1-DB Overdrive Review

1 DB Overdrive Review: Worth the Money?

Reviewer: Pavel Sadovnik
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1-DB Overdrive Review Summary

There’s a reason 1 DB Overdrive is so potent: it’s loaded with violent stimulants. When combined, they can make you nervous and perhaps cause other negative effects, so you’ll need to limit your caffeine consumption throughout the day. 1 DB Overdrive also includes three proprietary mixes that prohibit us from determining if the chemicals are dosed properly and efficiently for long-term usage. We don’t think it’s one of the top fat burners right now since it costs $70 for just 20 servings.

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What is 1st Phorm 1-DB Overdrive?

1 DB Overdrive is a “next-generation” thermogenics supplement from 1st Phorm, a well-known brand. It’s an improved version of their earlier fat-burning formula. It’s designed to be more successful at burning undesirable fat, suppressing persistent food cravings, and making dieting more manageable emotionally.

In other words, 1-DB Overdrive is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you lose weight. The 1-db overdrive reddit has mixed reviews, but the product does seem to be worth the money.

Below is our comprehensive first Phorm 1 DB Overdrive review, as well as a look at side effects, the ingredients, how to use the fat burner, and a quick 1 DB Overdrive Fastpack review.

But first things first. Let’s take a look at the 1-DB Overdrive ingredients to see if this weight loss supplement has any chance of working as advertised.

1-DB Overdrive Ingredients

Here is the 1DB Overdrive ingredients list as it appears on the bottle:

1DB Overdrive ingredients

1-Db Overdrive contains the following components in each capsule:

  • B3 vitamin (25mg)
  • B6 vitamin (20mg)
  • B12 (cobalamin) (125mcg)
  • Complex GSD (374mg)
  • ThermoBio (128mg)
  • Blending Harmony (100mg)

1-DB Overdrive contains these fancy-sounding component mixes, such as “Complex GSD and Biotherm,” as you’ll observe.

Proprietary mixes are another name for them.

Although some unique mixes include many substances, the dosages of each component are not shown. Only the overall quantity of the mix with all of the components blended is shown.

This is problematic for two reasons. For starters, you have no idea how effective the custom blend’s constituents are. Second, you have no way of knowing how safe they are. You may not be aware that they are underdosed or, worse, overdosed.

It’s a cause for worry since the proprietary blends include the bulk of the chemicals in 1-DB Overdrive. Let’s take a deeper look at each part of the formula in turn and explain what it contains and what it is supposed to do.

B3 vitamin

This chemical, often known as niacin, improves cardiovascular function while also lowering cholesterol levels. However, it is not an optimal fat burner supplement. For the simple reason that when supplemented, it has been demonstrated to decrease insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity, in case you didn’t know, is what controls your blood sugar levels after a meal. The more severe it is, the more energy crashes you will experience throughout the day. Furthermore, inadequate insulin sensitivity makes it simple to retain body fat and very difficult to lose it.

B6 vitamin

Now, this is better. Although it doesn’t worsen insulin sensitivity like B3 vitamin, B6 vitamin can actually help with areas of cognitive functioning – such as mood and mental energy. It doesn’t boost fat directly, but it can help keep you more mentally ‘in the zone’ so to speak while you’re cutting.

B12 (cobalamin)

B12 (cobalamin) is best known for boosting energy levels in people who’re deficient in it. This effect is mainly achieved by enhancing red blood cell production as well as increasing oxygen supply to your brain and bodily tissues.

Unless you’re significantly low in the vitamin, it’s hardly a visible increase. It also has little effect on fat reduction, except from maybe improving your energy levels at the gym, allowing you to workout harder and burn more calories.

Complex GSD

In 1st Phorm 1-DB Overdrive, this is the first of three unique mixes. It’s made up of the following ingredients:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – the world’s most well-known stimulant, caffeine boosts your brain and body’s capacities for a few hours after you consume it. It increases your energy levels, pushes you to adhere to your diet, and speeds up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories. Caffeine, however, has a negative side, as many of us are aware. Taking too much of the medicine has the opposite effect, resulting in potentially dangerous adverse effects. The issue is that we don’t know how much caffeine is in one DB Overdrive.
  • L-Theanine – theanine is a good addition since it helps to mitigate some of the harmful effects of caffeine (e.g. jitters and energy crashes). Theanine has several advantages of its own, the most notable of which is enhanced mood. However, it does not aid in fat reduction.
  • Theacrine is a naturally occurring chemical molecule with a structure and properties comparable to caffeine. Although the data is still limited, available research suggests that theacrine causes less tolerance than caffeine (meaning you can take it longer without the diminishment in effects). However, at lesser dosages, it is known to have a sedative effect, and the amount in 1 DB Overdrive is unknown.
  • Sulbutiamine – Sulbutiamine is a supplement that may help people who have Lyme disease or other diseases. It’s made up of two thiamine (vitamin b1) molecules bonded together by a sulfur group, and it’s been found to help with weariness caused by persistent infections. However, it has no place in a fat-burning supplement!
  • Synephrine (commonly known as Bitter Orange) is a chemically related molecule to the illegal drug Ephedra. Although it may considerably increase stress hormones, it’s just as dangerous as Ephedra in terms of heart palpitations, Blood pressure problems, and other Consequences that may make you reconsider using it.
  • CDP-Choline is a ‘nootropic’ substance that may help you think more clearly. However, it is ineffective in removing unwanted fat. Is 1-DB Overdrive actually a fat-burning tablet, or is it a supplement that has a little bit of everything?
  • Huperzine A — Yet another letdown. Huperzine A has the capacity to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain, resulting in improved memory and recall. Long-term supplementation, on the other hand, may not be safe, and it has no fat-loss advantages.


The second of the three custom mixes in 1 DB Overdrive is here. The following are the ingredients:

  • Green Coffee Extract – Contains a chemical group known as “Chrologenic Acid,” which has been demonstrated to aid heart health and weight reduction in small doses. Although there have been few human research on this substance, what we do know so far is that green coffee extract (and its components) may limit glucose absorption from diet.
  • Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract is a fantastic component that not only boosts your metabolism but also helps you lose weight. It also increases antioxidant activity in the body, protecting cells from free radical damage. This may result in improved energy levels and general wellness. It’s a bad we don’t know how much green tea extract to use in 1-DB Overdrive; the appropriate quantity is required for it to function.
  • Forskolin is also known as Coleus Forskholii Extract. It has been shown to increase the levels of a chemical known as “cyclic adenosine phosphate” (cAMP). When cAMP levels are high, it may aid in fat reduction while also protecting the body from inflammation. Isn’t it fantastic? What’s sad is that these benefits have yet to be confirmed in people, since all of the study to far has been conducted in a laboratory using petri dishes and test tubes.
  • Hordenine – Hordenine, like Synephrine and caffeine, is a stimulant. It acts by increasing the amount of accessible noradrenaline, a stress hormone. Not good. Combining too many stimulants increases the chance of negative effects and may make you too nervous to function throughout the day.
  • Evodiamine is a berry-like plant that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost the impression of warmth throughout the winter months. But don’t be deceived; it has no thermogenic effects and hasn’t been proved to help you lose weight.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract — This is a true thermogenic. Cayenne Pepper boosts your core body temperature, forcing your metabolism to work harder to bring it back down to normal. You will naturally burn a few more calories every hour as a result of this. We don’t know the dose of this component, or any other in 1 DB Overdrive’s custom mixes.

Blending Harmony

  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha prevents stress hormones such as cortisol from wreaking havoc on the body. However, keep in mind that it does not burn fat.
  • DIM (diindolylmethane) is a chemical found in broccoli. It’s said to provide antioxidant and overall health benefits. According to some research, it may lower estrogen levels in the body, resulting in greater testosterone levels. You’ll gain muscle and burn fat faster if you have higher testosterone. The DIM dosage, on the other hand, is a critical component in deciding how successful this chemical will be. Too much has been demonstrated to boost estrogen levels; too little has been found to have no impact.
  • Rhodiola Extract — Like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola is an adaptogen. Rhodiola is more anti-fatigue and physically invigorating than Ashwagandha, which decreases cortisol and is typically anti-stress (and relaxing in certain situations). It’s a useful element, but it won’t help you lose weight!

Will 1-DB Overdrive Work For Weight Loss?

In all honesty, we don’t think 1-DB Overdrive is going to be effective for speeding up fat loss for many people.

Right away we know the doses aren’t going to be great because they’re all hidden behind proprietary blends. This is a common tactic used to rip people off by low dosing the good ingredients and stuffing formulas with the cheap stiff!

Then there’s the lack of a proven appetite suppressant in this fat burner. The best fat burners need to suppress appetite, and 1-DB Overdrive doesn’t help us in that regard.

But the big problem with 1-DB Overdrive is the use of multiple different stimulants which are known to interact with one another. This means you’re almot defintiely going to experience side effects, which will force you to stop using the fat burner completely.

How To Use 1-DB Overdrive

When should I take 1-DB Overdrive?

To begin, 1 DB Overdrive pill should be taken first thing in the morning. After you’ve determined your tolerance, take another capsule 30-45 minutes before your meal with a full glass of water in the early afternoon.

After you’ve been taking this supplement for a while and are comfortable with it, the makers recommend increasing your dosage to a maximum of two capsules, two times per day.

But be warned: one capsule of 1 DB Overdrive might contain up to 300 mg of caffeine. Taking two capsules twice a day, in combination with the other stimulants in this product, might induce undesirable Consequences. 1DB Overdrive should not be used too close to bedtime since it will disrupt your sleep.

1-DB Side Effects: What are the negative health risks?

Will 1-DB Overdrive cause negative secondary effects?

1 DB Overdrive does come with a risk of adverse side effects. Two main reasons why:

  • It contains a number of stimulants, including the extraordinarily potent Synephrine (aka, bitter orange peel extract)
  • Because the chemicals are hidden beneath proprietary mixes, the doses are unknown.

The high-dose combination of caffeine, Synephrine and other stimulants in 1-Db Overdrive could lead to the following Consequences:

  • Insomnia
  • Heart pounding
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Blood pressure problems

Always, always consult your doctor before taking a large number of stimulants at once! This item is not a joke! We would not recommend this fat burner to anyone who hasn’t first consulted their doctor. Do not mix 1-DB Overdrive with any other caffeinated supplements, coffee or energy drinks.

Price & Where To Buy

On the official website of 1st Phorm, a bottle of 1-DB Overdrive (80 caps) costs $69.99. It will only last you 20 days if you take the recommended 2 capsules twice day.

Even if you just take one capsule each day, it’s a terrible investment for many reasons. For starters, it employs deceptive custom mixes that conceal the amount of each element. Second, since they contain large doses of stimulants, most individuals are unable to take more than one capsule each day.

You might say; well then, why not then just take one capsule? Because taking a fat burner just once per day means the effects between the doses will wear off, and you won’t stay in a constant fat burning mode. It’s a catch-22 situation. Take multiple capsules throughout the day and you risk severe Consequences (and it gets very expensive to use); take only one capsule per day and it won’t do much for you at all.

Review Summary: 1-DB Overdrive Pros and Cons

In our 1 DB Overdrive review, we’ll go over all of the positive and negative aspects of the device.


  • B vitamins aid in energy production.
  • Stress may be relieved by Ashwagandha and Rhodiola.
  • Cayenne pepper and caffeine are both excellent for speeding up the metabolism.


  • Contains a cocktail of possibly dangerous stimulants.
  • Uses custom mixes that keep component dosages hidden.
  • Because it lacks an appetite suppressor, it does not diminish appetite or food cravings.
  • High cost
  • Disrupted service schedule

We would not recommend using a fat burner that stacks so many stimulants known to have serious side effect risks and which are also known to interact with one another. We certainly would never recommend you use one that doesn’t disclose dosages!

Better fat burners are available if you want to accelerate fat loss, preserve muscle mass and help with appetite control during a diet.

What about 1 DB Overdrive Fastpack?

Here’s a short look at the 1 DB Overdrive Fastpack. 1 DB Overdrive Fastpack is a three-product set that includes 1-DB Overdrive fat burner, Thyrodrive Thyroid supplement, and Opti-Greens supplements. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with 1-DB Overdrive to boost fat reduction and overall wellness. On the official website, the full package costs about $150.

1 DB Overdrive is used Fastpack is designed to assist you with:

  • Increase Fat Loss
  • Curb Cravings and Control Appetite
  • Extreme Energy & Focus
  • Improve Digestion

So, how well does it work? Is it also cost-effective? It’s not our fault! 1-DB Overdrive is a potentially dangerous substance to begin with, as we’ve said. Then there’s the Thyro-Drive, a thyroid/metabolism supplement that, like the other goods in the package, is made up of proprietary blends. To put it another way, you have no idea what you’re paying for. Thyro-Drive has some beneficial substances (for example, L-Tyrosine for mental concentration), but it also contains raspberry ketones and a slew of other dubious compounds that serve as filler.

You should bear in mind that combining so many Ingredients across these three supplements (especially the Ingredients in 1-DB Overdrive which include highly risky stimulants) can drastically increase the risk of Consequences.

1 DB Overdrive Review Conclusion: Is it worth using?

That finishes our first look at DB Overdrive.

This fat burner has both positive and negative aspects. Unfortunately, there are more negatives than positives. Green tea, caffeine, and green coffee bean are all fantastic components, but there are too many stimulants in it, and the usage of proprietary mixes is dishonest.

We wouldn’t suggest it for most individuals who want to lose weight safely and sustainably for these reasons, as well as the fact that it’s expensive and only offers 1-2 servings per day.

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