BeLive Moon Burn Review – Another Night Time Fat Burner? |

The moon burn product is a nighttime fat burner which has been marketed as the shortest and most effective method of burning fat. The ingredients in this supplement are supposed to help with effective weight loss, mood enhancement, and enhanced energy levels during the day.

The “envy night time fat burner reviews” is a product that claims to be able to help people lose weight while they sleep. The product has been reviewed by many people and has had mixed reviews.

BeLive Moon Burn Review - Another Night Time Fat Burner? |

Moon Burn



  • Maximum dosage of melatonin


  • A few effective fat burners
  • Simply a melatonin supplement that is overpriced.
  • Too little of the best components
  • The white kidney bean has no effect.



Product Description

Moon Burn is another another fat burner that is best used soon before bedtime.

Moon Burn is made by BeLIve, the same company that created the famous Fusion Burn fat burner, which you can read about here. Fusion Burn, like other classic fat burners, is designed to be used throughout the day. Moon Burn was created as a companion product to Fusion Burn and is intended for usage at night. 

So, what is the purpose of Moon Burn?

Why is it intended for usage at night?




A fat burner may be developed for nighttime usage for a variety of reasons.

The bulk of your muscle healing happens while you sleep.

Human growth hormone levels rise, insulin levels fall, and you begin to burn body fat while sleeping. 

Greater sleep, especially higher-quality sleep with more time spent in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage, leads to better recovery, muscle growth, and body fat reduction. 

As a result, it makes sense for a supplement to aim to boost this time of day for even more fat loss.

What exactly does Moon Burn promise to accomplish?

BeLive Moon Burn gives the following essential advantages, according to the bottle and the Amazon merchant page:

  • Relaxing sensations are encouraged.
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts fat burning
  • While you sleep, it suppresses your hunger.
  • Carbs and lipids are blocked.

The first five advantages are usual fare for this kind of product. All fat burners claim to do these things, but only a handful truly do, so they’re just words at this point. 

However, the latter two are less frequent and potentially dangerous. 

To begin with, you don’t become hungry when sleeping. You wouldn’t even notice if you did. You’ve fallen asleep.

Second, we don’t want a product that prevents fat and carbohydrate absorption. 


It is not your carbohydrate or fat intake that causes you to gain weight. You get obese when you consume too many calories, consume refined sweets, and do not exercise. You may be very thin and healthy while eating a lot of carbohydrates and fats. 

You will soon become skinny, weak, and unwell if you don’t eat carbohydrates and fats. Fats are required for the manufacture of hormones such as testosterone, whereas carbohydrates are required for the growth of new muscle mass. 

But we’re not going to mention BeLive Moon Burn. After all, we don’t even know whether this product can do it yet!

So let’s get started. 

Is BeLive Moon Burn as good as it claims to be?

Can it help you lose weight by improving your sleep?

Is it secure?

Is BeLive Moon Burn a good value for money purchase?

In this comprehensive, unbiased, and fair BeLive Moon Burn review, we’ll address all of these concerns. Please let us know if you believe we missed anything or if you’d want us to evaluate a particular fat burner in the comments area below. 


Formula for Moon Burn

Here is the Formula for Moon Burn. We have taken this directly from the official Amazon merchant page. This page is run by BeLive but all orders are fulfilled by Amazon. As such, we’re confident that this is the most up-to-date Formula for Moon Burn:




This is a plain and easy formula. There are no significant shocks in this section, since we are provided the specific serving sizes for each item. 

This formula, however, has many significant flaws.

Some compounds are over-hyped, and their fat-burning abilities have not been scientifically proven. 

Some important component dosages are also incorrect.

Overall, Moon Burn does not seem to be a very effective fat burner.

We can easily go through each of the chemicals in Moon Burn one by one, describing how they are considered to operate, why they are in this supplement, and what we think of them, with just 6 components.


Overview of Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia is the key component in Moon Burn.

Garcinia cambogia is gaining popularity among supplement makers and bodybuilding bloggers. Many people report that it is the most effective fat burner we have. Others argue that it is an essential component of today’s professional bodybuilders’ arsenal.

None of these things, in our judgment, are true. 

Garcinia cambogia has not been shown to have any fat-burning benefits in scientific tests. Some studies have shown that GC may improve the flavor of meals, however this is not always associated to appetite reduction.

It does not boost feelings of fullness or reduce food cravings in any way. 




Then there’s 200mg of CLA powder.

The term CLA refers to conjugated linoleic acid. Taking this category of fatty acids has been shown to be a safe and efficient way to lose weight. 

However, you must consume more than 3g of CLA each day to get any notable benefits. Most CLA powder supplements sold in bodybuilding shops begin with a 3g dosage.

Many CLA trials have given participants more than 3g per day.

Moon Burn’s 200mg isn’t going to be very effective. 




Following that is 150mg of green tea extract.

Green tea extract is a fantastic fat burner that is completely natural. Green tea extract contains a catechin called EGCG, in addition to a variety of health-promoting polyphenols.

Without getting too scientific, we now know that EGCG speeds up your metabolism considerably. In controlled clinical studies, consuming appropriate amounts of EGCG on a regular basis resulted in much higher weight reduction than placebo. 

However, it seems that 300mg of green tea is the lowest beneficial amount for fat removal. Users begin to have outstanding benefits around 400mg, and higher dosages are associated with even better outcomes up to 600mg. 

Moon Burn contains just 150mg of green tea extract. This is far from adequate. At 150mg per day, you may not even notice it. 




Today’s fat reduction pill compositions often include white kidney bean extract.

We are baffled as to why this is the case. As far as we know, white kidney bean extract does nothing to help you lose weight, speed up your metabolism, or improve your gym performance. 

While some studies seem to demonstrate that white kidney bean extract may help people lose weight, when you dig deeper, the findings are invariably dismal. 

This research, for example, is often touted as evidence that WKBE aids fat reduction. “Clinical trends for weight reduction and a decrease in triglycerides were detected, however statistical significance was not attained,” the researchers said.

In any case, we wouldn’t want to utilize white kidney bean even if it functioned in this way. Blocking carbohydrates leads to a loss of muscular mass, as well as poor energy levels. The keto diet myth will be debunked in a future post, so stay tuned!




L-Theanine is a rather simple chemical to comprehend. 

We utilize theanine because it interacts with caffeine, improving its positive benefits while reducing its negative ones.

This is why theanine is occasionally found in fat burners that include a lot of caffeine.

You may boost your energy, motivation, and stamina by consuming equal quantities of theanine and caffeine. It also means you’ll have less caffeine-related adverse effects including jitters, anxiety, and heart palpitations. 

Moon Burn has no caffeine, hence the presence of caffeine here is uncommon. However, we may still profit from it here. If you drink a lot of caffeine during the day and utilize a caffeine-containing pre-workout, 150mg of theanine (found in Moon Burn) may be beneficial. 


-Does ‘Flexible Dieting’ Fit Your Lifestyle? –


Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone.” 

It’s the hormone that controls your sleeping and waking patterns. It determines when you start to feel drowsy and when you are most awake (when melatonin levels are lowest). 

Some individuals are doubtful about whether or not melatonin supplementation is effective. It seems to be unable to pass the blood-brain barrier (it is naturally secreted in the brain). 

It is, nonetheless, frequently used, and the maximum dosage limit is usually listed as 5 mg. Side effects are expected to occur at doses more than 5mg. 

Melatonin supplements may be the answer if you’re having difficulties sleeping. 


-What You Should Know About Green Coffee Bean Extract-


Conclusion of Moon Burn

We don’t believe we’ll be suggesting BeLive Moon Burn to our readers after giving it a thorough assessment. 

Many user-generated BeLIve Moon Burn reviews are quite good, but we believe that some of them may have been affected by the producers in some manner, and that many more will simply be impacted by the placebo effect.

Overall, BeLive Moon Burn is a lackluster fat burner.

It may possibly assist many people in falling asleep more easily and enjoying deeper, more restful sleep.

However, this is due only to the presence of melatonin. If you believe you would benefit from melatonin, just get a generic melatonin supplement. 

If all you need is some melatonin, there’s no need to spend premium pricing. Many health food shops provide generic melatonin pills for relatively little money. 

There aren’t many effective fat burners in this, and the ones that are are severely underdosed. 

Some of the components provide no advantages at all, just hype and an exorbitant price tag. 

Moon Burn by BeLive is marketed as a “night time” fat burner. It promises to increase fat-burning hormone synthesis at night while also assisting with fat reduction through a variety of processes. 

In actuality, it seems that it will be unable to keep these commitments. The only advantage it is likely to provide is sleep assistance. If that’s all you need, though, you may save a lot of money by purchasing a melatonin pill from a health food shop. 

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your next cutting phase, and you need a high-quality fat burner to help you achieve it, have a look at some of our top-rated products. 




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  • Cravings are lessened.
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