FitMiss Burn Review – A Bloated Prop Blend – Serious Side Effect Concerns |

Recently, FitMiss released a new product to the market. With promises of shedding pounds and improving workout efficiency without dieting or exercise, it became one of their most successful products yet. However, not everyone is happy with FitMiss’s newest release due to serious side effects including: dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness and mood changes. Should consumers be wary? We take a look at this popular weight loss supplement that seems like too good to be true!

The “v shred burn supplement side effects” is a review of the FitMiss Burn. The review includes concerns over serious side effects that could occur when taking this product.

FitMiss Burn Review - A Bloated Prop Blend - Serious Side Effect Concerns |

Burn FitMiss



  • Contains a lot of questionable substances
  • There are apparent fillers.
  • Blend of ridiculously bloated props




Burn FitMiss is a natural fat loss supplement marketed specifically at women.

We’ve already tested FitMiss Tone and other FitMiss goods.

The whole FitMiss company is founded on the premise that their supplements are made specifically for women, in case you couldn’t tell by the name.

This is something that we have a serious problem with. Nothing makes a fat burner more ideal for either men or women, as stated in this article.

The differentiation is just a marketing gimmick.




But we’re not here to rubbish the FitMiss marketing team (however offensive the ‘pink it and shrink it’ method is). We’re here to review Burn FitMiss.

According to the bottle, Burn FitMiss offers the following key benefits:

  • Helps you lose weight quickly.
  • Appetite suppression
  • Mood enhancement
  • Increases metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels

Incredibly, the bottle claims that the “weight loss” delivered by Burn FitMiss is visible “in less than 2 weeks”.

Fat reduction is now possible very rapidly.

However, consumers should not anticipate to achieve their ideal body in under two weeks.

A cut should be spread out over a lengthy period of time – maybe 12 weeks – whether for a bodybuilding exhibition or an MMA battle.

We believe that assertions like these are damaging because they promote the illusion that you can acquire “20-minute abs” and be “ripped in a month.”

Burn FitMiss is described as a “6 stage fat burner”. We aren’t sure what this means, but we’ll soon find out.

Can Burn FitMiss deliver on these promises?

What sets it different from FitMiss Tone?

How does it stack up against the finest fat burners available today?

Is it the most suitable option for women?

Is Burn FitMiss safe?

We answer all of these questions in our Burn FitMiss review, which you can find below. We examine the ingredients, the doses, and the dangers. We will compare it briefly to FitMiss Tone, before telling you if we’d recommend it to our readers.



Burn FitMiss Formula

Here is the Burn FitMiss formula:




What a derailment.



The main issue is the massive prop blend.

That is a completely absurd formula.

There are approximately 35 components total, spread out throughout 1,450mg.

Although the label divides these substances into different mixes or “stages,” they are all supplied in the same capsule as part of the same 1,450mg mixture.

To put this in context, the top stacks on the market today will include about ten components, each of which is dosed separately.

This implies they aren’t shown as part of a larger mix.

The serving sizes are listed on the label.

At the very least, proprietary mixes should be avoided.

When they are as big a mess as the Burn FitMiss formula, we would always avoid it like the plague.

We obtain an average serving size of slightly over 40mg if we split the mix size across the 35 components.

That is far too small for most of the ingredients in Burn FitMiss to have any kind of effect.

If any component is dosed more than 40mg, another ingredient’s serving size must be reduced.

Even if all of the ingredients in Burn FitMiss were absolutely incredible, powerful, scientifically proven fat burners, we’d still be severely disappointed.

However, not every substance is a proven fat burner.


There are lots of ingredients in Burn FitMiss that have absolutely no fat burning properties at all.


Major Issue – Useless Ingredients & ‘Fillers’

As stated above, the Burn FitMiss formula would be a let down even if it exclusively contained effective, potent ingredients.

However, it does not.

It’s full of overhyped, pointless nonsense.

For example, Burn FitMiss contains Saw Palmetto.

There’s no reason to believe Saw Palmetto does anything at all, as far as we can determine.

There are no studies that demonstrate it helps with weight loss.

It has not been shown to improve performance in studies.

It doesn’t boost energy, restrict hunger, or improve mood…

To put it frankly, it has no effect.

Manufacturers, we believe, make huge claims about Saw Palmetto because they can get a lot of it at a low price.

We’ll continue to believe this is completely meaningless until we see any substantial, independent scientific data.




Some components may be employed as ‘fillers,’ bulking up the mixture so the producers may save money on the more costly ingredients.

Tumeric is included in the ‘Stress Alleviating’ mix, for example.

Tumeric is beneficial to general health and lifespan, however it has no effect on mood, stress, fat metabolism, or energy levels.

Absolutely nothing.

So what’s the point of including it?

It’s likely to be utilized to ‘bulk out’ the mix.

Tumeric is inexpensive when purchased in bulk from a wholesaler.

Tumeric may easily account for over 1,000mg of the product, with the remaining 450mg distributed among the other 34 constituents.

To mention a chemical on the label, manufacturers just need to add 1mcg of it. We have to infer that they have another purpose to keep the formula hidden from you since there is no valid reason to employ a prop mix when it contains possible ‘fillers.’

FitMiss may object to this supposition, but we have the right to explore the worst-case situations as customers.

In fact, when a manufacturer decides to withhold information from us, we have every reason to imagine the worst-case scenario.


-Is There A Difference Between Male and Female Fat Burners? –


Burn FitMiss Side Effects

When dealing with a custom mix, it’s always difficult to predict negative effects.

The dosage determines how probable a chemical is to cause you harm.

At 1,000mg, what is safe at 100mg may not be safe at all.

FitMiss does us a disservice by not providing accurate dose information for each individual component.

All we can do is raise any significant red flags.




The caffeine content is something to keep in mind.

Burn FitMiss contains 100mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is a purified form of caffeine. It is stronger than regular caffeine by weight (it’s had all water molecules removed).

If you currently drink a lot of caffeine, supplementing with more might raise your risk of negative effects, which include:

  • Palpitations (heart palpitations)
  • Hypertension
  • Breathing problems
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches

The Guarana in Burn FitMiss is also 22% caffeine by weight.

However, we have no notion what the dosage is!


It’s possible that there’s 1,000mg of Guarana in here.

That would add another 220 mg of caffeine to our system!

Caffeine doses of 300 mg or more in a single serving are harmful.

It is virtually guaranteed to induce side effects, which, depending on your health status, might be significant.

Caffeine overdoses that result in death are not uncommon.

We’re not sure why FitMiss added Guarana to Burn since we already had caffeine anhydrous. The caffeine in Guarana isn’t anything exceptional; it’s simply caffeine. We know what we’re dealing with, therefore anhydrous caffeine is always preferred.

We don’t know whether Burn FitMiss uses Guarana to ramp up the caffeine content through the backdoor, but it is always better to just use a purified caffeine anhydrous supplement.

Guarana contains conventional caffeine, but it also contains waste plant material.


It is critical that you carefully study the ingredient list to ensure that there is nothing in here that you are allergic to or sensitive to.

We think it is best if you talk to a doctor before you take Burn FitMiss.

Obesity cannot be cured with fat burners. They’re high-quality sports vitamins for athletes. Before you use them, get medical counsel. We aren’t medical professionals.


-Glucomannan: The Appetite Suppressant of the Gods-


Burn FitMiss Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

If you haven’t read our full Burn FitMiss review, then you probably just want to know if you should buy it or not.

To be honest, we don’t believe this stack is the greatest option for anybody.

The Burn FitMiss formula is a ridiculously over-stretched proprietary blend.

The typical serving size is slightly over 40mg, much too small to have any impact on the few beneficial components.

There are several ineffective components in it, as well as some apparent ‘fillers,’ such as Tumeric.

On top of that, there’s the issue of a possibly massive caffeine intake from the unknown Guarana portion.

The primary issue we had with FitMiss Tone was a lack of components.

Burn FitMiss has quite the opposite problem.

There isn’t a thing called a “female fat burner.” Simply go for the greatest quality product and utilize it, regardless of your gender or what the makers say.

There’s nothing wrong with selling a product as “for her”; just make sure it’s good. Burn FitMiss doesn’t meet that simple criteria.


Check out our best-selling ‘For Her’ item.


Take a peek at our female readers’ most popular review. Hourglass is a fantastic ‘female’ fat burner that we recommend. It provides:

  • Controlling your appetite
  • Increased energy
  • Fat loss is accelerated.

While we don’t think fat burners for men and women should be different, the customer is always right.


The “burn evolved reviews complaints” is a review of the FitMiss Burn, which has serious side effect concerns. The review also includes a list of potential problems that are associated with the product.

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