Force Factor LeanFire XT Review – Does It Really Work? |

LeanFire XT is a dietary supplement that claims to boost testosterone. This means it can help you build muscle and improve your workouts, making this the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to experience more energy, strength and overall performance in their day-to-day lifestyle. However, there are many supplements on the market claiming these same benefits so how does LeanFire XT stack up?

The “leanfire force factor reviews” is a supplement that claims to help users lose weight. The product promises to burn fat, increase energy levels, and suppress appetite. It can be found at the GNC store.

Force Factor LeanFire XT Review - Does It Really Work? |

XT LeanFire



  • Some proven fat burners are included.


  • The secret mix is very little.
  • It’s impossible to dose all of the ingredients correctly.
  • DMAE has a significant risk of adverse effects.
  • For many people, caffeine will be too much.


XT LeanFire is supposedly a fat burner with a difference. According to its makers, Force Factor, XT LeanFire goes beyond the regular benefits offered by most fat burners: thermogenesis, accelerated metabolism, greater resting caloric requirements, etc. 

According to Force Factor, XT LeanFire “considers the real needs of your body and mind as you work to burn fat and sculpt a new physique”. 

More specifically, XT LeanFire claims to be able to provide “clean energy” while also reducing stress and anxiety. 

This would be advantageous, since diets and intense exercise might cause us to become more agitated, unhappy, and nervous. We grow weary, and being deprived of calories makes us all cranky. Dieting might make us feel gloomy since we require glucose to generate serotonin. 




XT LeanFire also apparently helps keep you focused, clear-headed, and aware.

While we don’t often seek for this in a fat burner, if this pill performs on all of these fronts, that’s fantastic. 

When you’re getting ready for a huge fight, your first bodybuilding competition, or any other occasion when your years of preparation will be put to the test, it’s natural to feel nervous, impatient, and preoccupied. The keys to success are keeping on top of the stress, remaining focused, and staying motivated. 

Everything sounds fantastic. But, of course, we’ve heard it all before.

Does XT LeanFire really work?

Can it really help you lose weight, enhance your attention, and boost your mood?

Is it secure? What are the most significant health risks?

How does it stack up against the finest fat burners currently available?

Let’s find out. Here’s our full Force Factor XT LeanFire review. As always, we start with a thorough examination of the formula, before moving on to the side effects and value for money. At the end, we’ll tell you what we think of this supplement as a whole, if we’d recommend it to any of our readers, and who we think it could work for. If you’ve had any experience with this fat burner, let us know in the comments!


XT LeanFire Formula

Here’s the XT LeanFire ingredients list. This should be exactly how it appears on the bottle:




That is not a high-quality fat-burning supplement.

We immediately see numerous serious issues!

As you can see, the Force Factor XT LeanFire formula is simply one large, homogeneous proprietary blend. Although the blends are subdivided into types, it is in reality just one proprietary blend. Everything is listed under a single total blend size: 721mg. 

We don’t need to explain why we despise proprietary mixes to our regular readers. 

They imply that we have no way of knowing how much of each component is in a single serving. If we don’t know the dose, we have no way of knowing whether or not this product will function. 

The efficiency of fat-burning supplements is totally dependent on the dosage. We know that 150mg of caffeine anhydrous gives you a burst of energy, but 1.5mg does not. The component is just half of the story; we also need to know the serving amounts to determine how well a product will perform. 

We don’t understand why every company can’t share their recipe in its entirety, with every ingredient’s individual serving amount written directly on the bottle.

They usually say it’s because they don’t want their formulae stolen.

They claim to have a patent application pending.

However, the recommended serving quantities for the components in current fat burners are generally established. Stealing is nearly unheard of, yet getting a patent on something so clear is difficult.

The true reason manufacturers utilize custom mixes, we believe, is to hide how inexpensive their product was to develop and how much consumers are overcharged. 

We aren’t saying that this is necessarily the case with Force Factor XT LeanFire, of course. But it is definitely a possibility. 


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Main Problem – XT LeanFire Proprietary Blend

Despite the fact that all proprietary mixes are terrible for the same reasons, some are much worse than others. 

So what about the XT LeanFire blend? How does that compare to other products using proprietary blends?

Is it still worthwhile?

Can it fulfill the promises that Force Factor made?

Sadly, we believe the answer to each of these questions is a resounding “no.”

The total size of the XT LeanFire formula is 721mg. We are told that the caffeine anhydrous is dosed at 150mg.

So we’ve got 571mg spread among 9 substances.

It doesn’t take a math degree to figure out that this isn’t quite enough to fit all of the greatest components.

We obtain just 64mg per component when we split the 571mg among 9 ingredients.

Several of the ingredients in XT LeanFire need to be dosed well above 100mg to have a significant effect on fat loss. 

However, for any component to gain an additional 30mg, another ingredient must lose 30mg. 

Since more than one ingredient in XT LeanFire needs to be dosed well above 100mg to have any effect whatsoever on fat loss, it’s clear that several ingredients in this supplement are aggressively under-dosed. 

Green tea extract is an excellent example. 




Green tea extract is used in all of the greatest fat burners on the market today. It is an incredible natural fat-burning chemical. 

Green tea extract often includes a high concentration of ECGC, a catechin. This substance has been proved in multiple scientific studies to help in fat reduction. Green tea catechins have even been shown in certain trials to help people lose weight without exercising. 

The finest fat burners, on the other hand, all include between 300mg and 500mg of green tea extract. 

Each serving of our current top-rated product includes 500mg. If your primary goal is to lose weight, this is the serving size for green tea extract. 

But for XT LeanFire to contain this much, then the remaining ingredients will have just 71mg to split between them. That leaves less than 10mg per ingredient.


That’s a complete farce!

Either that or the green tea is too weak (as are many of the other ingredients). 

So despite containing some very good fat burning substances, XT LeanFire doesn’t look like it can deliver enhanced fat loss for most of you. It certainly doesn’t seem to come close to the same potency or value for money of other fat burners on the market today. 

What is clear is that either a couple of ingredients in XT LeanFire are dosed perfectly and the others are all practically absent, or none of the ingredients are dosed properly at all.



Major Issue – Clearly Visible Filler Ingredients

To make matters significantly worse, XT LeanFire contains some ingredients that don’t directly help with fat loss, physical performance, or anything else for that matter.

To put it another way, Force Factor has added non-functional components!

And why would they add anything if it isn’t going to assist you reach your objectives?

We believe it is to bulk up the formula.




L-Carnitine is a well-known “filler” component. 

It is a very popular amino acid. It’s really derived from the amino acid Lysine. It is non-essential, which means you don’t need to take it; your body can produce all the L-Carnitine you need if you do.

Carnitine, as far as we know, has no discernible influence on body composition.

It has no discernible influence on athletic performance, strength, or recuperation.

“The evidence for an ergogenic impact of carnitine is, however, limited, and most studies demonstrate no effect of carnitine supplementation on lipid oxidation,” the authors of this research write. This is hardly surprising, given that there is no evidence that carnitine supplementation may raise muscle carnitine concentration in healthy males.” 

While the mentioned research did indicate some Carnitine benefits, the majority did not.

You also need to consider doses. Even if L-Carnitine had serious fat burning properties, would there really be enough of it in Force Factor XT LeanFire to have maximum effect? We highly doubt it.

The total serving size of the whole XT LeanFire formula is 721mg.

We have 571mg after subtracting the 150mg of caffeine anhydrous.

L-Carnitine capsules purchased from a normal supplement retailer generally include 1000mg of L-Carnitine each day. Carnitine tablets of even generic, basic grade contain roughly 500mg.

So even if 90% of the XT LeanFire formula was taken up by Carnitine, there still wouldn’t really be enough to have a signifciant effect on performance or fat loss!

And that’s presuming it does anything at all, which according to the research available, it doesn’t!




So, why did Force Factor include L-Carnitine in this recipe at all?

Is it because they really believe it will help you lose weight and grow muscle at the gym?

Or is it because it’s inexpensive, widely accessible, and safe in big doses, and they wanted to bulk out the mix with a low-cost ingredient?

We’ll take your estimate as good as ours!


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Force Factor XT LeanFire Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Our main problem with XT LeanFire is that the ingredients cannot all possibly be dosed high enough to have a noticeable effect on your fat loss progress.

As a result, you’re unlikely to suffer any major adverse effects as a result of this supplement’s extreme potency. 

However, this does not rule out the possibility of negative side effects. Absolutely not.

When working with a custom mix, there is always some uncertainty regarding the possibility of undesired side effects. And ambiguity is never a good thing when it comes to your health and safety. 

It’s possible that one component has been substantially overdosed, resulting in a high risk of negative effects. This is, of course, supposition, and Force Factor may object to such speculation. However, we believe that if they really did not want people to conjecture in this way, they should provide the formula in its entirety. 

XT LeanFire also contains some ingredients with a relatively high risk of causing side effects. 

The major source of concern is DMAE. 

Many individuals use this supplement to improve their attention and concentration.

However, many individuals report major adverse effects from taking this product. The following are common DMAE side effects:

  • Motivational decline
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Hyperactivity
  • Loss of concentration
  • Low mood

If you suffer any of these negative effects while using this medication, stop taking it right once and see your doctor!

The caffeine anhydrous is the second important adverse effect to be concerned about.

Caffeine is a highly potent stimulant, so we probably don’t need to tell you that. It has adverse effects at modest dosages, but believe us when we say they must be handled carefully!

Caffeine anhydrous (refined, purified, dehydrated caffeine) is about equivalent to 2-3 espresso shots. That’s enough to cause one or more of the following negative effects in anyone:

  • Jitters
  • Shakiness
  • Dizziness
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Crashing energy
  • Sweating profusely

Caffeine abuse may lead to major long-term difficulties, and a caffeine overdose can be fatal. 

You should consider how much caffeine you currently consume each day (through coffee, tea, pre-workouts, etc.) and if you can afford to add another 150mg on top of that. You must also examine your current medical condition, tolerance level, and other factors. 

Most importantly, consult your doctor before using any caffeine-containing supplements!

Important Notice!

This is not medical advise, and we are not physicians. 

Before you attempt a new fat burner, it’s critical that you consult your doctor. You should never trust anything you find on the internet; few of the “experts” you’ll find are trained health professionals, and most manufacturers lie to increase sales. Inform your doctor of your plans and seek their advice. They understand your unique sensitivities and requirements better than anyone else, even you!


XT LeanFire Review Conclusion

Despite all of the claims made by Force Factor, we don’t think XT LeanFire looks like a particularly remarkable fat burner. 

Yes, it includes DMAE, which is known to aid with attention and focus. DMAE isn’t found in many fat burners.

However, its use is debatable. It seems to be untrustworthy; there are significantly more effective drugs for increasing attention and concentration available. Some people seem to have adverse effects as well. 

XT LeanFire cannot possibly provide sufficient amounts of all of the ingredients per serving since the total blend size is just 721mg. Green tea alone should ideally be dosed at around 500mg per serving. This would leave just 20mg per ingredient.

Some of the substances have dubious efficacy as a fat-burning aid. 

Not to mention the inherent issues with proprietary mixes, such as low consumer value, the possibility of ingredient stuffing, and so on. 

In the grand scheme of things, this is a rather underwhelming stack. Look elsewhere if you’re seeking for a powerful, dependable, and affordable fat burner. 




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The “leanfire with slimvance results” is a supplement that claims to help you lose weight. It contains a blend of ingredients that have been clinically proven to increase fat burning and reduce appetite. The “LeanFire XT Review – Does It Really Work?”

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