-9 is same.

In a clinical experiment conducted in 2019, 16 people were given a single dosage of SeroVital on two separate occasions, one week apart. HGH levels were assessed before and after each SeroVital dosage, up to 120 minutes later. 

HGH levels in individuals rose by a mean of 682 percent after 120 minutes. This is where the major supplement claim for GF-9 comes from.

Given that HGH levels were only tested for 120 minutes, there are obvious limitations to this research. We can’t say if HGH levels will rise to that level with continued usage.

A research published in 2017 looked at the advantages of taking SeroVital for 24 weeks. SeroVital supplementation boosted IGF-1 (insulin growth-like factor) levels, reduced weight, and improved blood pressure, HgbA1c, and cholesterol in people. 


Ingredients in GF-9 may cause a considerable rise in HGH levels in a short period of time, but it’s hard to say whether this increase will last.

Weight reduction and improved cardiovascular risk factors may both benefit from GF-9.

Hydrochloride of L-lysine

Lysine is an important amino acid that the body cannot produce and must be obtained from diet or supplementation.

It is required for the body’s protein creation and has a role in hormone production.

Lysine is often coupled with arginine to boost HGH levels. In 1981, a groundbreaking research discovered that combining arginine and lysine raised HGH levels more than either arginine or lysine alone. 

Following research have produced mixed results on whether combining lysine and arginine supplementation will boost HGH levels. 


HGH synthesis requires the amino acid lysine. Supplementing with lysine may not be enough to boost HGH levels. It may boost HGH when taken in conjunction with arginine, although the evidence is mixed.

Hydrochloride of L-arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that is required for the creation of proteins and nitric oxide in the body.

The effects of L-arginine supplementation and exercise on growth hormone responses were studied in a 2018 review. 

Researchers discovered that taking arginine supplements may boost resting growth hormone levels by up to 100%. Exercise, on the other hand, has been shown to enhance growth hormone levels by 300–500%.

Many of the studies employed arginine doses of 5–9 grams, which are much greater than the amount present in GF-9.

Lower dosages of arginine (between 1.2 and 2.4 grams) have the potential to boost HGH levels when paired with lysine, although this effect is not consistent. 


HGH levels may be improved by arginine alone or in combination with lysine, although the impact is uneven. We don’t know whether GF-9 contains a clinically appropriate dosage of arginine since the supplement is made up of a proprietary mix.


Oxoproline, also known as pyroglutamic acid, is an amino acid metabolite produced by the body during the formation of glutathione, a natural antioxidant. 

There is no study on the effects of oxoproline on HGH synthesis. However, as a glutathione intermediary, it may aid in the body’s antioxidant capacity by functioning as a glutathione reservoir. 


Oxoproline is a precursor of glutathione, a naturally occurring antioxidant. Though no study has been done on its impact on HGH levels, it may help the body’s antioxidant capacity.

L-Cysteine Fermentation Extract

One of the three amino acids required to form the antioxidant glutathione is N-acetyl-L-cysteine.

L-cysteine may aid in the replacement of glutathione in depleted cells, according to research. While L-cysteine is not an antioxidant compound in and of itself, it may aid the body’s production of antioxidants. 

Cysteine is also found in substantial amounts in growth hormone receptors, suggesting that cysteine presence in receptors aids in the bonding and activation of HGH. 


L-cysteine is required for the formation of glutathione, which aids the body’s natural antioxidant production. It’s also a component of HGH receptors, which allow the hormone to bind to and stimulate cells.


The amino acid glutamine is the most plentiful in human bodies.

Early research indicated that supplementing with 2 grams of glutamine for 90 minutes successfully boosted circulating HGH levels. 

Much of the glutamine and growth hormone research is focused on gut health.

Growth hormone and glutamine supplementation, according to research, work together to enhance intestinal mucosa growth. 


Although L-glutamine has been found in certain studies to raise circulating HGH levels, GF-9 may not contain a therapeutically significant amount of glutamine. L-glutamine has also been demonstrated to boost intestine development and health when combined with growth hormone.


Powdered Schizonepeta (Aerial Parts)

In traditional Asian medicine, Schizonepeta tenuifolia, commonly known as Japanese catnip, is used to cure headaches, colds, fevers, and skin rashes. 

Schizonepeta possesses antioxidant properties and can scavenge free radicals in animal and cell investigations. 

According to the present study, schizonepeta may boost the activity of antioxidant enzymes like glutathione peroxidase.


Schizonepeta tenuifolia has been proven to exhibit antioxidant activity and scavenge free radicals in animal and cell experiments. Other enzymes’ antioxidant activity may also be enhanced.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the existing studies, the following is our summary of the available evidence regarding the stated advantages of GF-9:

HGH levels are up. Evidence: Moderate

Clinical Research for the benefits of SeroVital (the proprietary blend used in GF-9) and its individual ingredients exist, but the research results are limited and inconsistent.

Even though arginine has the most science behind it, the amount required and how it is combined with other medicines differs greatly.

The remaining components have antioxidant properties and may help to reduce inflammation.

Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

A single GF-9 dosage is either 4 capsules or 1 packet per day.

Take 4 GF-9 pills with water to get started. If using GF-9 powder, combine 1 packet with 3–6 oz of water.

GF-9 should be taken on an empty stomach 2 hours before breakfast or 2 hours after supper, depending on the form (but before bedtime).

GF-9 should be taken two hours before or after eating or drinking anything other than water.

More than 4 capsules (one dosage) in 24 hours is not advised.

Nausea, stomachache, and diarrhea are all possible side effects of taking L-lysine. 

When using L-arginine, you may have similar adverse effects. Additional side symptoms such as headaches, palpitations, and numbness may occur in certain pregnant women. 

Diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux, and gastrointestinal pain are all possible adverse effects of cysteine. 

Mild stomach distention, headache, and diarrhea are all possible side effects of Schizonepeta tenuifolia. 

Excessive HGH production may lead to a condition called acromegaly, which can be dangerous.

Enlarged bones, excessive growth spurts, weight gain, weariness and headaches, muscular weakness, increased perspiration and oil production, poor sleep, skin tags, and other symptoms of acromegaly might occur. 

Chronic disorders such as breast and colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and improper lipid metabolism may all be linked to high levels of HGH. 

Consult your doctor before beginning GF-9 to ensure that it is medically safe and appropriate for you.

Cost and Purchase Information

The main product website as well as additional stores such as GNC, Walgreens, and Amazon sell GF-9.

A 30-day supply of GF-9 pills or powder costs $99 when purchased once.

If you purchase the 90-Day Challenge package of GF-9 capsules, you will get three boxes of GF-9 capsules for $198 (a $99).

A GF-9 capsule membership saves you 20% on your monthly purchase, however I couldn’t locate a subscription option for the powdered version on the buying website.

Customers who buy Novex Biotech goods may get the Shaq Pack for $168, which contains a box of GF-9, a box of TestroVax, and a complimentary Oxydrene NAD+ Enhancer. Subscribers who pay on a monthly basis may save 20% on their purchases.

Products purchased through the Novex Biotech website have a Money-back guarantee for 60 days starting five days after your product ships.


Growth Factor 9 is much more costly than other HGH pills. GF-9 has celebrity endorsements and has been shown in a scientific experiment to raise HGH, however I believe it is a bit too pricey for the common individual.

How Does GF-9 Compare to Other Options?

GF-9 is said to be special since it includes the SeroVital proprietary mix, which is backed up by clinical studies.

It isn’t the only HGH supplement available, and some competing products are a little less expensive.

CrazyBulk HGH X2 and HyperGH 14X are two well-known brands of HGH-supporting supplements.

CrazyBulk HGH X2 contains adaptogens such maca root and hawthorn berries in addition to amino acids to promote growth hormones.

HyperGH 14X is a two-part solution that promotes HGH production by working with your workout program and supporting good sleep.

Of course, if you wish to raise your HGH under medical supervision, see an endocrinologist to determine whether you qualify for an HGH prescription. This might be a better way to avoid adverse effects like acromegaly.


GF-9 has a proprietary mix that is unique, but it is pricey and lacks good evidence to back up its claims. Other supplements that encourage HGH growth are less expensive and use various ways. Prescription HGH may be the safest way to keep your HGH levels under control.

In conclusion

Although a product that may raise HGH levels has a lot of attraction, I believe Growth Factor 9 is severely deficient.

Most of the chemicals in this supplement have little research behind them, and it’s also rather pricey.

Uncontrolled HGH levels may have negative health consequences, which is something I’m concerned about.

This product is for persons who have low HGH levels and are prepared to spend financially in raising their HGH levels in order to reap the possible advantages.

Although GF-9 is marketed for males, it is equally beneficial to women. SeroVital is a female-oriented brand, however the formula is same across the board.

This supplement is not for young individuals who do not have severe HGH declines or those who have growth hormone issues that need endocrinologist supervision.

I suggest checking with a doctor before using GF-9 to validate your HGH levels and evaluate whether GF-9 is acceptable and safe for you.

Our Dietitian’s Remarks

Supplements like GF-9 may briefly aid with HGH increases, but they must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

Even without a pill, there are many less expensive methods to safely raise your HGH levels naturally.

Regular exercise, sleep, and foods that encourage melatonin synthesis are all natural strategies to boost HGH levels.

Exercise has been shown to raise HGH levels in studies. Greater-intensity exercise may create higher amounts of HGH for the greatest outcomes. 

Hormonal control requires a regular sleep routine. In addition to the body’s own melatonin, studies shows that even low-dose melatonin tablets may boost HGH levels. 

You may also boost your melatonin levels by eating specific foods. Tart cherries, almonds, flaxseeds, orange bell peppers, and tomatoes are all good sources of melatonin.

Consult an endocrinologist to see whether you have an HGH shortage and if a prescription or alternative therapy may be beneficial.


The “gf9 reviews amazon” is a product that has been created to help people who are struggling with their weight. The product claims to be the most effective and safe method of losing weight. It offers many different benefits, but does it live up to its claim?

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