Elaimei Slim Cream Review – Can This ACTUALLY Make you Slimmer?

Elaimei Slim Cream is a product that promises to help people slim down. It includes an exclusive ingredient called “Elaimi”, which supposedly lowers appetite levels, making it easy for users to lose weight without actually changing their diet or exercising more. Does this cream really work as promised?

Elaimei Slim Cream is a cream that promises to make you slimmer. It is used as an alternative to liposuction, and it supposedly works better. This product has been reviewed by many people, and they have had mixed reviews.

Elaimei Slim Cream Review - Can This ACTUALLY Make you Slimmer?

*June 2021 UPDATED*

Elaimei Slim Cream is the topic of today’s review. In this review, we’ll explore whether Elaimei Slim Cream can help you burn more fat and have a slimmer figure, or if it’s simply another overhyped skin cream.

We examine the top fat burner supplements, often known as natural weight reduction pills, at Quin Candy. That’s because they’ve been found to be the most effective for fat reduction. Fat burners include a variety of substances that have been shown to improve metabolism, decrease hunger, or directly contribute to the breakdown of stored body fat. We’ve previously evaluated slimming creams, such as TNT Pro Ignite Sweat Cream, and were disappointed.

Is Elaimei Slim Cream, on the other hand, superior? Will it assist you in becoming slimmer in a safe and natural manner? Their website’s marketing material seems to be a little deceptive, stating that their cream is an excellent alternative to things like exercise and calorie restriction.

Unfortunately, neither a fat burner nor a slimming cream can do this! There is no medicine or lotion that can help you if you are not eating well and exercising frequently.

Assuming that you’ve covered all of your bases in terms of living a healthy lifestyle, let’s take a closer look at Elaimei Slim Cream to see whether its promises are true.

What do we utilize right now?

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Elaimei Slim Cream: What Is It?

Elamei Slim Cream, also known as Elaimei Hot Cream and Aliver Slim Cream, is touted as a lipo body serum cream that will help you shape your waist, glutes, and abs to perfection.

  • Elamei works by heating up the region where it’s applied, allowing you to remove toxins and burn more subcutaneous fat in those tough spots, according to the creators.

Elaimei Slim Cream is also advertised as a product that “inhibits the absorption of extra nutrients.”

I’m not sure about you, but I’d want to obtain all of the important nutrients my body requires – and that’s a lot of effort. If you obtain your nutrients from a healthy diet, it’s difficult to overdo it. In fact, it’s almost impossible!

If Elaimei Slim Cream actually does limit nutrient absorption in any manner, that’s poor news for fat reduction and overall health!

Let’s continue our investigation.

Elaimei Slim Cream: How Does It Work?

This skin lotion claims to have natural anti-cellulite components that will assist you with:

  • Shape your ideal figure by hydrating, moisturizing, and absorbing quickly into your skin.
  • Burn fat – aids in slimming down by triggering ‘thermogenesis,’ a process in which the treated skin area warms up, pushing your metabolism to burn more calories in order to cool down.
  • Elaimei Slim Cream is supposed to help with exercise recovery by reducing inflammation and pain.

These advantages seem to be considerable. Is it true that The Components match the claims?

The Components

Elaimei Slim Cream has a total of 15 components. However, only three are active substances. They are:

  • Methylparaben
  • Bisabolol
  • Bis(hydroxymethyl)

These three substances are responsible for Elaimei’s purported advantages.

Before we inspect them closer, I have to say that I don’t like that there’s so many fillers in this product. Many of The Components are either there to add to the smell, or have no beneficial purpose at all.

We also have no idea how much of each component is in Elaimei Slim Cream, implying that it’s a huge proprietary combination. What is the issue here? Because it makes it impossible to determine if the dosages are beneficial and safe.

With that in mind, let’s take a deeper look at Elaimei Slim Cream’s three active ingredients:

Methylparaben (Methylparaben)

Methylparaben is a paraben that is often used to extend the shelf life of foods and cosmetics. It works by preventing mold and bacteria from growing.

Methylparaben, on the other hand, has been related to a number of problems, including an increased risk of breast cancer. Not to add that it has no effect on weight reduction.


Bisabolol 2

Bisabolol is a natural smell found in chamomile and other plants. It may promote skin conditioning and youthfulness when applied to the skin, which is surely beneficial to the overall appearance of your skin.

Unfortunately, since it’s administered topically, this substance hasn’t been shown to have a significant impact on weight reduction.


When applied to the skin, this sort of chemical may function as an antioxidant.

Simply stated, it may protect the skin by generating a protective layer that softens and moisturizes the tissue.

Again, fantastic for skin but not for losing weight!

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Elaimei Slim Cream: How Does It Feel?

Elaimei Slim Cream has a delicate, silky feel and is creamy to the touch. White is the color.

It has a strong menthol aroma that some individuals (who like menthol) will like, while others will hate. However, the scent dissipates after 1-2 minutes, making it more pleasant.

How to Get Started

It’s applied to the skin in the same manner as regular body lotion, but Elaimei adds some additional instructions.

The lotion should be used shortly after a shower while your pores are open, according to the company.

We used a generous quantity on the specified fat-loss regions, such as our hips, legs, abdomen, and thighs. Massage the cream into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

Elaimei should be applied twice day and the ‘burn’ should be felt after 15 minutes.

If the ‘hot’ of the gel isn’t intense enough on its own for you, the company proposes covering the applied regions with plastic body wrap. Personally, I’m not interested!

Furthermore, ELAIMEI recommends using the cream in between sessions or at the gym. According to Elaimei, you should take this twice a day for 2-3 months to get the greatest benefits.

Tube Size

Another point we wanted to mention is the Elaimei crema tube’s size. Or the lack thereof.

This little container is about the size of a hand lotion that you could keep in your handbag when you travel. If you use it twice a day for three months, you’ll go through at least 4-5 of them!

Dermatological Reactions

Although one of our team members (Mia) had a tiny rash after adding Elaimei to our cream, we had few problems. Her skin did heat up and burn as expected, but it wasn’t a nice feeling, and it didn’t look good.

If you search up other Elaimei Slim Cream reviews online, you’ll see that some consumers have complained about the cream irritating their skin.

After using Elaimei, we suggest carefully cleaning your hards and avoiding contact with your lips, eyes, or other sensitive areas of your body.

Our Outcomes

Mia, as previously said, had some negative responses. She continued to use the cream as directed, 2-3 times a day, but the stench and burning sensation were too much for her, so she stopped after three weeks. The remaining three of us continued to test it for the following five weeks with little to no success.

I enjoyed the scent on my skin, particularly after it had dried down a little. I also believe my skin has grown more young and supple since I began using this product (I had observed some new wrinkles before to using this cream that the cream seemed to have eliminated).

However, it made little difference in terms of fat reduction.

We stuck to our regular fitness schedule, which included three times a week of strength training and once a week of HIIT cardio. We ate mostly lean meats and vegetables, with a lot of good carbohydrates and a few missteps here and there. We basically did the same thing we did before we started using this cream. We received no further advantages from the cream.

This isn’t to imply that the cream won’t work for you as well. It may! Despite following the directions to the letter, we were unable to get the desired outcomes.

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Is Elaimei Slim Cream Hypoallergenic?

Elaimei Slim Cream should have no serious adverse effects for the majority of individuals. Minor irritation does occur in some folks.

Apply a tiny quantity of the cream on your skin to begin. If you get a rash, itching, or an unpleasant burning feeling after 24 hours, see your dermatologist before taking it again.

Elaimei Slim Cream Pros and Cons:


  • Intense minty scent — depending on your tastes, this might be a good or negative thing.
  • Skin hydration and elasticity are improved.
  • Helped one of our team members decrease neck lines (keep in mind that this is mostly a body cream for’spot weight loss reduction’).
  • Elaimei Slim cream may be found on Amazon and at places like Walmart.


  • Doesn’t help you lose weight.
  • On Amazon, a tub costs $7-15, but you’ll need many if you want to follow the suggested guidelines.
  • Other Elaimei Slim Cream reviews aren’t glowing.

Elaimei Slim Cream Review: Our Opinion

Elaimei Slim Cream Review conclusion: if you can handle it, this is a terrific product for improving the suppleness and quality of your skin tone.

The thermogenic effects, such as ‘the burn’ and itching, might be too severe for certain individuals, resulting in redness, irritation, and even skin blisters in some circumstances.

  • Despite the fact that these adverse effects are uncommon, we don’t suggest Elaimei Slim cream to anybody who is serious about losing weight.

It contains no substances that have been scientifically proved to promote fat burning. The ‘burn’ you feel on your skin may induce redness and increase sweating, but it will not cause you to burn subcutaneous fat.

The fact is that spot reduction is a fallacy. Your body sheds weight in accordance with its genetic makeup. In terms of weight reduction, spot creams are a waste of money.

If you want real results, make sure you’re eating a diet that your body responds well to, along with a regular training regimen and a fat burner supplement that actually uses proven ingredients that will make a visible impact on yOur Outcomes.

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Elaimei Slim Cream is a new weight loss product that claims to be able to make you slim. This article will review the product and provide you with some information on how it works. Reference: elaimei slim cream price.

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