Animal STak vs Animal Test

Animal Stak vs Animal Test: Two WEAK Test Boosters!

Animal Stak and Animal Test are two testosterone boosters from the same manufacturer; dietary supplement giant Animal. It is unusual for a single brand to have multiple testosterone boosters on the market, especially when they are claiming to do exactly the same things! This naturally raises the question of which one is better.

Bodybuilders, athletes and fighters have all published rave reviews of both Stak and Test. While Stak is supposedly a more comprehensive “hormone support” supplement, Animal claim that both products can effectively raise free testosterone levels in men.The vast majority of people reading this will be primarily interested in the ability of both Animal Test and Animal Stak to raise testosterone.

So, which is the better testosterone booster?

Is Animal Stak or Animal Test better for raising free testosterone? Is one safer than the other? What does hormonal support mean? Is either Animal Test or Animal Stak the best testosterone booster on the market? Read ou full comparison below to find out!

Neither of these testosterone boosters is worth the price they’re asking. The marketing materials are extravagant, touting all of these advantages yet concealing chemical dosages on the label. Both Animal Stak and Animal Test hide individual doses of ingredients under ‘proprietary blends’ on the label, so you can’t tell if they’re safe or effective. Stak Animal utilizes a handful of effective ingredients, but they’re in inexpensive versions with limited bioavailability (meaning you won’t absorb as much). Don’t even get us started on the price: just 21 servings for $42-$78. Even though it’s terrible value for money compared to other items in this price range, we’d choose Animal Stak if we absolutely had to choose.

Animal Test alternative

What is Animal Stak?

Animal Stack is produced by Animal Pak, a long-standing American corporation founded in 1983. They must have known what they were doing since they have been in the business for so long!

However, owing to the use of proprietary mixes, Animal Pak’s formulae are often criticized.

If you didn’t know, proprietary mixes aren’t labeled with ingredient dosages. Instead, you can only see the total dosage of all of the blend’s constituents.

Companies like Animal Pak claim that this is to prevent rivals from copying their formulae. In actuality, it’s merely an excuse to hide cheap components in low amounts behind these fancy-sounding proprietary mixes, making it impossible for you to discern if the product works or not. Worse, whether it’s safe or not.

Alright, but what does Stak Animal do? It’s marketed as a hormone-free hormone booster. Ha-ha, hormone free hormone booster – get it? The play with words is nice, but what we’re more interested in is whether the formula of this product really works or not. Will it boost your testosterone, libido, energy levels and muscle gains? That’s the question. We’ll find out in the next section below.

What is Animal Test?

Animal Test is similar to Stak Animal. It’s designed to boost your male hormone levels. This will allow you to train harder in the gym, have more energy throughout the day, and feel like a more confident self. Those are all effects of high testosterone.

It only comes with 1 packed per day. The same dose as Stak Animal. This is a bit odd considering that the best testosteorne boosters use 3-4 daily servings to maintain the effects between the doses.

So, how well can Test on animals work for you?

Below, we investigate.


Animal Stak vs Animal Test: The Ingredients

To say the least, the components of both items are underwhelming.

Even the good ingredients in Stak Animal and Test on animals come in cheap, ineffective forms with low absorption rates. Both Test on animals and Stak Animal have some potentially risky ingredients, too, which you’ll see below.

Not to mention that they’re both mostly made up of proprietary mixtures. It’s tough to tell whether they function and are safe.

Examine it for yourself:

Animal Stak Ingredients

Animal Stak has a few great ingredients, but many of them are either underdosed or come in cheap, low bioavailability forms.

There’s also an issue with proprietary blends. If you didn’t know, prop blends are mixtures of ingredients which displayed as one single dosage on the ingredient label. You can see the total dose of the blend, but not the each individual dose of ingredients in it. Animal Stak has 5 of these blends!

We think it’s completely unacceptable to keep important dose information hidden from your clients.

Here are the ingredients in more detail:

  • Vitamin D3 (1000IU) is an excellent testosterone booster. The issue is that it is significantly underdosed. 3,332IU+ per day is used in studies. (Source:
  • Vitamin B6 (10.5mg) – This essential component aids with stress management and blood sugar balance.
  • Magnesium Oxide (450mg) – Magnesium may help enhance testosterone levels, but it’s difficult to absorb since it’s an oxide.
  • Zinc Oxide (30mg) – Identical to magnesium. The zinc oxide form has a low bioavailability. Everything goes down the drain.
  • Pro Testosterone Complex (1,500mg) – This is the first of the five proprietary blends in Stak Animal. It consists of ingredients such as Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, and Stinging Nettle. While some of these can enhance your libido and sex drive, they aren’t shown to boost actual testosterone. The more concerning part, however, is that we don’t know the ingredient doses in this blend, nor in any other blend in Stak Animal.
  • Support for Growth Hormones (1,500mg) – Don’t be fooled by the name: this won’t increase your growth hormone levels. It’s just a marketing ploy to make you believe it works like an illegal steroid. It can’t. Mucuna Pruriens, which is helpful for mood and motivation, is included in this combination, along with a few additional components that will have no influence on your hormones.
  • Aromatase Combating Complex (300mg) — This special combination comprises substances that may help reduce estrogen levels, including as the “anti-aging” chemical resveratrol and the divisive DIM. However, we are unaware of their dosages. This makes determining whether it is effective or safe difficult.
  • Hormone Amplifying blend (500mg) – This contains astaxanthin, Quercetin, black pepper extract and a few other ingredients that can protect your cells from oxidative stress and help with the absorption of other ingredients in Stak Animal. A decent blend for sure!
  • Restorative Promote Complex (500mg) – This supplement includes nutrients including Milk Thistle, CoQ10, and Ashwagandha that support liver function. It does, however, contain Alpha Lipoic Acid, a heavy metal chelator that may seriously harm your health if you don’t take particular precautions before taking it. Before using this substance, consult your doctor!

Animal Test Ingredients

You can think of Animal Test as the watered down version of Animal Stack.

There are proprietary mixes in this product as well, although just two in this instance. In fact, it is the whole recipe.

We don’t know a single ingredient dose in Test on animals. We can only see their total amounts as blends. Naturally, this makes it impossible to asses Test on animals for effectiveness or safety.

Examine it for yourself:

  • Stinging Nettle, Yohimbe, and a few additional components in Pro-Androgen Complex (2,500mg) are believed to suppress estrogen levels in your body while increasing testosterone. Is it capable of doing so? Unfortunately, the evidence indicates no! Yohimbe is not only useless, but it is also a substance to avoid. It may cause a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure. This substance is so toxic that it is prohibited in several countries. The fact that the precise dosage in this combination is unknown adds to the uncertainty.
  • Hypertrophic Response Complex (1,500mg) – As the name suggests, this blend in Test on animals is designed to boost muscle hypertrophy and lean mass gain. It’s got Grapefruit Extract, Black Pepper Extract and Arachidonic Acid. These may aid liver health, but not much more! Black Pepper Extract can boost the absorption of these ingredients. You should also know that Grape Fruit Extract should be taken with caution. It inhibits the enzyme cyp3a4 which breaks down supplements and drugs in your blood. If you take any kind of medication, stay away from grapefruit before talking to your doctor – it can potentiate the drugs you’re taking to the point of overdose!

Key Takeaway: Both formulas are big letdowns. Whereas Animal Stack contains so many ingredients which can potentially have harmful interactions with each other, Animal Test uses fewer but still has proprietary blends, making it impossible to assess the ingredient doses for safety and effectiveness.

Both test boosters employ low-quality substances, implying low-cost production and a disregard for their clients. These are awful ingredient profiles for such touted items.

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Which Product Has the Fewest Side Effects?

Neither of them. Animal Stack contains unknown dosages of dubious substances. It’s about as dangerous as it gets.

Animal Test may be a little less dangerous just due to the sheer fact that it has fewer ingredients. But it also has proprietary blends, and it uses grapefruit extract which can cause severe side effects when combined with certain drugs.

Price and Value For Money

Stak Animal’s price depends on where you buy it. On the official website, it costs around $41.95 per container. Keep in mind that one container will only last you 21 days. This is designed so you can take a break from the product, then buy another 21-day supply. However, this is not ideal for maintaining high T levels.

Test on animals is more expensive at $70.95 per container. It also has 21 packs per container, which means it has the same limitations in terms of continual testosterone support.

Both of these products are more expensive than some of the greatest testosterone boosters on the market, but they lack the same level of quality.

Final Verdict: Stak Animal vs Animal Test

So that concludes our Stak Animal vs Animal Test comparison.

Both of these items won’t stay long in your system with just one serving each day (1 pack).

Maybe it is for the best though, considering just how many unproven and potentially harmful ingredients Stak Animal and Animal Test have.

Neither product can fulfill all of its promises. Important dose information is hidden under proprietary mixes, and their marketing is deceptive.

The high price isn’t helping matters either. For this price, the market must provide far better and more transparent testosterone supplements.

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