Alpha Lion Gains Candy Review – Good for Fat Loss?

One of the most common complaints about weight loss attempts is that people are not losing any weight. They might be working out, or eating healthily and still see no changes in their fat percentage. One diet supplement known as Alpha Lion Gains Candy has been getting a lot of attention for its ability to help people shed pounds without feeling hungry or depriving themselves from anything they enjoy.

The “gains candy fat loss review” is a product that promises to help people lose weight and reduce their hunger. The product contains ingredients such as green tea extract, which has been shown to promote the loss of body fat in animals.

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Review - Good for Fat Loss?

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Review: In this review, we’ll examine whether Alpha Lion Gains Candy can help you lose weight, reduce your hunger, and increase your energy levels, among other things.

Gains Candy is a term for five supplements from the American company Alpha Lion: Mitoburn, Caliburn, Glucovantage, RipFactor, and S7 Pump & Performance supplement.

While Mitoburn, Caliburn, and Glucovantage are meant to help with fat reduction and hunger management, Alpha Lion Gains Candy RipFactor, and S7 are designed to help with muscle development and performance. Gains Candy fat loss pills will be the center of this review.

Candy for the Alpha Lions

You may take any of the “Gains Candy” supplements alone, but you can also stack them.

The weight loss supplements Alpha Lion Gains Candy are said to help you burn fat in the following ways:

  • Enhances the fat-burning benefits of exercise
  • Boosts the metabolic rate
  • Weight loss that’s keto-friendly
  • Mitochondrial efficiency has improved.
  • Maintains normal blood glucose and insulin levels

However, how would Gains Candy benefit you?

We’ll give you the skinny on each Alpha Lion Gains Candy supplement below, so keep reading to find out all you need to know!

What tools do we employ?

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Mitoburn Analysis



  • Formula is clear.
  • Simple to execute
  • It contains no stimulants, making it suitable for everyday usage.


  • The recipe contains just one active component.
  • There are no clinical trials to back up its weight reduction claims.

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Mitoburn is the first of the three Alpha Lion Gains Candy supplements.

Mitoburn is marketed as a stim-free fat loss booster. It may be consumed at any time of day since it contains no caffeine.

Mitoburn is said to aid in:

  • Body composition – burn fat quickly and gain muscular mass
  • Improve your workout efficiency and get quicker results.
  • Anti-aging — supports mitochondria, your cells’ energy generators.
  • Reduce your appetite by eating fewer snacks in between meals.
  • Reduce blood sugar spikes and insulin resistance to avoid fat growth.

Interesting! It’s rare to come across a fat burner that can enhance energy and metabolism without the need of coffee.

So, what are the Mitoburn’s secret elements that make it work so well?

Mitoburn, it turns out, has just one active component.

Examine it for yourself:

The Components:

The whole Alpha Lion Gains Candy Mitoburn composition focuses upon L-BAIBA, with black pepper extract as a supporting component.

Black pepper extract is a basic bioavailability booster that aids in the digestion of other substances.

But, what exactly is L-BAIBA? -aminoisobutyric acid is another name for this substance. An amino acid that occurs naturally in plants and animals.

Because it’s very unstable and poorly absorbed by the body, you won’t find this component in most supplements.

Mitoburn promises to be the first L-BAIBA supplement that has been shown to work. According to the producers, this substance will assist you:

  1. Turn white fat (which is difficult to get rid of and is unhealthy) into brown fat (more metabolically active, easy to burn off)
  2. In the liver mitochondria, increase lipid oxidation (breakdown).
  3. Boost ketone body production to encourage the body to burn fat for energy.

That sounds great! But what does science have to say about it?

Not by a long shot. Alpha Lion cites various research on the benefits of L-BAIBA on weight reduction on their website.

Although they don’t seem to be encouraging, further study on L-BAIBA is needed, and more data might establish it to be a fat burner worthy of inclusion. We don’t propose it as one of the finest solutions till then.

In addition, Alpha Lion Gains Candy Mitoburn contains solely L-BAIBA. Even if it worked, it couldn’t accomplish everything by itself.

Other established substances, such as a thermogenic like cayenne pepper extract, a clean energy booster like green tea extract, and a natural hunger suppressant like Glucomannan, would make Mitoburn a more successful recipe.

Furthermore, Mitoburn contains no caffeine anhydrous, so don’t anticipate it to boost your energy levels like a stimulant fat burner.

How to Get Started

Mitoburn is taken as 2 capsules once a day or 1 capsule twice a day.

The active component (250mg) is included in each capsule.

Mitoburn comes in a container with 60 capsules, which will last you 30 days if you take the suggested dosage.

Each bottle costs $37.99, which is a lot of money for a supplement that only has two components (one of which hasn’t been proved to work).

Are there any side effects to be concerned about?

As previously stated, clinical proof supporting the long-term safety and efficacy of Mitoburn’s principal active component, L-BAIBA, is currently lacking.

However, based on current studies, it looks to be a rather safe substance when used for a short period of time.

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Review of Caloriburn

Caloriburn is the second of three supplements in the Alpha Lion Gains Candy line, and it’s a non-stim thermogenic compound.

It promises to assist with:

  • Increase your calorie expenditure.
  • Boost your metabolic efficiency.
  • Activate brown fat tissue that is “excellent.”
  • Increases thermogenesis without the use of stimulants

All of these statements seem remarkable, right? However, the final allegation on this list drew our attention.

Caffeine and green tea extract are two of the most effective thermogenic substances. This is a stimulant. Calorieburn claims to help you attain the same results without the need of stimulants. Is it even possible?

Cayenne pepper is the sole item that can do this. Caloriburn, on the other hand, does not have that one!

So, what’s inside of it?

Examine it for yourself:

The Components:

Grains of Paradise, commonly known as Aframomum Melegueta, is the major active component in Alpha Lion Gains Candy Caloriburn. For improved absorption, add 5mg of black pepper extract.

What exactly are Grains of Paradise? It has properties that are comparable to ginger. It may help with digestion and fat ‘browning,’ according to early studies. However, the impacts do not seem to be particularly powerful.

  • Keep in mind that we’re discussing ‘preliminary’ research. There is currently no study analysis available for the Grains of Paradise investigation. To put it another way, you should take its claimed benefits with a grain of salt. No disrespect intended.

Even if we believe that Grain of Paradise is effective for weight reduction, there is only one active component involved.

Even the finest fat burners on the market need a combination of chemicals to have any type of significant weight reduction effect. One natural component is just insufficient.

How to Get Started

One capsule of Alpha Lion Gains Candy CALORIBURN is taken once or twice day. It may be taken with or without meals, as desired.

Depending on how many pills you take, each bottle costs $28 and lasts 1-2 months.

Although not outrageously priced, we believe it is still a poor value for only one ingredient and black pepper.

Are there any side effects to be concerned about?

There are no negative side effects to be concerned about. Caloriburn is made up entirely of black pepper extract and grains of paradise, both of which have been demonstrated in research to be safe in regular amounts.

Caloriburn piques your interest?

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Review of Glucovantage

The Alpha Lion Gains Candy line’ Glucovantage is meant to help you enhance your insulin sensitivity. This should assist you not only in weight reduction, but also in preventing weight gain from cheat meals.

Your body will use more of the food you consume for energy if your insulin sensitivity is high.

When your insulin sensitivity is poor, you develop insulin resistance, and your body begins to store everything you eat – which is why some individuals gain weight easily despite their best efforts.

Okay so… What can Glucovantage do for you? It promises to:

  • Boost insulin effectiveness by transporting carbohydrates to muscle cells rather than fat cells.
  • Increase muscular strength – by putting more calories into your muscles, you’ll feel slimmer and stronger.

Here’s what’s in Glucovantage that claims to provide these advantages.

The Components:

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Glucovantage contains just one active ingredient: Dihydroberberine. This is a kind of berberine (no, it’s not bieberine!!) that comes from some Chinese plants.

What is the function of this ingredient?

Birberine, it turns out, can help with insulin resistance. This makes it an effective weight-loss supplement.

It’s a good substance, which is why we’re disappointed that more proven fat burners aren’t included in Glucovantage. For example, Glucovantage would have a significant influence on calorie management if it included Glucomannan (Konjac Root Fiber), a recognized hunger suppressor.

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This method only minimally aids in reducing weight gain from carbohydrates consumed. However, don’t expect miracles with just one component!

How to Get Started

Glucovantage comes in a container with 60 capsules and may be taken up to three times each day. Each bottle is around $37.99.

Glucovantage may be taken in three different ways, depending on your objectives.

The official instructions on the Alpha Lion website are as follows:


“Take GlucoVantage® 30 minutes before your largest carbohydrate-dense meals up to 3 times a day OR take 2 servings 30 minutes before eating burgers and pizza for cheat meal damage control.”


“Take post-workout before a carbohydrate-rich post-workout meal. This will result in more nutrients reaching the muscles when they are most in need. MORE GAINS MEAN MORE NUTRIENTS DELIVERED TO THE MUSCLE CELL!”


Take alongside a carbohydrate-rich pre-workout meal to boost muscle glycogen stores and improve muscular pumps throughout your exercise.

Are there any side effects to be concerned about?

If you have a blood sugar problem, you should take Glucovantage under medical supervision. Before taking it, be sure to see your doctor. Your insulin levels may be affected. has Glucovantage for sale.

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Alpha Lion Gains Candy Formulas: Our Thoughts

All three Alpha Lion Gains Candy products have one major flaw: a recipe that isn’t complete.

They all include the same active substance, plus black pepper for better absorption. That concludes the discussion.

Worse, the active chemicals in Mitoburn and Caloriburn haven’t even been proved to help with weight reduction. We can’t suggest these two supplements until further proof becomes available.

In the Alpha Lion Gains Candy range, Glucovantage is the sole acceptable product. It includes Biberine, a substance that has been researched for its anti-diabetic properties.

It is, however, just one element.

If you’re serious about losing weight, seek for a fat burner that has a combination of substances that attack weight reduction from many perspectives, such as appetite suppression, thermogenesis, and fat breakdown.

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Where Can You Purchase Alpha Lion Gains Candy Supplements?

Alpha Lion Gains Candy is now available for purchase straight from the manufacturer’s website. To obtain the greatest discount, go here:

Alpha Lion Gains Candy is not currently available from GNC or Amazon.

The pricing of each Gains Candy supplement are as follows:

  • $37.99 Mitoburn
  • $27.99 Caloriburn
  • $37.99 for Glucovantage

Review of Alpha Lion Gains Candy

So that wraps up our Alpha Lion Gains Candy review, which also included Mitoburn, Caloriburn, and Glucovantage.

Mitoburn is a fat-burning and energy-boosting supplement. Caloriburn is a supplement that boosts your metabolism. Glucovantage is a supplement designed to help you manage your blood sugar levels and increase your insulin sensitivity.

Gains Candy’s three recipes are all stimulant-free. This isn’t ideal; you’ll need coffee and other well-known stimulants to assist you maximize your metabolic efficiency.

Furthermore, the Gains Candy recipes are deficient. Each recipe contains just one active component. That is insufficient to cause significant weight reduction. Their dosing schedules are likewise skewed; 1-2 daily portions will not keep these items’ benefits for the full day.

The reviews for Alpha Lion Gains Candy, including those on Reddit, seem to be mixed. Even though the pricing aren’t outrageous, Alpha Lion Gains Candy pills lack several of the most effective fat-burning components available, making us reluctant to endorse them.

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Alpha Lion Gains Candy is a weight-loss supplement that promises to help you lose weight. It contains four ingredients: green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone and acai berry. Reference: alpha lion gains candy fat loss.

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