Best Testosterone Boosters for Women (2023)

Women are curious about the best testosterone boosters for them. Women use more supplements than men and want to be sure their products are safe, effective, & convenient.,

The “best testosterone for females” is a problem that many women have. There are many different supplements on the market, but it can be difficult to find one that works well. The American Professional Supplements Advice has done an extensive research into the best testosterone boosters for women and released their findings in 2023.

Best Testosterone Boosters for Women 2022 - American Professional Supplements Advice

Many of us consider testosterone to be predominantly a male hormone, yet it is true that it may have a significant influence on female health as well. Because women’s bodies generate 1/10th to 1/20th the amount of testosterone as men’s, many of the advantages of testosterone may be lost in women.

There are a variety of testosterone-boosting products on the market, the bulk of them are geared at guys. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of women using them and reaping some of the touted advantages. To save you time, we’ve put up a list of the top testosterone booster products for women.

All of the testosterone booster pills on our list are also beneficial to women, have undergone extensive testing, and are completely safe to use. Take a look at our list below.


If you’re a woman considering testosterone boosters, you should be cautious about how much you take, since too much testosterone might be harmful.

Always get medical advice before deciding how much is appropriate for you.

Excessive body hair, baldness, acne, decreased breast size, muscle mass increase, enlarged clitoris, mood changes, diminished libido, menstrual cycle abnormalities, obesity, and even infertility may all be symptoms of too much testosterone in a woman.

For Women, the Best Testosterone Boosters


– Increase in natural testosterone

– Create a shredded appearance

– A boost in strength


Hunter Exam

– More servings equals more effect

– Additional important elements

– Strengthen muscles


– Increase T & energy

– Libido assistance

– Enhance your mood



– Enhance your body composition

– Improve tone

– Enhance your mood



– Relieve tiredness symptoms

– Improve your mood

– Less menstrual discomfort


Overall, the TestoFuel formula has left us quite satisfied. It’s made entirely of natural substances including D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, and Oyster Extract, all of which are proven to boost testosterone levels.

This supplement may also assist if you have irritation or a bad mood. Your new, improved appearance can help you reverse your mood by raising your testosterone levels, keeping you motivated and feeling better every day.


You should never use synthetic chemicals to increase your testosterone levels since they may be hazardous, so if you’re seeking for a natural boost, we suggest TestoFuel.

While TestoFuel is marketed for males, its benefits on women may be just as beneficial. So don’t be deterred.

  • Increase your muscle-building abilities with more testosterone in your bloodstream for a more shredded, toned appearance.
  • More muscle means more strength, larger lifts, more repetitions and sets, and a better exercise in general.
  • With a better appearance, more defined muscle, and lower total body fat, you’ll feel more confident than ever.
  • Improve your general attitude, energy levels, and self-esteem so you can stay on track with your objectives at all times.
  • Although you do get what you pay for, there is a premium charge.
  • is the only place to get it.

Hunter Exam

As we’ve said, with Hunter Exam you get a real premium product. But what does premium really mean? Well, for a start, you get a huge 180 capsules in each bottle, and you use 6 a day. This means you’ll get more testosterone boosting Ingredients in your system every day, for better results.

Not only that, but the formula’s components are of greater quality than those found in competitors’ goods. They haven’t compromised on anything with this one. It contains high quantities of essential components such as D-Aspartic Acid, which has been found to boost testosterone levels by up to 60%.


Large amounts of these components guarantee that your body is always supported by enhanced testosterone levels, resulting in a more shredded appearance, lower body fat, improved mood and libido, and more.

Get a premium workout, look and feel better with Hunter Exam. The only reason it’s at #2 in our list is because TestoFuel is probably better for most people, but if you want the very best and can pay a little more, Hunter Exam is the choice for you.

  • Any testosterone booster on the market has the largest serving quantities and component amounts (180 capsules per bottle, you take 6 per day). This means you’ll receive more of the vital nutrients, which might lead to faster results in the short term.
  • It may help you gain more muscle, lose body fat, and gain strength in the long run.
  • Increased testosterone provides you with greater confidence, a better overall mood, and a slew of other advantages.
  • Although it is somewhat more expensive, you receive 1/3 more wine per bottle than the norm.
  • is the only place to get it online.

Male Prime

You might be thinking, why are we recommending a testosterone boosting supplement for women called Male Prime? As we’ve said before, there’s no reason why women can’t take these supplements too, so ignore the name, and focus on the fantastic potential benefits it can provide you.


Like all the products we feature, Male Prime is made from all natural Ingredients and has a completely transparent formula. It contains D-AA, Black Pepper Extract, Boron, Ashwagandha and other testosterone boosters at optimal levels for maximum impact.

The formula is validated by science and is completely transparent. We’ve ranked it third on our list since it’s a product specifically designed for males. But don’t panic; it may still benefit you and is another excellent testosterone booster for ladies.

.To learn more, check out our in depth Male Prime review.

  • With a natural testosterone boost, you may increase your overall strength and muscular mass.
  • Increase your lifting to get a more shredded, toned figure.
  • The various good effects of increased testosterone levels may help you improve your mood and develop a new sense of confidence.
  • Boost your vitality and enthusiasm for life. Feel better throughout the month and no longer feel sluggish and tired.
  • Improve your libido and sex drive for a more pleasurable bedroom experience.
  • When compared to comparable items, it is more costly.
  • is the only place to get it.


This is a well-known testosterone booster that contains a variety of minerals and natural substances. It includes a carefully calibrated blend of vitamins B6, D3, zinc, and magnesium that work together to improve general health by regulating hormones.


Although this is primarily a testosterone supplement for males, it may also be useful to ladies. The chemicals will boost testosterone production naturally, increase your mood, and promote healthy muscular development.

Vitamin B6 may help you improve your reproductive health and relieve PMS symptoms. Check out our entire Testogen review article for a more in-depth look.

  • Enhances your appearance and body composition
  • Keep yourself energised and motivated.
  • Enhance your sexual desire and your connection
  • Improves muscle tone and allows you to gain strength faster than previously.


If you have your period every month and feel fatigued, in pain, and depressed, a testosterone booster may be the best approach to balance your hormones and ease these symptoms. TestoPrime will help you balance your primary sex hormones, resulting in enhanced physical and mental health, as well as increased attention and motivation.


This product was created using only natural components. Green tea extracts, for example, may help you gain lean muscle and lose obstinate pounds while also providing you with more energy, a better mood, and more motivation. TestoPrime is one of the most reputable brands on the market, as we detailed in our complete review.

  • Improves fat burning by boosting your metabolism via thermogenesis.
  • Reduces tiredness symptoms and gives you more energy in all areas of your life
  • Improve your mood while improving your attention and cognitive performance.
  • Improve your menstrual cycles and minimize painful or unpleasant periods by balancing your testosterone.
  • In comparison to others, it is somewhat costly, but it is a high-quality product.
  • Only accessible via the official website.

The Basics of Testosterone in Women

You may be asking why women would wish to naturally increase their testosterone levels, given that testosterone is usually associated with males. However, you may be shocked to learn that as a woman, modestly increasing your testosterone levels might enhance your general health and quality of life.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that women need in order to boost their energy levels, muscular function, and sexual desire. There are various advantages to having a healthy amount of natural testosterone.

A little increase in T-levels from these supplements can help you enhance your health without going overboard and becoming a’she hulk.’ Other advantages of having a healthy testosterone level for women include:

  • Energy, endurance, and stamina are all boosted.
  • Assists in the maintenance and growth of muscular mass.
  • Enhances libido and sexual desire
  • Increases metabolism
  • Aids in the maintenance of clitoris sensitivity
  • Collagen formation is enhanced.
  • Maintains the cardiovascular system’s health.
  • Can help you gain confidence in the long run



If you’re going to use testosterone boosters, you should know what each component in the pill contains and how much of each ingredient you’ll be taking.

If a supplement does not indicate the specific quantities of each component, you should avoid it and look for one that is more clear.

Here are a few of the top components to keep an eye out for:

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: While you may not be familiar with this herb, if you like curry, you’ve undoubtedly had it before. Fenugreek seed has been used in traditional Indian cuisine and medicine for decades, and it’s recognized for enhancing sex drive and increasing testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin D3 is a hormone that the body can produce naturally from sunshine, but most people don’t receive enough of it. And this vitamin has been shown to be quite efficient in increasing testosterone levels, with several advantages when taken at the recommended quantity.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is an element that affects testosterone production and has been shown in multiple studies to be effective in increasing testosterone levels when eaten in significant doses.

How to Get the Most Out of a Testosterone Supplement

To obtain your hands on a high-quality testosterone supplement that works, you’ll have to spend a respectable amount, like with most things in life. In fact, saving money by purchasing a cheaper supplement may result in you squandering your money if you get an inefficient product. To get the most out of your testosterone booster pill, consider the following suggestions.

Intermittent fasting has various advantages, including increased growth hormone synthesis in the body. Growth hormone levels are strongly tied to testosterone levels, according to studies, and when no calories are ingested for twenty-four hours, growth hormone levels jump by 2000% compared to people who eat frequently.

While a little bit of stress every now and then might be beneficial, persistent stress can have a significant negative influence on your quality of life. When you’re under a lot of stress, your body produces a lot of cortisol, which may cause weight gain, exhaustion, and cognitive fog, among other things.

Nuts, fatty fish, and avocados are all good sources of healthy fats that may help your body produce more hormones. Reduced levels of androstenedione, testosterone, and free testosterone have been linked to a diet low in healthy fats.

. A liver cleanse may help you increase natural testosterone production while also enhancing the health and function of your liver. If you don’t want to detox completely, just eat healthier meals and drink lots of water.

With seven kcal per gram, alcohol is the second densest energy source after fat. While it’s good to consume alcohol in moderation, excessive drinking might lower your plasma testosterone levels.

Heavy lifting or high-intensity interval exercise may help you increase your levels of growth hormone and testosterone. Lifting weights for half an hour to an hour has been shown to raise testosterone levels in studies.

Sugar has been related to lower testosterone levels in a variety of ways. Reducing the quantity of sugar in your diet may result in weight reduction and improved overall health.

A diet rich in fresh, colorful foods can help you overcome any vitamin or nutritional shortages you may have, as well as enhance your general physical and mental health.

Sleep is important for your overall health and may help you minimize stress, which affects your testosterone levels. Getting adequate sleep each night may help you increase your testosterone and enhance the effectiveness of your supplements.

Increased natural testosterone levels are linked to weight reduction. Your body will have an easier time producing energy and regulating your hormones if you are in better condition.



This should provide you with all of the information you want to choose the finest natural testosterone booster for you. We’ve done a lot of research to identify the best solutions, so choose one from the list above to get the results you’ve been hoping for.

It’s not difficult to get an excellent testosterone booster if you understand the fundamentals of what to search for. It’s critical to choose a product that has ideal doses of nutrients that have been scientifically proved to increase T levels while still being affordable.

Any synthetic, chemical-based items that may cause negative effects should be avoided. A natural testosterone booster can help you attain optimum and useful testosterone levels in a healthy manner.

While all five supplements stated above are worthwhile, we discovered that TestoFuel provides the greatest results for women, with advantages such as improved mood and sex drive, particularly when combined with the different lifestyle and food techniques for getting the most out of your supplement.

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The “supplements for low testosterone in females” are supplements that can help women with their levels of testosterone. These include natural supplements like herbs and minerals, as well as synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

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